Hemmeligheter om Holocaustlureriet og sionistfantasier


Secrets of the Holohoax and Zionist Fantasies

By Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel on August 3, 2016

German Gutter Press in Overdrive about the Himmler Diaries

Still teaching their children to search under every rock for "anti-Semitism"

More "Oprah moments?" still teaching their children to search under every rock for "anti-Semitism"


[ Editor's note: Ingrid asks what is the motivation for this new virulent, hysterical hatred; and wonders "Is there something in the pipeline we should know about?"

The Zios' backs are to the wall, as the whole world comes on line knowing about their involvement with the September 11 Hoax against the American people. More and more of the world is becoming weary at the occupation of Palestinian land, and the Likudniks' periodic mowing down of the Palestinians in Gaza. So, perhaps it behooves the Zios to dust off and revive their pet German whipping boys to rally their younger generation and re-implant the psyops of the 20th century.

Read on, because this is a good piece, with facts well presented by someone who has been in the trenches. And, we are once again indelibly reminded that those who haven't learned the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them... ]


Word has come my way that Bild, a major German mainstream publication akin to America's National Enquirer, saw fit to bash the Germans one more time. The fairytale, this latest round, is the "discovery - of what are called the "Himmler Diaries" - a recent find in Moscow claimed to be in size more than 1,000 pages. Researchers - one by the name of Katzen (!) pored over these pages for more than three years, distilling what is believed to be "new evidence" of what the wicked Germans did to the fabulous Jews.

Up front, it's not a "diary" as commonly defined. It's calendar notes. The Germans call them Kalendarium. And only a portion of them is trotted out in customary gore.

David Irving tenaciously sought to put the truth out there

David Irving tenaciously sought to put the truth out there


Informed sources told me the following:

Up front, all should remember the fraud inflicted on the world via the widely touted "discovery" of the alleged "Hitler Diaries," the greatest literary fraud known in the post-war era- "...in Hitler's handwriting", no less. At the time and to his credit, David Irving exposed those as a forgery, right in Der Stern press conference in Hamburg.

A well-known painting-and-signature fraudster called Kujau forged the entire manuscript, making millions for the beneficiaries of atrocity tales. That "diary" was all concocted from the get-go!

It's a surprise that these "Authentic" Himmler Diaries should surface now - and with a virulence that leaves one stunned and speechless - when almost all of the entire cesspool narratives of the Third Reich's mistreatment of the Jews in German concentration camps have been debunked en masse. These tales are frazzling left and right, thanks to the rigor of global Revisionist research over so many post-war decades.


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Holocaust truth revealed: An Interview With JOSEF GINSBURG by Eric Thomson

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 28, 2016

The most revealing insider view of the true events of the Holocaust

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"Hvorfor nå? Er det en olje-/gassledning vi bør kjenne til?"

Årsaken til Syriakrigen og andre "ledning"-kriger:

Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game

By GPD on June 19, 2016

Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game | Veterans Today

Jeff Rense intervjuer Gilad Atzmon og "Broder" Nathanael om verdens største trussel

Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World - FREE Listen

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Gilad Atzmon

Miks - Stairway to heaven/Family reunion/Cry


 Miks - Wagon Wheel - Live From Daryl's House Episode 68

Miks - When I need you - Luther Vandross (lyrics)


Hjerneforvandlende psykiatriske piller på resept -Amerikas skoleskytingsmasseepidemis 50-årsmarkering

Duty to Warn

By GPD on August 3, 2016

August 1, 2016: The 50th Anniversary of the Start of America's Mass School Shooting Epidemic And the Story of the "Clock Tower Sniper"

By Gary G. Kohls, MD for VT

It is a fact that 90% of America's school shooters were on prescription brain-altering psychiatric drugs - drugs that are well known to cause inebriation, intoxication, loss of impulse control, rage, aggression, homicidal ideation, suicidal ideation, and temporary drug-induced mania and/or psychosis.

But the well-documented psychiatric drug connections to school shootings and a host of other widely-publicized episodes of "senseless violence" has been treated as a taboo subject by Big Media, Big Pharma and the medical profession. (For much more on the connections between psych drugs and "irrational" behaviors of many types, click on http://www.globalnewscentre.com/duty-to-warn-the-red-lake-school-shootings-10th-anniversary/#sthash.TB6ZespH.dpbs.)

The first cover-up started rather innocently after August 1, 1966, when a likely drug-intoxicated (and/or drug-withdrawing) ex-Marine sharp-shooter named Charles Whitman earned his infamous title as the "Clock Tower Sniper" at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin.

Whitman was likely drug-intoxicated because of his prescribed amphetamine (Dexedrine) and barbiturate drugs, for he had been a patient of a campus physician during his second try at being a college student. (He had flunked out after his first matriculation and re-joined the Marines for a second "tour of duty". However, he was court-martialed by the Marine Corps and re- enrolled in college.)

From Whitman's homicide/suicide note, one only has hints of the psychological and spiritual traumas that he suffered during his child-rearing years. His biological parents had divorced, and dysfunctional families always cover up family violence so there is not much family history to Research.

<<<The Similarities Between the Austin, Columbine and Aurora Shooters>>>

Likheten mellom Autstine, Columbine og Aurora -skytterne

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McCain Treasonous Radio Speech For N. Vietnam

Turkey w/US Air Cover Enter ISIS Town

70 milliarder senere kjemper USAs tropper fortsatt mot Taliban

$70 Billion Later, US Troops Still Fighting Taliban

Nuclear Power Means Climate Failure

Desperasjonen til USAs elite & Henry Kissingers tilbakekomst

Desperation Of US Elite & Return Of Henry Kissinger

Pave Francis skal deklarere Lucifer som Gud i 1 Verdensreligion

Pope To Declare Lucifer God Of 1-World Religon

Obama Won't Tell Congress How $1.3b Paid To Iran

Obama - Fredspris til toppforhandler av våpen i 8 år

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Planning Your Homestead Orchard

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Pesticide Used On FL Zika Mosquitoes Tied To Autism

Hvorfor stor-medisinbransjen ikke vil studere faste og hjernen

Why Big Pharma Won't Study Fasting & The Brain

Pesticide Is Wiping Bees Off The Planet

Why You Feel So Damn Stiff In The Mornings

Benefits Of Melatonin

"Something Ain?' Righ"?

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Hillary's Left Pantleg Shows Apparent Catheter Tube

New Email - Huma Talks Concern For Hillary Health

The Truth About PERVERT Khan Man Comes Out

Trump Wants Special Prosecutor To Probe Clinton Fndn

Madsen - US Continued BioWar Research Until 2003

US "Anti Space Mine" Launch Ups Space Arms Race


US Navy To Test New Submersible Drones

US Air Force At Smallest Level Since WWII

Northrop Grumman's New Jet Prototype Revealed

The Price of US Olympian Arrogance

Watch - Little Ice Age Big Chill Documentary

'Vaxxed' Film May Be Outlawed In CA

Ultraortodokse rabbinere bannlyser kvinner fra å gå på universitet

Ultra-Ortho Rabbis Ban Women Attending Univ

'Idiocracy' Director - It's Kind Of Scary...

Den amerikanske frie presses kollaps

The Collapse Of American Free Press:

When The Trucks Stop Running...

"White Lives Matter" Group Protests In Houston

USA: -Politibetjenter dreper døv mann som prøver å bruke tegnspråk

Cops Kills Deaf Man Trying To Use Sign Language

Police Find At Least 2 Roadside Pipe Bombs In AR

Virginia Restores Voting Rights To 13,000 Felons

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Pentagon Threat To Down Russian Jets, Start WW3

US Ready To Shoot Down Russian Jets In Syria - WW3

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Idiot-USA invaderer Syria - og advarer derretter Russland

Idiot US Invades Syria - And Then Warns Russia

New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Vanquish US

Putin snakker om Obamas brutte løfter

Putin Speaks On Obama's Failed Promises

Deciphering 'Russian Withdrawal' Frkom Hamadan

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Churkin Slams Gross US Hypocrisy In Syria


Russian, Belarusian Security Councils Discuss NATO

All Russian Planes Back From Iran Base

Følg pengestrømmen bak "Den russiske trusser"

Follow The Money For Source Of 'Russian Threat'

Turkey Intel Chief Visited Damascus

Turkey Withdraws Ambassador From Austria

Turkey Launches Artillery Barrage On N Syria

Israel Shells Syria After Stray Mortar Lands

Israelske handlinger på Vestbanken tvinger ut palestinere

Israeli West Bank Actions Force Pals Out

Yemenis Launch Retaliatory Strikes On Saudis

Saudis barnerekrutterer for Daesh (IS) drept i Irak

Saudi Child Recruiter For Daesh Killed IN Iraq

US Shift Afghan Forces As Taliban Makes Gains

USAs statsdepartement "selger" våpen for 60 millioner dollar til Afghanistan

US State Dept "Sells" $60 Million In Guns To Afghanistan


Security Zones For Russian Tourists In Egypt Airports

US Sanctions Against Iran, Cuba Have Fallen Flat

Kiev's War Bluff - Expert Opinion Round-Up

Rising Accident Rate In Ukraine's Nuclear Sector

Natl Borders Are Politicians 'Worst' Invention - Juncker

Sarkozy Announces Run For French Presidency

France's Hollande Facing Open Rebellion

China Now BIGGEST North Sea Crude Oil Operator

Top 25 Corp Pension Plans Alone $225 Billion Short

European Commission Serves A Corporate Agenda

M15 "blokkerte" arrestasjon av IS-støttende predikant

MI5 "Blocked" Arrest Of ISIS-Supporting Preacher


UK Government In Bitter Division Over Brexit Delays

Surge In Racist Hate Crime Reported On UK Trains

Ex-BBC DJ Admits 21 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse

Kirkebiskoper bedt om å ikke be ofre for seksuelle overgrep om tilgivelse

Church Bishops Told Not To Apologize To Sex Victims

Den egentlige grunnen til at hvete er giftig (Det er ikke gluten)

Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic (It's Not Gluten)

UFO-er og utenomjordiske vesener vist i eldgammel kunst

UFOs, ETs Shown In Ancient Art

News Quiz Takes West Propaganda To New Levels

Exact Reproductions Approved Of Voynich Manuscript

Manuscript Show Ancient Mexico Gender Equality

8.000 blå innsjøer oppstår i Antarktis, forskere bekymret

8,000 Blue Lakes Appear In Antarctic, Scientists Worry

AI Security Guard Drone Flies Low, Fast, Recharges


Trump Leads Clinton By 5 Points In Swing State PA

NYT Writer - Google Should Hide Hillary's Health Trouble

Former Bill Clinton Lover Tells All In New Book

Shocker - Who's Who Of Donors To Clinton Fndn

Evidence Of Clinton Fndn Pay-To-Play Grows

Huma Arranged Meeting With Foundation Donor

HuffPo Calls For End To Clinton Fndn - 'Shut It Down?

FBI Uncovers 14,900 More Clinton Emails, Docs

DiCaprio Dumps Hillary Fundraiser - Shady Excuse

Clinton Fundraisers Still Shrouded In Secrecy

Clinton Camp Hits Trump With "Conspiracy Theories"

Bill& Hillary's Pals Investigated, Convicted, Jailed

Army Brief Lists Clinton, Petraeus As Insider Threats?

Hedge Fund Puppetmaster Behind US Election


Evidence Points To Another Snowden At The NSA

NSA og CIA innrømmer at de ikke bryr seg om USAs grunnlov

NSA& CIA Admit Don't Care About US Constitution

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Roberts - The Genocide Of A Land

Ceding ICANN And Internet Control To Globalists

Obama To Skip Clinton Global Initiative

Obamacare tar helt og totalt livet av middelklassen

Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

20% NY Manufacturers Cut Jobs Over Obamacare

Obama - Truckers Must Pay To Avoid Climate Regs

Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Needed!

Dollar Disaster Looms?

Broadcasters To Use "Gunman" Not "Terroris"?


Roberts - Kan Russland overleve USAs utfordring?

Roberts - Can Russia Survive US Challenge?

The Jihadi Joker Was A Terror Mastermind

Large Numbers From Terror Regions Cross US Border

Whole Families From El Salvador Now Crashing US

The Collapse Of America's Free Press - It's Over

Brexit Armageddon For EU A Pack Of Lies

China Working On Manned Radar Stn On Moon

Great American Eclipse Is One Year Away

Is Addiction A Disease?

How Virtual Reality Took Over Sports


   Miks - You've Lost That Loving Feeling - Live From Daryl's

Miks - 21:03 - Cover Me Live (TCT Edition)

Noen synger om gud / synger / opptrer som guder


   Miks - Luther Vandross performs "Don't Want To Be A


Den khazariske mafiatoppledelses hovedbestemmelser (del 2) av dr. Preston James + flere nyheter

Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part II)

By Preston James, Ph.D on August 4, 2016

A core edict of the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia is to establish a Globalist NWO One-world Government run by them in Jerusalem and Palestine

by  Preston James



What the top Khazarian Mafia Chieftains are really after with their quest to Globalize the world and create their NWO is to degrade all humanity, except for their new artificial race of "fake Jews" they began creating in old Khazaria around 1250 AD.

In time, as their NWO Agenda is attained, these Khazarians plan to eliminate all Khazarians except themselves.

They expect to be transformed into eternal Gods themselves as their reward for serving Lucifer/Satan and worshiping the Snake, Leviathan, the Great Dragon, or the Serpent.

This excellent and quite revealing article is authored by VT's own Jonas Alexis, who is a major scholar in his own right.

In this article Jonas Alexis interviews Texe Marrs who describes some deeply evil, secret religious practices of the Judaic Zionists' KM Top Command, who basically run the pernicious usury-based private central banking of the Western world.

Old men so Evil that it is unimaginable to most

Fetal gland extracts extend the lifespan for those centenarians who've had 6 heart transplants. "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." - David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, September 1994.

Do fetal adrenal gland (on left) compounds extend the lifespan for such centenarians who've had 6 heart transplants? "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." - David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, September 1994.

These top Khazarian Chieftains are old, some so old and decrepit they are in wheelchairs and survive only because of glandular fetal hormone extracts injected through a neck port into their spinal fluid.

One of the symptoms of this is a stiff neck, and you will never find movies of these individuals turning their heads to either side.

The long term secret Globalist NWO Plan of the Top Chieftains of the KM includes the creation of an artificial synthetic race of gene spliced, triple helix based trans-human androids, their long expected merger of "clay" and "Iron".

It has been alleged by some at the periphery of the KM Top leadership that this genetic splicing-based android project is now underway in joint efforts between select KM defense contractors and a certain Alien ET group in above top secret, unacknowledged, special access Deep Underground Military bases (DUMBs), places like the DUMB at Dulce, New Mexico.

There have been numerous reports that efforts to synthesize the human soul using hundreds of innocent victims that have been kidnapped, drugged and surgically altered have all failed so far, but such efforts are still underway.

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Ingraham - Clintons, deres formue og stiftelse stinker

Ingraham - Clintons, Their Wealth & Fndn Stink

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Assange - More Damaging Material On Clinton Soon

Trump On Deportation - Fairness, Enforce Our Laws

Alt Right Conservatives Endorse Trump

Farage To Trump Rally 'You Can Beat Pollsters'


Trump - Hillary A Bigot Who Only Sees Blacks As Votes

Why Latinos Should Vote For Trump

Gov Rick Perry - Trump Will Protect Our Borders

All Agree Bad Health Disqualifies A Presidential Cand

Emails To Hillary From Top Aide About 'Upper' Drugs

Questioning Hillary Health Is Not Conspiracy Theory

Wikl - 67 Emails Between Hillary, Chelsea Under Fake Name

Commercial Flights Too "Burdensome" For Clinton

Trump - It's Like Clinton Doesn't Worry About Rule Of Law

Army Power Point Lists Hillary As Insider Threat

Harry Reid Calls Benghazi Mother 'Crazy'


Inside Exclusive Events Funding Clinton, Dems

Foreign Election Observers in US Up 10x Since 2012

At Least 247 Dead In Italy Quake

Russia - Evidence Proves US, UK Israel Did 9/11

Fetzer - America Nuked On 9/11 - Sensational New Book

Watch - Doubts About 9/11 Being A Controlled Demo?

Russland sender femtifemte hjelpesending til Donbass

Russia Sends 55th Aid Convoy To Donbass

Fantasien om Putin som "Den grusomme Vladimir" tiltar

Fantasy Of Putin As 'Vlad The Terrible' Grows

Tyrkia har invadert Syria

Turkey Has Invaded Syria

Turkish Syrian Invasion Not A US Coalition - Morris

Deutsche Bank Warns 'Fatal Consequences' For Savers

Four More Mega-Banks Join Anti-Dollar Alliance

Govt Moving In On Your Appliances


Finland PresIdent - Powerful Forces Eroding EU

Shocking Pledge Of Allegiance Permission Slip

Habitable Planet Found In Solar System Next Door

Philippines President Says Kill All Drug Dealers

Zika Babies May Have Many Types Of Brain Damage

EpiPen Price Gouger Is Dem Sen Daughter

The First Nurse Of The Space Race

A Real 9th Planet Far Beyond Neptune?

Mirage Men Tied To UFO Summer Of '47

UPDATE: Huge, Futuristic, Hybrid Aircraft Crashes

Missing Spacecraft Found After Two Years

Hva er det mystiske "Nooscope" for noe?

What Is The Mysterious 'Nooscope'?

CIA torturerte "Forsøkskaniner" ber om frihet

CIA Torture 'Guinea Pig' Asks For Freedom

Monsanto Unleashes New GMO Crops

Flere reguleringer fører til mer svindel?

More Regulation Lead To More Fraud?

Hvorfor media ikke forteller dere sannheten om Venezuela

What Media Isn't Telling You About VZ

Kjernefysisk avfall -uhell kan koste 2 milliarder dollar

Nuke Waste Accident May Cost $2 Billion

Price Of Rx In US Is Out Of Control

The Mainstreaming Of Psychedelics

Hva som skjer etter at samfunnet kollapser

What Happens After Society Collapses

'Cyclops' Beetle Grows Third Eye On Head

Kreft ledende årsak til dødsfall i 22 stater

Cancer Leading Cause OI Death In 22 States

Nytt håp om slutt på blindhet

New Hope About Ending Blindness

Sarsaparilla - Helbredende urte med mange bruksområder

Sarsaparilla - Healing Herb With Many Uses

Psykedeliske urter til behandling av alkolholisme

Psychedelic Drugs To Treat Alcoholics


Email - Hillary Looked At 'Upper' Drug For Parkinsons

Hillary Asked NFL Comm For Help With "Cracked Head"

Clinton's Agenda Shows Why Trump Is ONLY Choice

Even Phony Polls Forced To Show Trump Gaining

Trump Slams NWO Princess As 'Neurotic'

Carlson - Pressen er ute av stand til å dekke Hillary på en ærlig måte

Carlson - Press Incapable Of Covering Clinton Honestly

Trump - Clinton Fndn Most Corrupt Enterprise In Pol History

Giuliani Calls Clinton Foundation 'Racketeering Enterprise'

Clinton Used State Department Post For Personal Gain


Sen Graham - Clinton Fndn Deserves Outside Look

Huma Mom - Jews Adept At Controlling US Political Sys

Emails Show Huma Left Classified Docs On Car Seat

"Clinton-dødsliste" -søk skjult av Google

'Clinton Death List' Search Request Hidden By Google

Reverse Engineering Hillary's Crimes

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A Brain-Damaged US President w/Finger On Nukes?


Clinton Emails Talk Of Drug Used To Treat 'Fatigue'

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Dangerous Temper Tantrums Of US War Hawks

DARPA Unveils Smart Phone-Sized Radiation Detector

DHS Wants Hand-Held Radiation Devices

Bill O'Reilly Sued For Sexual Harassment

Sex, narko og TV-programmering

Sex, Drugs And TV Programming

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Children Of The Police State - Just Another Wall Brick

Engdahl - Washingtons 6,5 milliard dollars sorte hull

Engdahl - Washington's $6.5 Trillion Black Hole

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US Def Industry - Russian 'Threat' Great For Business


Will Europe Crumble & Disappear?

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S Korea Accuses NK Of Planting Landmines On Border

Japan's Defense Chief Visits US Aircraft Carrier

1,900 Killed During Philippines War On Drugs


Tokyo To Put Missiles Near E China Sea Contested Islands

N. Korea Sub Launches Missile During US-SK Drills

Turks Enter Syria - Phony Pretext Of Fighting ISIS

Turkish Special Forces In Syria 'To Fight Daesh?

Turkish Battle Tanks Destroy 70 Deash Targets

Turkey Op To Free Syria's Jarablus From Daesh

Turkey Goes Into Syria & Duterte Drug War - Morris

Alliances Tested As Turkey Steps Up Kurdish Bombing

ISIS Terrorists To Seek Revenge On Kurds In Turkey

90 Turk FM Staff Fired, 332 Suspended - Post-Coup Purge


Turkey Formally Requests US To Extradite Gulen

US Asks Clarity Turkey Offering Russia Use Of Incirlik

US Airstrikes Cut ISIS Threat To Libyan Troops In Sirte

Atzmon - For hedningehat på speed, abbonér for å fortsette (videresende)

Atzmon - For Goy Hatred On Speed, Subscribe To Forward

USA ber statsborgere forlate Gaza "så snart som mulig"

US Tells Citizens To Leave Gaza 'As Soon As Possible'

Masseprotester på Vestbanken etter at palestiner dør i jødisk fengsel

Mass Protests In W Bank After Pal Dies In Jewish Prison

Aleppo, Syria, "Støvgutt" -bilde arrangert

Aleppo Syria "Dust Boy" Image Staged

Fransk etterretning orkestrerte giftgassangrep i Syria

French Intel Orchestrated Poison Gas Attack In Syria

Huset av Saudiske Henrettere (Bødler)

House Of Saud Assassins

Hypocrisy Of The West's Alliance With Saudi Arabia

State Dept Warns Iran Wants To Capture US Citizens

US (DU) Iraq War Legacy Includes Birth Defects, Cancers


UK Drops Concerns About Arms Sale To S Arabia

Houthi Negotiator Welcomes Iran's Support

Iraqi City Of Al Qayyarah Fully Cleansed Of ISIS

French Peacekeepers Rapes In CAR More Than Thought

Boko Haram Leader, Several Cmdrs Die In Air Strike

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Cops Order Muslim To Remove Burkini On Nice Beach

France Facing Multi-Billion Crisis As Tourism Plummets

Bank Of Japan Nationalizes Japanese Stock Market

Why Foreign Demand For US Treasuries Vanished

Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed

Daylight Robbery Tax In Portugal On View Property

Fritt for blod? Sionister fortsetter sine angrep på rep. Hank Johnson angående "Vestbank-termitt -bosetningene"

Richard Edmondson

Richard Edmondson is an author, novelist, poet, and journalist whose writings often focus on Middle East issues, the Zionist lobby, and religion. His latest novel is The Memoirs of Saint John: When the Sandstone Crumbles, a story about an archaeological team doing a dig in Syria and set amidst the current conflict in the country.

In 2014 Richard attended an International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism, held in Damascus. The book is part two in the Memoirs of Saint John series.

Two other books by Richard are Rising Up: Class Warfare in America from the Streets to the Airwaves, relating his experiences founding and operating an unlicensed or "pirate" FM radio station in San Francisco in the 1990s, as well as a volume of poetry entitled American Bus Stop: Essay and Poems on Hope and Homelessness.

Richard is cognizant of the words of the early Christian writer Tertullian, who in the second century-basically prognosticating the fall of the Roman Empire-wrote: "We have made merry amid the ludicrous cruelties of the noonday exhibition."

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Out for Blood? Zionists Continue Their Attacks on Rep. Hank Johnson

By Richard Edmondson on August 4, 2016

'Termite' Saga Continues...



Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia has repeatedly apologized for his remarks on Israeli settlements, remarks in which he likened settlements popping up all over the West Bank to a termite infestation.

Yet even so, the Zionists are still piling on him.

"The ripple effect continues for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson a week after the Lithonia Democrat was quoted comparing Jewish settlement policy in the disputed West Bank to termites,'" reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution in an article published August 3.

This of course is what passes for US mainstream media coverage of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Tamar Hallerman, the author of the piece, demonstrates what would seem to be a rather pronounced lack of journalistic integrity in her reference to the West Bank as "disputed," rather than occupied. The word "disputed" has for years been a hasbara talking point. The West Bank is viewed by virtually the entire world as rightfully belonging to the Palestinians and regarded as a vital ingredient to implementation of the so-called two-state solution.

And as such, the settlements are regarded as illegal under international law - something which Hallerman also fails to mention in her report. Virtually no one, other than Zionists and media functionaries like Hallerman, refer to the West Bank as "disputed." The proper term is "occupied."

At any rate, the main focus of her article is an editorial "blasting" Johnson which appeared at the Atlanta Jewish Times on Monday and which is quoted extensively.

"The editorial argues that if Johnson wants to receive votes from the pro-Israel community in the future, he'll need to answer questions about what he was doing speaking at an event sponsored by a pro-Israeli-boycott group in the first place," Hallerman reports.

"Meanwhile, Johnson's apology tour continues. He met with the Atlanta chapter of the advocacy group the American Jewish Committee on Tuesday,"she adds.

Don't you just love the term "apology tour?" It kind of falls into the same category as Philip Weiss' comment about Jews dominating the American media "...and so what if we do?" It is of course imperative for Jews to try and downplay their political power, yet as we see every so often one or another will succumb to the temptation to boast about it.

So yes, Johnson is on a "tour" visiting various Jews and Jewish organizations, apologizing for his remarks. Here he is in an August 2 meeting with members of the American Jewish Committee, whose website urges visitors to "top BDS in its tracks" by signing onto a form letter to Congress members:

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Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part II)

By Preston James, Ph.D on August 4, 2016

A core edict of the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia is to establish a Globalist NWO One-world Government run by them in Jerusalem and Palestine

by  Preston James


And as many insiders know, these work camps were set up under a plan of the City of London Rothschild Zionists, the top ruling bloodline family of the Khazarian Mafia. The so-called holocaust was the KM's creation and included the "sacrifice of thousands" of genetically ancient Hebrews, and as many as possible. Delaying the end of the war and bombing supply lines resulted in deaths from starvation and cholera.

It was the world's top expert of the British Royal Family that discovered and documented their faked genealogy, Greg Hallett. Greg Hallett also obtained information from an MI-6 source he refers to as "the Spymaster" that Hitler was a British agent, fully mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute long before his rise to power. That is why he was protected and was released after his first coup attempt, and why he let the allies go at Dunkirk. It was also the reason Hitler sent one of his top men, Rudolf Hess, to England to finalize a promise to combine forces against Stalin and Russia.

Winston Churchill made this promise when he met secretly with Hitler over Dunkirk in exchange for allowing the Allies to be rescued by ship when they were surrounded and could have been easily captured or completely wiped out by German machine guns and artillery that surrounded them.

But when Churchill later reneged and jailed Hess and publicly scourged him for war propaganda, Hitler's fall back strategy was to claim that Hess had become mentally unstable and mentally ill. Hess was never allowed to discuss this publicly, and he was mysteriously "suicided" while serving out his life term for war crimes as sentenced in the Nuremberg Trials.

Not only did the KM institute a very crafty "World Zionism/Greater Israel Plan" to create their own special race of Khazarians, but they worked hard to run numerous covert mass mind-kontrol operations on these Khazarians to convince them to believe they were of real ancient Hebrew blood and had an ancestral right to Palestine as "God's chosen people".

Eran Elhaik

Eran Elhaik was a geneticist at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

We now know for certain according to recent Johns Hopkins genetic studies done by a Judaic MD that 97.5% of Judaic Israelis actually carry no ancient Hebrew blood at all, ZERO - and 80% of Palestinians do. Thus, we now know for certain that the Khazarians have no ancestral right to Palestinian lands, and no right to keep seizing/stealing more and more land from Palestinians.

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Dagens Veterans Today -nyheter:
Her får dere høre Gordon Duff fortelle grunnen til at det er lurt med flysone, siden USA forsyner sine 4 terrororganisasjoner der som er tett innvevd i hverandre (én og samme sak); IS.

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Israel Shamir - Crooked Media

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Porky Excluded From Donbass Discussion

Russia Opens Criminal Case On Kiev For Donbass

Full Alert - Putin Announces Surprise Military Drills


Duma - Americans Don't Want NATO Killing Their Sons

Reality In Syria

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US Supports Turkey's Invasion of Syria

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Turkey Bans Journos From Area On Syrian Border

Germany Mulls Pulling Jets From Incirlik Base

Turkish PM Calls For Kurds Out Of Jarablus

US Supports Turkey Military In Syria - Biden

Territorial Waters Off Iran's Coast Are Not American

US Lawmakers Blast Obama For Arming Saudi Arabia

Yemeni Forces Take Solid Position On Saudi Soil

Saudis Drop Cluster Bombs On Yemen Residential Areas

Israel Armed Argentina During Falklands War

Palestinians Can't Use PayPal - But Israeli 'Settlers' Can

Israeli Military Clears IDF Of Wrongdoing In Gaza Slaughter

China Condemns Banning Of Russian Paralympians

Obama May Have Finally Destroyed US #1 Advantage

US Budget Deficit $600b, Public Debt To Hit 77% GDP

Globalism A Barbaric Relic - Voluntary Tribalism The Future

Br Nathanael - Putin's 'Anti-Evangelism' Law Revealed


'Philippines Trump' Unleashing Long Term Economic Boom

Four More Mega-Banks Join Anti-Dollar Alliance

Big Banks Buckle Down To Build Better Bitcoin

Online Currency 'Monero' Steps In To Challenge Bitcoin

Largest Saudi Bank Crashes To Record Low

Iran Ready For Crude Output Freeze Talks

Mrs May And MI5

Corbyn Foe Vows To Block Brexit In Parliament

6.7 Quake Rocks Myanmar, Tremors Felt In India

Floods Displace Hundreds Of Thousands In Ethiopia

Closest Ever Earth-Like Planet Confirmed By Scientists

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya

  Billy Joel - Two Thousand Years - from "River of Dreams"

Det vestlige kupp i Ukraina er en pågående katastrofe - Jim Dean

Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor
Jim W. Dean is managing editor of Veterans Today wearing many hats from day to day operations, development, writing and editing articles.

He has an active schedule of TV and radio interviews

He is co-host of the popular VT Radio show Jim and Gordie Show.

Jim comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. Dozens of Confederate ancestors fought for the South in the War Between the States. Uncles fought in WWII and Korea. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Vietnam found several uncles serving, a cousin, and brother Wendell as a young Ranger officer. His mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers.

He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel platforms. Jim's only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon.

Currently he is working to take his extensive historical video archives on line to assist his affiliated organizations with their website multimedia efforts, such as the Military Order of World Wars, Atlanta, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans , Assoc. for Intelligence Officers, the Navy League, Georgia Heritage Council, National Memorial Assoc.of Georgia.

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NEO - Western Coup in Ukraine an Ongoing Disaster

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on August 3, 2016



... by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor    - with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes

[ Note: The Ukraine Minsk agreement continues to be a shining example of anything that the West signs its name to really means nothing. Agreements will be honored or dishonored, and all blame passed around to a selected pasty, and the media whores shall be unleashed to make that the new reality.

The lesson for Americans is to ask themselves if they really think this psyops treatment is just reserved for foreign countries, but would never be unleashed on the good folks back here at home... because... well..that just wouldn't be right.

Manufacturing public opinion is a huge industry and it can be a very ugly business. Unfortunately the public, and its major civic institutions are pretty much in a standdown position on taking the mega spinmeisters on as they do not make easy targets of themselves, being layered up quite well.

But before you say it's impossible to do, remember that Roger Ailes, the head of Fox, considered untouchable, had to step down after charges of serial sexual harassment. It seems that lots of people not only thought that such a thing could not go on in New York City, but also in the boardrooms of mega-media. Imagine that!...JD ]


... First published  -... August 03,  2016 -



One of America's most enduring political barbs is, "When you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig." The Western Ukraine coup has become a new version of that barb. No matter how the West tries to paint Russia as responsible for the implosion of Ukraine, it is the US, EU, and NATO color revolution Kiev coup that is the pure villain in this sad story.

Ukraine has joined the growing list of Western rape and pillage victims, intended victims or collateral damage ones under the guise of spreading freedom and Democracy - like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

The recent NATO meeting in Warsaw saw the lipstick being handed out as party favors in the continuing attempt to paint Ukraine's problems on "Russian aggression".

In the run up to the NATO meeting, we had the usual carefully orchestrated staging of the Sea Breeze exercise off the coast of Odessa, with the US and Ukraine co-hosting. Thirteen countries took part this year, with all being used to create an atmosphere of standing up to Russian aggression.

The Western version of the new Russian Bear story has zero validity, beginning with the claim of former President Yanukovych rejecting a generous offer of EU affiliation. It really wasn't an offer at all, as Ukraine was desperately in need of cash subsidies, which Russia had been providing in a number of ways, but Ukraine needed more.

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Manipulating Souls


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Hillary's Stupid Anti-Russia Campaign May Backfire

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Benghazi Docs Found In Deleted Hillary Email Files

Clinton Withheld Or Deleted Benghazi Related Docs

1/3 Of Huma Abedin Emails Are 100% Redacted

Gowdy - Clinton Used Software To Block Recovery - INTENT

Shawn Lucas Cause Of Death STILL Unknown

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Tech Firm Brags Of Blocking FBI From Clinton Emails

Preston James PhD:

Subjects And Serfs Of The Lessor Gods

Br Nathanael - Clash Of Civilizations In NYC

ISIS Muslims Grind Up 2 Yr Old Christian, Fed To His Mother

Burkini Ban Suspended By Top French Court


Jill Stein Censored On PBS NewsHour

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Zika - Brazil Admits It's Not The Virus

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Meet America's Top 20 'Zionaires'

The Global Economy After The "Great Reset"?

World War 3 Coming Soon?

The Russia-Iran Strategic Game-Changer

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12 ganger paven presset på for en (felles) verdensreligion eller NVO

12 Times Pope Pushes One World Religion Or NWO

Israelere vet hvordan man hacker seg inn på enhver iPhone

Israelis Know How To Hack Every iPhone

Tesla Patented The First Drone

Det fremadstormende "Dyrets Merke" -systemet

The Emerging "Mark Of The Beast" System

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Hillary's Trump 'KKK' Attack Ad - ALL PAID ACTORS

KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton

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Clinton Got A Rapist Off With Child Rape & Laughed

CNN Axes Dr. Drew Show AfterTalking Hillary Health

FBI Admits Clinton Used 'Prevent Recovery' Software


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Greenwald - Why Did Saudis Give Millions To Clinton Fndn?

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Palin Not Elated About Trump Softening On Immig

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MSNBC Censors Trump Supporter To Protect Hillary

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'French First' - Riviera Mayor Defends Burkini Ban

Pres Cand Sarko Calls For Nation-Wide Burkini Ban


London Mayor Khan Condemns Burkini Ban In France

Open-Door Refugee Policy Protests Hit Merkel In Prague

Muslim Intern Refuses To Remove Headscarf, Fired

Austrian Defense Chief Lashes Merkel Muslim Policy

Økt antall handgranathendelser i Sverige

Sharp Rise in Hand Grenades Incidents In Sweden

Soros brukte millioner av dollar på å få slutt på USAs immigrasjonskontroll

Soros Spent Millions To End US Immigration Control

US FDA Advises Zika Testing Of Donated Blood

Obama Decrees Huge Pacific Fishing Reserve

China Stepping Up Global Economic Expansion


Pakistan To Help China Boost Influence In Mideast

DC Threatens Brussels Over Apple Back Taxes

Russia's Nord Stream-2 Is A Bad Idea For Europe

World's First Self-Driving Taxis Roll Out In Singapore

China Concerned About India Missiles On Border

Japan Live Fire Drills Day After NK Missile Test

Russian Fighters Patrol Border In Readiness Check

Soros planlegger å "velte" Putin og destabilisere Russland

Soros Plan To Overthrow Putin & Destabilise Russia

Brzezinski Gives Up On Empire

Kina vil gi Det syriske militære medisinsk trening

China Will Give Syrian Military Medical Training

Rapport om kjemiske angrep for å demonisere Assad

Report On Chem Attacks To Demonize Assad


Israelere publiserer støtte for IS' morderterrorister

Israelis Publicize Support For ISIS Killer Terrorists

Dueling Christian - Jewish Verse

En fortelling om to syriske gutter - Kun én teller

A Tale Of Two Syrian Boys - Only One Matters

Joe Biden møter Erdogan, Tyrkia invaderer Syria

Biden Meets Erdogan, Turkey Invades Syria

Turkey Wants 100km Corridor On Syrian Border

Syria Won't Get Democracy w/Assad - Dictator Erdogan

Turkish Army Shells Kurds 'Refusing To Retreat?

9 Dead, 64 Hurt In Bombing Of Turkey Police HQ

Turkey Moving From Atlantacists To Eurasians - Morris

US Navy Ship Fired Warning Shots At Iranian Fast Boat

Zarif Rejects US Claim Od Iran Arms Shipment To Yemen

Kerry Tells Saudis War In Yemen Should End Now


Italian General Wants New European Army

US Federal Debt To Rocket To $28 Trillion In 10 Yrs

Dollar Stores Admits 50% Of US Consumers In Dire Straits

Criminalizing Safe Painkiller, Promoting Big Pharma Opiates?

"Stop White People" Training At New York University

Boston Hosts Military Drills With US Defense Depart

Kremlin Would Celebrate If Corbyn Elected - Ex NATO Chief

North Sea Oil Collapse Ended Scotland Indy Dreams?

Teens Ditches Smart Phone For Flip Phone

Italy Quake Death Told Rises To 267

4.7 Aftershock Felt Near Central Italy's Amatrice


   Miks - Luther Vandross - Don't Want To Be A Fool

Fra "mitt" hus til Daryls hus

Daryl Hall Kenny Loggins - You Make My Dreams (Live From Daryl's House)

Man må jo sponse "det lokale" næringsliv litegranne, "eller hur"?

Blogshout for "staute" karer og søte, flinke tøtter. Kast ditt brød på vannet...

Live From Daryl's House - "Everytime You Go Away" (Paul Young)

Publisert 16. jul. 2016

Forkynneren 11

Del det du har
11Kast ditt brød på vannet,
          for med tiden vil du finne det igjen.
 2 Del det du har, med sju eller åtte;
          for du vet ikke hva slags ulykker
          som kan hende på jorden.
 3 Når skyene blir fulle av regn,
          øser de det ut over jorden.
          Faller et tre, mot sør eller nord,
          blir det liggende på stedet hvor det falt.
 4 Den som akter på vinden, får ikke så,
          den som kikker på skyene, får ikke høste.
 5 Like lite som du vet
          hvordan vinden blåser
          og knoklene dannes i mors liv,
          like lite kan du forstå
          Guds gjerninger, han som gjør alle ting.
 6 Så ditt såkorn om morgenen,
          og la ikke hånden hvile mot kveld.
          Du vet jo ikke hva som vil lykkes,
          det ene eller det annet,
          eller om begge deler er like gode.

Gled deg
     7 Lyset gjør godt,
          en fryd for øyet er det å se solen.
 8 Om mennesket får leve i mange år,
          skal han glede seg over dem alle,
          men også tenke på de mørke dager,
          for det blir mange av dem.
          Alt som kommer, er forgjengelig.
 9 Gled deg, du ungdom, mens du er ung,
          vær glad og fornøyd i livets vår!
          Gå på de veier som hjertet vil,
          følg det som lokker ditt øye!
          Men vit at for alt du gjør,
          vil Gud kreve deg til regnskap.
10 Få bort det som piner ditt hjerte,
          og det som plager din kropp!
          For barndom og ungdom
          er som et pust.

Hvite hjelmer, terroristers "hvite hatt" for å dekke over "mørke gjerninger" - Gordon Duff


White Helmets, terrorists "white hat" to cover "black deeds"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 3, 2016

...another mouthpiece for rebranded al Nusra, anything to save the terrorist occupation of Aleppo...

The face under the mask of the ISIS executioner, who would have thought them so gentle?

The face under the mask of the ISIS executioner, who would have thought them so gentle?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

www.whitehelmets.org wants your money.  They will use it to build chlorine gas weapons like those that killed 5 yesterday.  They don't care about who they kill, this is just business for them.  They are committing atrocities, blaming them on Russia and Syria, in a last ditch attempt to hold Aleppo and to secure their heavy mortar sites, where their bombardment has terrorized Syria?s largest city and held the Assad government hostage.

There people and those who support them in the West are a "piece of work."

The terrorists that, for years now, have randomly mortared Aleppo neighborhoods killing hundreds now have a mantra.  They hate barrel bombs they say.  What they are complaining about is helicopter borne aerial bombardment, the most accurate imaginable, which has wiped out dozens of terrorist mortar positions and saved hundreds of lives in the process.  The video below shows the same group loading a massive 300mm mortar used against civilians in Aleppo:

Les resten:

"Det finnes ikke noen migrantkrise"

Jeff Rense & Devvy Kidd - There is No Migrant Crisis


Nyheter hentet fra www.rense.com den 28. august, 2016:

Svenske politimenn overveldet av muslimers angrep

Swedish Cops Overwhelmed By Muslim Attacks

Brave Speech Against Muslims, Merkel In Prague

IS-muslimer hakker opp 2 år gammel kristen, mater moren med kjøttet

ISIS Muslims Grind Up 2 Yr Old Christian, Fed To His Mother

Obama Sneaking In More US-Hating Muslims?

Muslim voldtar 4-åringe på tysk toalett

Muslim Rapes 4 Yr Old Boy In German Toilet Stall

Tarek Farag: - Islam fører til Amerikas død - Radikal islam = Tradisjonell islam

Jeff With Tarek Farag - Islam Is Death Of America (radiointervju)

Muslimske gjenger voldtar Storbritannias jenter

Muslim Rape Gangs Destroy UK Girls

Angående islam og muslimske voldtektsgjenger

Regarding Islam And Muslim RAPE GANGS

Mufti tar til orde for at ALLE kvinner skal utsettes for genital ødeleggelse

Mufti Calls For ALL Women To Have Genital Mutiliation

Islam er ikke en rase - Modig eks-muslim avslører sannheten

Islam Is Not A Race - Brave Ex-Muslim Reveals The Truth

Islam Exposed - Ex-Muslim's Warming To Americans

Minst 8.000 terrorister bland muslimer i Europa

At Least 8,000 Terrorists Among Muslims In Europe


Watch - New Overview Of Clinton's Failing Health
Emails Show Hillary Severely Ill, 'Always Exhausted'

Watch - Hillary Health Coverup Falling Apart

Hillary's Apparent Medical Handler "Vanished"

WikiLeaks Documents Say Hillary Is Seriously Ill

Arrogant Hillary Laughs Off New Email Release

No Revelations Can Stop Me Now - Clinton

State Dept And Clinton Fndn One & The Same?

Is This Hillary Clinton's Roadmap For America?

Rock Star Welcome For Donald Trump In Iowa

New Trump Ad - Clinton's Are The Real Predators?

Trump - Clinton Scandals Sad, Sad, Sad For America'

Trump To Crackdown On Visitors Who Overstay Visas


"Black Men For Bernie" Founder Campaigns For Trump

Pastor - Trump Is Connecting With African-Americans

GOP Plans Early Wake-Up Call For Clinton

Hillary's Racism Problem Incident By Incident

Hillary Clinton's Support Of Kiev Hardliners

Trump Taps Power Players To Assure Smooth Transition

Trump New Ad - The Clinton's Are The Real Predators

The Epi-Pen Scandal - Far Worse Than You Think

Europe - The Substitution Of A Population

Anti-Islam Rally In Melbourne

Paul Craig Roberts - USA er en vandrende død nasjon

Roberts - The US Is A Dead Nation Walking

We're Still Wasting Billions On Homeland Security

Virtual Amnesty To 1/3 Of Illegals Charged With Crimes

Bezos WaPost - Import Foreign Workers To Take Our Jobs

Bro Nathanael - Can Trump Get The Black Vote?


The Spanish-American War Shaped Modern History

How Central Banks Are Bleeding Middle Class Dry

Feds - Boeing Emp Tried To Sell US Secrets To Russia

US-South Korea War Games

Israel Vote Canceled, Netanyahu To Lead Likud To 2024

Renamed Al Qaeda In Syria Receiving US Weapons

Fed Judge Upholds CA Law FORCING Vax

Jorge Ramos - A Subsidiary Of The Democrat Party

NGOs - Choice Tool Of Subversion For The NWO

Iserbyt Explains Dumbing Down In Schools

NY Docs Rx Veggies For Obesity - FDA Declares Them DRUGS !

Open Any Tin Can In 30 Sec - No Can Opener, Tools Needed


Forgiftet radioaktiv luft for alle

Poisoned Radioactive Air For All

Hillary Clinton Enters The Media Wars

BleachBit Brags Of Wiping Hillary's Servers Clean

Pierson - Trump Immig Message Hasn't Changed

Demands For Clinton To Release State Schedules

How Hillary 'Victory Fund' Launders Money To DNC

Clinton Calendars To Be Hidden Until After Election

Hillary Slanders Of Trump, Putin 'Absurd, Dangerous'

Clinton Again Stirs Hysteria Against Russia

Henderson Press TV - US Election Sham

Top 20 Lies In Hillary's "Alt-Right" Speech

Truth About Hillary's 'Alt-Right' Speech


Hillary Green Screen Fake Crowd - Seizure Fix?

Swedish Cops Overwhelmed By Muslim Attacks

Brave Speech Against Muslims, Merkel In Prague

Call For Netherlands To Quit EU, Ban Muslim Migrants

France Blacklists 'Politically Suspect' Teachers

Number Of Mosques In US Up 75% Since 2000

Kirwan - The Parallax View

La Officials Demand Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving

LaVoy Finicum Family To Sue OR, FBI Over Death

Dalai Lama On Mass Brainwashing Of Society

Sutherland Explains Real Meaning Of Hunger Games

10 Things We Know About CERN Mock Sacrifice

Baby Boomers Drinking To An Early Grave

German Media Said Acting As US Mouthpiece


Drive To Set Up Euro Army Gains Momentum

Engdahl - USA leker kjernefysisk kylling med Russland og Kina

Engdahl - US Plays Nuclear Chicken w/Russia AND China

Bombers, Jet Fighters Moved To Southern Russia

AF Gen - US Enemies Making "Terminator" Weapons

Russia Gives SAMS To Kazakhstan At No Charge

Russia, US Lessen Syria Misunderstanding

Russia Tests Clean Pulse-Detonation Rocket Engine

The Kerry/Lavrov Show's Record Of Futility

NYT Reinvents Obama's War on Syria

COINTEL Chaos - MI5's "Known Wolf", Aleppo Agitprop

US To Divide No Syria Into Zones Of Influence

Turkey Planning Ground Invasion Of Syria 2 Yrs

Turkey, China Join Syrian Civil War


Turkish PM Compares Erdogan To Ottoman Sultan

Turkey Declares War On Terrorist Groups

Iran Open To More Military Co-op With Russia

Yemen Houthis Claim Missile Hit On Saudi Aramco

Yemen Missiles Hit Saudi Oil Giant Aramco

Saudis - Aramco Normal After Yemeni Attack Report


Man Behind iPhone Hack By Secret Israeli Cyber Firm

NSO Malicious Malware Attack On Mansoor

Israeli Cyber Arms Dealer Most Advanced Spying Yet

Israeli Firm Accused Of Creating iPhone Spyware

Israel Tear-Gases Pal Soccer Match For No Reason

Israeli Soccer Fans In France Met With Palestinian Flags


Israelis Execute Unarmed Palestinian

UK Govt Bid Farewell To Human Rights Act

Blair Now Doubts Own Ideology

May To Trigger Brexit Talks w/o Parliamentary Vote

World's Biggest Pension Fund Hit By $52b Loss

Japan Govt Stock Losses Reach $130b In Past Yr

Finland Plans To Give Out Cash To Make Jobs

Russia-India At Risk Due To US Sanctions

Bolivian Minister Beaten To Death By Miners

VZ Secures $5.5 Billion In Mining Investments

Chomsky, Stone Condemn Rousseff Impeachment

Temer Pushes Privatization, Cuts Social Spending


Brazil Senate Suspended As Rousseff Trial Gets Hot

Police Whistle Cleared After Unconstitutional Home Raid

US Attempts To Establish Drone Export Rules

USAs hemmelige reptil-utenomjordiske vesener -hybrider og baser

US Secret Human Reptilian Alien Hybrids & Bases

Gutt lammet fra nakken og ned etter Gardasil-vaksine

Boy Paralyzed Neck Down After Gardasil Vax

Incompetent Judge Won't Suspend Mandatory Vax

Mandatory Vax In CA - Let's School A Federal Judge

WhatsApp - How To Opt Out Of App's Invasive Terms

Black Man Gets 45 Yrs After Shooting Police Dog

76 Yr Old Vet Kills Himself In VA Parking Lot

#Syria #Aleppo #IS #IS Israel #USA #Midtøsten


Politiet fører krig mot det amerikanske folk og regjeringen torturerte barn - Paul Craig Roberts

CIA-Sansebaren (de trenger et sanserom for å roe ned "kicke-ticksene" og sine impulsive handlinger basert på manglende omtanke for andre menneskers lidelser, for de tenker med det de sitter på; følelsesbasert-esoterisk opphengt). De arresterer mennesker som ikke er mer kriminelle enn Forrest Gump (i henhold til VT-artikkel nedenfor), men er selv på et mye lavere intellektuelt og følelsesmessig nivå enn han, i sin ondskap, og likevel vil de fleste skandinaviske og europeiske politi-/etterretningskontorer trå over lik for å utlevere de som CIA anser som terrorister, bare for å få en liten snus av det amerikanske etterbarberingsvannet, og et lite glimt av den spesialsydde dressen (made in China), en titt på glatte sko og et lite hardt, målbevisst håndtrykk og et dollarglis på kjøpet, mens de utleverer ofrene til regjeringen over dammen. Er ikke det "damn it", så vet ikke jeg; det er forbannet og fordømt, akkurat som ofrene er blitt, uten forsvarsadvokater eller rettssaker, kun nakenbilder og tortur. Det hadde vært mye bedre om de alle hadde dratt og snust litt på kamelen i dyreparkens og dens "Channel Femme" -duft bak øret eller andre steder, for det hadde i det minste ført til noe positivt: frisk/variert luft fra CIA-protokollenes på pultene deres, som forhåpentligvis kan gi dem en skjerpet konsentrasjonsevne, hvis de ikke allerede er i helt og totalt forsvunnet i tåkeheimen pga for my CIA- Aftershave, noe det er all grunn til å være bekymret for.

Gordon Duff: - NEO - The CIA Sex Mercenary Army - CIAs- sexleiesoldathær

Police Are Conducting War Against The American People

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

Police Are Conducting War Against The American People

A report published two days ago in the journal, Injury Prevention, concludes:

"US police killed or injured an estimated 55,400 people in 2012."

Les mer:


Human Rights Watch Reports That US Government Tortured Children - Paul Craig Roberts

Human Rights Watch Reports That US Government Tortured Children

Paul Craig Roberts

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has just released its report,  "Extreme Measures: Abused  Children Detained As National Security Threats." https://www.hrw.org/report/2016/07/28/extreme-measures/abuses-against-children-detained-national-security-threats  

From my reading of the report, Israel and the US are the two worst abusers.  Boko Haram is a distant third.

Which country is the worst abuser, Israel or the US?  Taking into account that the US is responsible for the violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria that has resulted in torture and detention, if we include these victims in the American total, then the US is the Number One torturer of children. As it is unlikely that Israel could get away with abuse of Palestinian children without Washington's support, we can add Israel's abuses to Washington's total.

Guantanamo Bay is a great distance away from Washington's wars against Muslims in Afghanistan, North Africa and the Middle East.  Yet even at Guantanamo, where the only violence is the violence that the US military inflicts on detainees, the US government tortured children, according to the Human Rights Watch report.  

What kind of military tortures children?  The only answer that I can come up with is a military that has no self-respect. 

Les resten:


READ "Guantánamo Diary": The Only Public Account by a Still-Imprisoned, Tortured Detainee

Sadness reveals self brilliantly as diary from within bowels of our own Gulag at Gitmo emerges to hold up ugly mirror to a once shiny city on the hill


Read the first chapter of the book, "Guantánamo Diary," written by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. It is the first and only public account written by a still-imprisoned Guantánamo detainee.

Slahi has been imprisoned since 2002. The United States has never charged him with a crime. A federal judge ordered his release in 2010, but he remains in custody.

Click here to watch DemocracyNow.org interview with Slahi?s editor, Larry Siems, his lawyer, Nancy Hollander, and retired Air Force Col. Morris Davis. Davis says he met with Slahi shortly before he resigned as the former chief military prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay in 2007, and argues he is "no more a terrorist than Forrest Gump."

Read Chapter 1 of Guantánamo Diary below.

Les resten:


CIA fotograferte arresterte nakne før de sendte dem av sted for å bli torturert

Guardian: Senate Report Confirms Innocent CIA Kidnap Victims Sexually Abused

CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured Classified pictures showing CIA captives bruised, blindfolded and bound raise new questions about US's willingness to use "sexual humiliation" on suspects

CIA logo
Some human rights campaigners described the act of naked photography on unwilling detainees as a potential war crime by the CIA. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Les resten:
28. mar. 2016 - CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured ...
The CIA took naked photographs of people it sent to its Foreign 
EU-var et CIA-prosjekt helt fra begynnelse av

EU 'Was a CIA Project from the Beginning' | Veterans Today


Filer som knyttet Storbritannia til Israels kjernefysiske våpen forsvunnet fra nasjonalarkivet


Files linking Britain to Israel's nuclear weapons go missing from National Archive

By GPD on August 3, 2016


Thermonuclear crater under World Trade Center in New York attributed to nuclear device planted by art students with moving vans

Official documents on Britain's relationship with Israel, including papers on "military and nuclear Collaboration" in the 1970s, have disappeared from the National Archives in the last four years.

More than 400 records have gone missing from the repository in Kew, southwest London, including a 1947 letter from Winston Churchill and a Home Office document on the 1910 Suffragettes "disturbances."

The Archives reassured the public it is following a "robust" plan to find the lost files.

The loss of the documents was uncovered following a BBC freedom of information (FoI) request, which found the last recorded knowledge of the 402 historical dossiers was January 2012.

Among them is a Foreign Office file titled "Military and nuclear collaboration with Israel: Israeli nuclear armament," in which the British government notes Israel's intention to purchase nuclear weapons.

The document is thought to be linked to a United Nations resolution from 1978 listing the "increasing evidence" of the Middle Eastern country's attempts at acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

This is not the only National Archives paper to report on Anglo-Israeli nuclear agreements. A 1958 document, made public by the BBC a decade ago, showed how Britain sold 20 tons of heavy water - one of the ingredients needed to generate plutonium ? to Israel, to be used in the country's top secret Dimona nuclear reactor.

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De fem store massutryddelser
The big five mass extinctions

Nyheter fra Veterans Today i dag:

USA-støttede rebeller stenger av vannkranen for 1,5 millioner sivile i Aleppo

Al Nusra planlegger et kjemisk angrep på sivile og å klandre den syriske regjering for det

Høyesterettsdommer Shrimpton er en av mange som blir svertet, løyet om og æreskrenket av anonyme internettroll på Wikipedia som ikke gjør noe med det. siden de har sine politiske favoritter. Texe Marrs har blitt utsatt for det samme.

Mannen som unnskyldte Shin Bet - Peres i koma

Neste steg av internasjonal terrorisme

Det er kongressen, din gluping!

Vladimir Putin ødelegger NVO-agent og Yale-historiker Timothy Snyder intellektuelt sett

USA-Israel/IS -kontrollsenter utslettet av russiske missiler

Det er det venner er til for

USA, Storbritannia, Frankrike og NATO var ute etter Libyas "sorte gull", derfor fikk Gaddafi sverd stukket opp i anus

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

He is co-host of the popular VT Radio show Jim and Gordie Show.

Visit Gordon Duff's YouTube Channel

View Latest Posts >>>

Gordon Duff:

Hvorfor America bombet Libya

It's worth noting that the first decisions once on Libyan soil for US and British forces was to secure the oil refineries.  That the rest of the country was being ripped apart as warring militias continued to fight over the spoils was secondary; the priority was to safeguard ongoing oil output.


Why America bombed Libya

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 3, 2016



Last month protests erupted in Libya over French military operations conducted inside the country without local authorities' consent. On Monday, Libyan officials said with much fanfare and pride the US had started bombing Sirte.

The coastal Libyan city - Gaddafi's hometown - turned into an IS stronghold following his forceful removal in 2011.

What a mess Libya truly is in. Its corrupt leadership, placed at the helm of the country on the back of a brutal NATO onslaught that transformed the formerly stable country into one of the most troubled spots in Africa, is now welcoming bombing raids on the destroyed town.

While the aim of the operation is hard to predict since IS fighters have dispersed, the raid does come at an interesting time.

Since Gaddafi's ousting and the country's rapid descent into chaos and lawlessness, many Libyans have been eager to see a return of the old guard, known as the "Green" Libyans in reference to the slain leader's manifesto and flag during the years of the people's republic or "Jamahiriya".

The return of the Greens to the political fore has been troublesome for those Libyans who are in power thanks to NATO and who have since been busy emptying the country's coffers.

Les resten:


Hillary Clinton lo og godtet seg over at Gaddafi hadde blitt "sodomisert" og drept ved å få sverd stukket opp anus, enda Gaddafi hadde sørget for å være en vernende mur for Europa ved å forhindre masseinnvandring til vårt kontinent, han samarbeidet med USA; var vennlig innstilt, han var en god leder for sitt folk; han holdt på med et underjordisk vannprosjekt som skulle sørge for rent og nok vann for folket, men hans eneste "problem" for Vesten var at hans land var rikt på olje og ville ha sin egen valuta. Derfor måtte han og hans land ødelegges. Han hadde allerede overgitt seg ved det tidspunkt han ble brutalt myrdet, men de ville kose seg med drapsakten, så "hvitt flagg" spilte ingen rolle.

Jeff Rense og Jordan Maxwell - Hilary gjorde en avtale med djevelen

Libas nye nasjonalsang?

Duffy - Mercy

Utrydningtrusselnivå - Tankekontroll: 'Den "manglende link' - Teknofascisme

Våpnene du bør kjenne til, for de brukes mot deg hver dag:

Extinction Level Threat - Mind-control: the Missing Link

All terrorism is synthetically engineered, directly or indirectly, and the root cause is always the secret deployment of sophisticated mind-control systems comprised of esoteric Psi-power, Dispensed "News", "shaped education", cultural programming, and the SSG deployment of ultra high-tech psychotronics.

by  Preston James


Any serious effort by any investigative journalist who tries to report in the Mainstream Media that mind-control is the missing link in all world terrorism and mass-shootings (which just happen to occur in gun-free zones) is quickly neutralized.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) run by six medias moguls who report to a major investment house on the vanguard of investment technology will either ignore such disclosures or will attempt to discredit that journalist.


Any official USG and Alphabet spokesmen will quickly deny any such issues have legs and will usually call the journalist by the CIA-created term "conspiracy theorist", a label which works well discrediting that journalist.

Despite all these denials and attributed labeling as a "conspiracy theorist" one will receive when they identify sophisticated mind-control techniques as a root cause of lone-wolf terrorist acts, such a declaration is true.

Sophisticated high-tech Mind-control has allowed the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia to take control over the American People.

The development and deployment of this Mind-control technology has become extensive and invasive after being combined with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and quantum (inter-dimensional computers). This has allowed a small group of Khazarian Mafia (KM) Chieftains who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy (EH) and who run most of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to gain control over all of the USG, the Alphabets and all American Law Enforcement.

Les resten:


TechnoFascism (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, cell phones, smartphones, Ipads, etc.)

Forbidden Archeology - Jeff Rense with Michael Cremo - Hidden History of the Human Race

Siden ingen gidder å skrive om dette i storavisene eller ta det opp på TV, så synes vel også de det er meningen at vi skal dø.

Alt jeg har gjort for å advare har vært bortkastet.

Den som lever får se, så får vi i det minste synge i begravelsene til hverandre, hvis vi ikke allerede har vandret.

Kos dere med sminken, utseendet, dagens Nettavis etc.

Så deilig det må være å leve i en slik rosenrød verden, hvor alt brysomt bare ties i hjel, akkurat som i "Indre- og ytremisjonen", selv om de kanskje er blant de bedre kristne menigheter, jeg vet ikke..

Avisene er noen sekter, når det gjelder å tie i hjel viktige ting, det har jeg nå skjønt, etter å ha sendt alt som står i denne bloggen til så mange aviser. I stedet for å skremme noen, eller kanskje for å slippe søksmål fra "gigantene" som står bak denne teknologien, lar de oss heller bli grillet teknologisk i hjel, som de "skippere på skuta" de er. Kanskje har de oppblåsbar madrass i ryggsekken, så de tror de vil klare seg bedre enn oss  uvitende skipsrotter, i deres egne øyne. Hvis Gud bryr seg veldig om spurven, hva da med rottene....

Fra og med 1. oktober overtar Kina full kontroll over internett, som USA har overgitt det til

Fifteen Days Until China Takes The Internet?

On October 1, 2016 the citizens of the United States will have all their thoughts &

communications given over to China for full & complete control. Of the global internet.

- See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/15days.htm#sthash.PZOYuVNU.dpuf

Så klarte USA det hele veien til kommunistiske Kina

Billy Joel - The Great Wall of China (Audio)


US Lawmakers Move to Criminalize 'Fake News, Propaganda' on the Web

Udo Ulfkotte: "The masters in the background are pushing for war with Russia and western journalists are putting on their helmets."

Former German editor Udo Ulfkotte: German journalists are puppets of the CIA and the New World Order

Google jobber med "bioelektronikk" sammen med den britisk legemiddelkjempen GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)


Google is working on 'bioelectronics' with a British pharmaceutical giant

  • Aug. 1, 2016, 5:01 AM       

Google's parent company Alphabet is setting up a new "bioelectonics" venture with FTSE 100 pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

GSK will own 55% of the new joint venture, called Galvani Bioelectronics, while Alphabet's Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences) will own the rest.

The two companies will invest £540 million in the new UK-based business over 7 years, as well as contributing intellectual property rights to Galvani. Galvani will "enable the research, development, and commercialisation of bioelectronic medicines."

The release says that bioelectronics is "a relatively new scientific field that aims to tackle a wide range of chronic diseases using miniaturised, implantable devices that can modify electrical signals that pass along nerves in the body, including irregular or altered impulses that occur in many illnesses."

GSK has been involved in bioelectronics for 4 years and says it thinks diabetes, arthritis, and asthma could all potentially be treated using the new method.

Les resten:

Leuren Moret - Google's Sinister DNA Plans - Googles illevarslende DNA-planer


Amerikanske 'kongelige' har store problemer med temperamentet, og får svært godt betalt

Hva en "handler" er overlater jeg til fantasien og til ekspertene:
Skal man tro på Jan Hanvold som sier at om man er fattig og "elendig" (på forskjellige måter) når man blir gammel så er det ens egen skyld, og skal man svelge hele herlighetsteologilæren så må man jo kunne påstå at disse (i artiklene nedenfor) er velsignet av Gud, siden de har blitt så rike? De fattige og arbeidsløse er jo bare dagdrivere som ikke er verdt å høre på og sannsynligvis har null talenter og evner siden de har havnet der de er, skal man tro på besserwisserne som har penger, jobb, makt og flott CV? Jeg får slengt det i trynet hver eneste dag, så jeg har vent meg til det. Et av de få diktene jeg husker navnet på er "Lord, forgive me when I whine." Å se deprimerte eldre sitte på "kristent" møte/bibelskole for å få trøst og oppmuntring, men bare bli møtt med fordømmelse fordi de er elendige, og tårene ikke er langt unna, er samme reaksjon som menneskene som hadde gjort sitt aller beste for å gi service til Hillary Clinton bli møtt med styggord og kjeft fikk. Men så har det jo kommet frem at hun ikke er/var helt frisk. Kanskje kan hun finne trøst i Bibelen hun har i håndvesken sin, hvis det ikke allerede er for sent?

Hillary Clinton har Alzheimer



Military K9 handler unleashes on F-bombing Hillary

Facebook post about encounter with Clinton goes viral

(Editor's note: The following story contains obscene language some may find objectionable.)

A former military K9 handler, tasked with protecting Hillary Clinton overseas while she was U.S. secretary of state, is now caught up in the dog-eat-dog world of politics after posting his opinion of the Democratic Party nominee for president on Facebook.

"It has nothing to do with her views," Eric Bonner wrote. "It really doesn't even matter about all the laws she broke.

- It's because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence," he said.

In Bonner's original Facebook post on July 28, he describes how Clinton once flew into a blind rage, berating him and her security detail over his canine partner, and yelling at him to "get that f*ing dog away from me."

Les resten:



What did NBC News's Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary?

June 13, 2014 Follow @ErikWemple
Brian Williams interviews Chelsea Clinton. (AP Photo/NBC, Peter Kramer)
Brian Williams interviews Chelsea Clinton. (Peter Kramer/NBC News via Associated Press)

What's the pay scale for a rookie network news correspondent with no news experience whatsoever?

Six-hundred thousand bucks!!!!

That's according to Politico's Dylan Byers and Maggie Haberman, who report that a prospect who came on board NBC News in November 2011 snared just that level of annual compensation. She was hired to do feel-good stories as part of NBC News's "Making a Difference" franchise. Her name is Chelsea Clinton.

If that name hadn't been connected to American royalty, she could have expected to rake in between $100,000 and $200,000 as a first-year network correspondent, a job that people from less-high-profile families snare only through years and years of tireless work covering the news. That salary range is confirmed by several people familiar with the compensation levels at major network news outlets.

"I'm sure that that salary figure is going to make other NBC correspondents? heads spin right off their shoulders," says one of those Sources.

Les resten:

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Matt. 20

25 Men Jesus kalte dem til seg og sa: «Dere vet at folkenes fyrster undertrykker dem, og stormennene deres styrer med hard hånd. 26 Men slik skal det ikke være blant dere. Den som vil bli stor blant dere, skal være tjeneren deres, 27 og den som vil være først blant dere, skal være slaven deres. 28 Slik er heller ikke Menneskesønnen kommet for å la seg tjene, men for selv å tjene og gi sitt liv som løsepenge for mange.

Først - sist... Sist - først...
Matt. 19
Jesus og den rike unge mannen

16 Det kom en mann til ham og spurte: «Mester, hva godt skal jeg gjøre for å få evig liv?» 17 Men Jesus sa til ham: «Hvorfor spør du meg om det gode? Én er den gode. Men vil du gå inn til livet, så hold budene!» 18 «Hvilke?» spurte han. Jesus svarte: « Du skal ikke slå i hjel, du skal ikke bryte ekteskapet, du skal ikke stjele, du skal ikke vitne falskt, 19  du skal hedre far og mor, og du skal elske din neste som deg selv.» 20 «Alt dette har jeg holdt», svarte den unge mannen. «Hva er det da jeg mangler?» 21 Jesus sa til ham: «Vil du være helhjertet, gå da bort og selg det du eier, og gi det til de fattige. Da skal du få en skatt i himmelen. Kom så og følg meg!» 22 Men da den unge mannen hørte det, gikk han bedrøvet bort, for han eide mye.
23 Jesus sa til disiplene: «Sannelig, jeg sier dere: Det er vanskelig for en som er rik, å komme inn i himmelriket. 24 Ja, jeg sier dere: Det er lettere for en kamel å gå gjennom et nåløye enn for en rik å komme inn i Guds rike.» 25 Da disiplene hørte dette, ble de helt forskrekket og spurte: «Hvem kan da bli frelst?» 26 Jesus så på dem og sa: «For mennesker er dette umulig, men for Gud er alt mulig.»
27 Da tok Peter til orde og sa: «Hva med oss? Vi har forlatt alt og fulgt deg. Hva skal vi få?» 28 Jesus sa til dem: «Sannelig, jeg sier dere: Når alt blir født på ny og Menneskesønnen sitter på tronen i sin herlighet, da skal også dere som har fulgt meg, sitte på tolv troner som dommere over Israels tolv stammer. 29 Og enhver som har forlatt hus eller brødre eller søstre eller far eller mor eller barn eller åkrer for mitt navns skyld, skal få mangedobbelt igjen og arve evig liv. 30 Men mange som er de første, skal bli de siste, og de siste skal bli de første.

I'm Just A Nobody(video) - The Williams Brothers - Varighet: 5:12.

Angående Gordon Duffs stykke:

PS: Det at man ikke har jobb og ikke har lagt seg opp noen penger er ikke automatisk et bevis på at man er dust, bare så det er sagt, men det er sikkert kjekt å ha for de som har vært så flinke til å skaffe seg det. Men som en nå avdød nabokone sa til en også nå avdød mannlig nabo og vaktmester som var veldig gjerrig og derfor ikke ville spandere en lyspære til utelampa på barneskolen så det kunne være lys der om kveldene: "Hus' nu berre på at det e' ikkje lomma på likskjorta!"

The Reality of Zionist Control


[ Editor's note: The Zionist control of the media, both traditional, mainstream and alternative is nothing new, it has been an on-going process for over a century, as evidenced by the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion:

Protocol XII - Control of the Press

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Holocaust is an ideological (not historical) phenomenon for the Khazarian Mafia

Psykiatere doper ned barn for "sosial rettferdighet"

Psychiatrists drugging children for "social justice"

Bombshell: Mind-control engineers drugging children for "Social Justice"

by Jon Rappoport

August 3, 2016

(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

I'm reprinting my 2012 article here, in part, to illustrate how major media let explosive stories drop like stones into deep lakes.

Here today, gone tomorrow. As if nothing ever happened.

This piece is about tyrannical (and quite insane) psychiatrists, who see themselves as social justice warriors on behalf of the poor, the ignored, the forgotten, the oppressed.

These doctors have a strategy that scrambles brains, causes violent behavior, and deepens the problems of inner cities and their inhabitants. Their "solution to inequality" involves drugs, and opens a gateway from dangerous drugs to very dangerous drugs. It's a chemical road to perdition.

Major media gave the scandal scant "!fair and balanced" coverage in 2012 and then fell silent. Why bother following up? In fact, why bother getting the story right the first time?

Here we go. Buckle up:

It's the latest thing. Psychiatrists are giving children in poor neighborhoods Adderall, a dangerous stimulant, by making false diagnoses of ADHD, or no diagnoses at all. Their aim? To "promote social justice," to improve academic performance in school.

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Et lite utdrag av nyheter fra www.rense.com i dag:

Soros Puts Half Billion In Fake Muslim Refugee Crisis

Ads On Swedish TV Tell Citizens To Bow To Muslims

TV-annonse oppfordrer svensker til å "integreres" med muslimer

TV Ad Urges Swedes "Integrate" With Muslims!

Muslims Gang Rape 15 Yr Old Girl Under Eiffel Tower

Paris 2016 - Gone To Hell - Black Africans Cover Sidewalks

Clinton Wants Millions Of Muslims Here
ISIS Muslims Butcher People Like Sheep

Soros Warns EU - Take Muslims Or Face Extinction

Swedish Cops Quitting In Droves

Hungary 'Must Leave EU' Over Muslim-Stopping Fences

Rand Paul - Hillary Has Significant Health Problems

Laser Pointer! - Clinton Hiding Perkinson's Or Dementia
Bardack - Clinton Scored Perfectly - On Non-Existent Test

Clinton's Eyes Point To Major Health Issues

Det har gått "inflasjon" i hjerneproblemer i kretsen rundt Det Hvite Hus de siste årene. Det kan ikke ha vært noen som har plassert noe radioaktivt under hodeområdet på lenestolene (kontorstoler i første klasse) som de sitter i, slik en viss russisk president fikk? Man kan aldri vite. Det er godt å ikke vite. Det man ikke vet, har man forhåpentligvis ikke vondt av.

Hillary's Vascular Dementia & Obama's Three Head Scars

Hillary In Orlando Lying About Her Health, Again

Clinton - More Green Screen Fraud In Orlando

Two Bizarre Videos Of Clinton Trump Should See

Cruz Announces He Will Vote For Trump

Career NY Dem Explains Why He's Voting For Trump

Bro, bro, brille, klokka ringer elleve, keiseren står på sitt høyeste slott, ser ut over vann, ser ut over land

Fare, fare, krigsmann, døden skal du lide, den som kommer aller sist skal i den sorte gryte....


   Miks - 01. "Bro, Bro Brille" (Barnas Favorittsanger)

Obama og NATOs folkemordvoldtekt av Libya

Obama's Rape of Libya Part II


By Stephen Lendman

In 2011, he and then secretary of state Hillary Clinton bore full responsibility for the rape and destruction of Libya, transforming Africa's most developed country into a cauldron of endless violence, instability, turmoil and unspeakable human suffering - the aftermath of all US imperial wars.

They flagrantly violated international, constitutional and US statute laws - attacking another country threatening no others, killing tens of thousands of noncombatant men, women, children, the elderly and infirm.

They were warned in advance of chaotic conditions following an attack but went ahead anyway. They knew extremist groups would flourish in its aftermath - ISIS, Al Qaeda and others Washington supports.

Libya today has no central authority. Based in Tripoli, US-installed puppet rule (the so-called Government of National Accord - GNA) controls one small part of the country - a rival Benghazi government, disparate groups and tribes most of it.

Endless violence, disorder, human deprivation and misery reflect daily life - the legacy of America's "humanitarian intervention" and "responsibility to protect" - code language for naked aggression, war OF terror on humanity, the horror no one can imagine without experiencing it firsthand.

Last year, war correspondent Jon Lee Anderson said "(t)here is no overstating the chaos of post-Qaddafi Libya." Various elements compete for control. - Armed militias roam the streets - (N)early a third of the country's population has fled across the border to Tunisia." Others head for Europe - treated with disdain and internment under concentration camp conditions on arrival.

No country may attack another except in self-defense and only if authorized by Security Council members. In 2007, candidate Obama, a one-time University of Chicago Law School senior lecturer, said the following:

"The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

He's terror-bombed seven countries and used terrorist foot soldiers to do his dirty work since taking office. He repeatedly lied to the public about his actions.

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NATO's Genocidal Rape of Libya

by Stephen Lendman


Continuing NATO atrocities on Libyan civilians gave naked aggression a new name.

Call it what it is: Lawless, Willful, Malevolent Genocidal Gang Rape, the new supreme international crime against peace ongoing at this time.

In times of war, its legal name is Genocide - what NATO planners implemented since last March.

See for yourself. Independently produced images reveal what NATO, venal politicians, their PR manipulators, and media liars suppress or misreport.

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NATO's Genocidal Rape of Libya | Veterans Today

Zionism 101: Protocol VII - Universal War | Veterans Today

23. jul. 2016 - Doubtless all readers of VT will have at least heard of the
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, probably many have read them. Of course ...

China and the Jews | Veterans Today


Is The Talmud Defensible As A Holy Text? | Veterans Today

29. aug. 2011 - FYI - learn a little more about Bible History and you may think a little .....
the Babylonian Talmud via the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, ...

Og hva er din helligste bok? Det nye eller Det gamle testamente (Hele Kanaans land tilhører isrealittene), Koranen eller Sions Vises Protekoller . eller Kardemommebyloven? Eg berre spyr (-gjer) - og du forteller meg. (Blogginnlegg fortsetter under bilde)

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Texe Marrs

Hitler, too, is said to have been aware of the Protocols. History shows, in fact,
that he sought to warn the world of the satanic evil the Protocols of Zion presented ...

The Man Who Gave the World the Protocols of Zion - Texe Marrs

Power of Prophecy: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Texe Marrs

When the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were first discovered, Freemasons
and Zionist Jews everywhere screamed and complained that these 24 ...

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: A Fraud


10. des. 2006 - Texe Marrs sells and enthusiastically endorses the book,

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and urges his readers to study it.

Evidence that The Protocols of Zion are Genuine, 1of4 - YouTube

8. okt. 2013 - Lastet opp av TheRapeOfJustice
Texe Marrs, May 2013. ... Evidence that The Protocols of Zion are Genuine, 1of4. TheRapeOfJustice ...

Texe Marrs - The Protocols of Zion, Rothschild's Game Plan - YouTube

Video for texe marrs protocols of zion
19. aug. 2014 - Lastet opp av TheRapeOfJustice

Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense, August 18, 2014. ... Texe Marrs - The Protocols of Zion, Rothschild's Game Plan ..


Tiden løper ut, "Krise verre enn 2008 kommer"

Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, "Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming"

Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com,

We are headed for disaster, and the only question is how long the economy can dodge a bullet.

The illusory bubble on Wall Street claims to be at record highs, but the reality, the underbelly, is dark indeed.

Economic expert Peter Schiff speaks on not only the safe haven of gold, and what is at stake in the election, but just how dire the financial consequences will be when the great storm hits and batters everyone.

The endgame for the U.S. economy is oblivion. 2008 was a minor correction compared to the eventual collapse of the U.S. Dollar.


WHY: After the dot.com bubble burst in 2000, Fed chairman Alan Greenspan-led the Federal Reserve through a series of interest cuts that brought down the Federal Funds rate to 1% by 2004. The bubble created by those years of cheap Fed money at 1% resulted in U.S. households losing a total wealth of almost $14 TRILLION in the 2008 crisis. Stock markets fell by almost half for losing $7.9 trillion, and the housing market lost $6 trillion.


FAST FORWARD TO TODAY: We've had 7 years of interest rates at 0%. As a result, there is more than just a housing bubble this time. There's a stock bubble, a housing bubble, a bond bubble, a student loan bubble, and I could go on. As Peter explains, the Fed only has ONE option at this point: Continue to fake it for as long as possible by printing more money (otherwise known as "quantitative easing"), or let the whole system come crashing down.


HERE IS THE REALITY: The world has caught on, and the gig is up. Under Obama's stewardship, the U.S. national debt has gone from $10 Trillion, to what will be $20 Trillion by the time he leaves office, with nothing more than 100 MILLION Americans out of work, and 50 MILLION in poverty and on food stamps. That's what cheap money bought for us. It was all "borrowed" cheap money too, making it infinitely worse, and the world is tired of lending.

In no uncertain terms, Schiff warns that the next crisis will be far, far worse than the 2008 collapse, and the "recovery" that has since rotted away at the house:

Se video:


Not Dark Yet | The Official Bob Dylan Site

Search for: BOB DYLAN NEWSLETTER · Tour ... It's too hot to sleep, time is running away. Feel like my soul has turned ... Time Out Of Mind (Original Release).

Din batteristatus blir brukt til å spore deg på nettet, men IS er sikret fra "oven"

Your battery status is being used to track you online

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Battery status indicators are being used to track devices, say researchers from Princeton University - meaning warnings of privacy exposure have come to pass

Running low on power? Now people can track you with that. Photograph: Martin Abegglen/Flickr 

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Slik unngår IS å bli sporet, med hjelp fra "oven", bokstavelig talt, så lær fra dem...
How ISIS avoids digital detection

Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - We Are at War - Tim Rifat: - Vi er i krig

Hvor får IS alle de fantastiske leketøyene fra? Fra samme sted som de får Toyotaene sine fra, sine "hyrder" (guardian angels):

Amerikanske Apache-helikoptre passer på IS-Toyotaer

Genmodifiserte Organismer -loven er "falsk", den vil ikke avsløre genmanipulert mat i virkeligheten, sier eksperter til RT:

GMO labeling law is 'fake', would not 'truly' expose engineered food - experts to RT

If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn't Let Us Do It


By John W. Whitehead
August 01, 2016

"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union

No, America, you don't have to vote.

In fact, vote or don't vote, the police state will continue to trample us underfoot.

Devil or deliverer, the candidate who wins the White House has already made a Faustian bargain to keep the police state in power. It's no longer a question of which party will usher in totalitarianism but when the final hammer will fall.

Sure we're being given choices, but the differences between the candidates are purely cosmetic ones, lacking any real nutritional value for the nation. We're being served a poisoned feast whose aftereffects will leave us in turmoil for years to come.

We've been here before.

Remember Barack Obama, the young candidate who campaigned on a message of hope, change and transparency, and promised an end to war and surveillance?

Look how well that turned out.

Under Obama, government whistleblowers are routinely prosecuted, U.S. arms sales have skyrocketed, police militarization has accelerated, and surveillance has become widespread. The U.S. government is literally arming the world, while bombing the heck out of the planet. And while they're at it, the government is bringing the wars abroad home, transforming American communities into shell-shocked battlefields where the Constitution provides little in the way of protection.

Yes, we're worse off now than we were eight years ago.

We're being subjected to more government surveillance, more police abuse, more SWAT team raids, more roadside strip searches, more censorship, more prison time, more egregious laws, more endless wars, more invasive technology, more militarization, more injustice, more corruption, more cronyism, more graft, more lies, and more of everything that has turned the American dream into the American nightmare.


Putin: Nei til ny-liberalere, Ja til nasjonal utvikling

Putin: Nyet to Neo-liberals, Da to National Development



After more than two years of worsening economic growth and an economy struggling with 10.5% central bank interest rates that make new credit to spur growth virtually impossible, Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally broken an internal factional standoff. On July 25 he mandated that an economic group called the Stolypin Club prepare their proposals to spur growth revival to be presented to the government by the Fourth Quarter of this year. In doing so, Putin has rejected two influential liberal or neo-liberal economic factions that had brought Russia into a politically and economically dangerous recession with their liberal Western free market ideology. This is a major development, one I had been expecting since I had the possibility to exchange views this June in St. Petersburg at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

With very little fanfare, Russian press a few days ago carried a note that could have a most profound positive significance for the future of the Russian domestic economy. The online Russian blog, Katheon, carried the following short notice: "Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed (the Stolypin economist Group-w.e.) to finalize the report of the Stolypin Club and on its basis to prepare a new program of economic development, alternative to Kudrin's economic plan. The program itself should be given to the Bureau of Economic Council in the IV quarter of 2016."

In their comment, Katheon notes the major significance of the decision to drop the clearly destructive neo-liberal or free market approach of former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin: "The Stolypin club report advises to increase the investment, pumping up the economy with money from the state budget and by the issue of the Bank of Russia. In turn, the concept of the Center for Strategic Research (Alexei Kudrin) suggested that investments should be private and the state is to ensure macroeconomic stability, low inflation, reduced budget deficit."

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Det er sannsynlig at USA-forsynte våpen skjøt ned russisk helikopter som leverte humanitær hjelp i Syria
US-Supplied Weapons Likely Downed
Russian Helicopter Delivering
Humanitarian Aid in Syria


By Stephen Lendman

 Washington wants war, not peace in Syria, its democratically elected government replaced by a US-controlled puppet one.

It's strategy includes massacring civilians and preventing humanitarian aid from reaching others in need.

Russia is the only major power aiding long-suffering Syrian people, going all-out to supply them with food, medical supplies and medicines, as well as other humanitarian aid.

After delivering supplies to civilians in Aleppo, its Mi-8 helicopter was downed by US-supported terrorists over an area they control. "Three crew members and two officers from the Russian Reconciliation Center" on board were killed, according to Russia's Defense Ministry.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said "(t)hose on Board "died heroicall - tr(ying) to divert the helicopter to minimize casualties on the ground." The struggle to liberate Syria and aid its people has five more martyrs.

Washington and its rogue allies supplied terrorists they call "moderates" with US-made surface-to-air missiles - man-portable air-defense (MANPADS) and others able to down aircraft. TOW anti-tank missiles supplied them can be used against helicopters.

CIA elements and Pentagon contractors train them in their use. One of these advanced weapons likely downed the Russian helicopter.

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Oversikt over kriminelle handlinger begått av Bill og Hillary Clinton:

Hvilken rolle spilte de?
'What Difference Did They Make?'


By Jim Kirwan


"Hillary Clinton: Career Criminal"


Here's a complete video that answers, with criminal-specificity, all the charges that have been made and then illegally blocked over the political life of the Clinton's. Each of the scandals listed below are covered in depth in this video: If we do nothing else the American people deserve answers to all of the crimes listed below, because the facts already revealed, could be acted upon and leveled against both Hillary & Bill Clinton beginning tomorrow...


I suggest that as you watch the stories revealed in the 25 min 29sec video, that you jot down the names of the government & private agencies that were used, abused and blunted by the Clinton's ­ all of whom are guilty of Aiding & Abetting in the thirty plus years of gross criminal activity ­ along with the actual number of presidential pardons and the illegal-political influence coming directly from the White House to keep the lawlessness alive and profitable throughout three decades: To protect these Career Criminals from ever facing any real prosecutions...


The Clinton's used governmental-compartmentalization to a level of hypocrisy unheard of in American political history.

If the crimes listed below are charged

against the Clinton's, we could free ourselves from

All these lawless-chains they forged, over the last 30 years.

Because the requisite trials will bring down this government,

without the need for a violent revolution.

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Undemocratic Dem Party Convention


By Stephen Lendman

Democracy in America isn't "messy" the way some duopoly power insiders portray it.  It's nonexistent, policymakers ignoring the will of the people and their welfare entirely.

Events in Philadelphia alone expose how America is run, for its privileged class alone - flagrant electoral rigging anointing a party standard bearer belonging in prison, not high office.

Hillary is the most widely reviled Democrat in party history - beyond rehabilitation no matter how hard DNC handlers try reinventing her.

"I just don't see how her numbers at this late date are going to improve on the likability issue or the trust factor," University of Virginia's Miller Center presidential studies director Barbara Perry explained.

Scandals since the 1990s made her damaged goods, most voters believing she's a self-serving corporate shill, a law breaker not to be trusted - exposed electoral rigging the latest example.

She didn't win her party's nomination. It was handed to her, party bosses choosing her for standard bearer before campaigning began last year. Sanders never had a chance and he knew it.

Endorsements from party notables can't erase her Lady McBeth image, her Machiavellian history, her high crimes too serious to paper over.

On Wednesday night, Obama gave it his best shot, his usual demagoguery, substituting fiction for facts, a deplorable display like all his speeches.

One anti-populist war criminal praised another. Obama turned truth on its head, "say(ing) with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America."

Les resten:


Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Hillary Made a Deal With The Devil

Jeff Rense & Roger Stone - Hillary Clinton Exposed...Career Criminal

Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer - The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton - Varighet: 16:36.

Pentagon nekter å fortelle Russland hvor IS oppholder seg og gjør opprør mot samarbeid


VOICE OF AMERICA: Pentagon revolts against cooperation with Russia on Syria

By South Front on August 26, 2016

US military is very skeptical about the possibility of cooperation with Russia on Syria.

Editor's note:  Since when do generals make foreign policy?  I do so love it when the US talks about "indiscriminate bombing" after supporting the Saudi genocide for the past 2 years, supplying cluster bombs and refueling which kills only civilians... Gordon.
Commander of the US operation in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, said that he is very skeptical about the possibility of cooperation with Russia, and his opinion is shared by many US military, the Voice of America broadcasting service reported.
They do not like the fact that Russia supports the government of Bashar al-Assad in the fight against pro-American "moderate" opposition, as well as the fact that the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) has gotten a new stage field on the Hamadan airbase in Iran.


"As a soldier, I am pretty skeptical about Russians," Townsend said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press news agency. "I do not know how far I am inclined to believe that we can cooperate with them."


Les resten:


Her er grunnen til at Pentagon nekter å samarbeide med IS. De ønsker å styrke og hjelpe IS, og det er det eneste de har drevet med i noen år nå i Syria:

Gordon Duff forteller sannheten om USA, Danmark og Storbritannias rolle i Syria (20.09.2016):

Press TV: Interview with Gordon Duff

Press TV: Duff on the Syrian "Accident" that Killed so many



The Law Of The Jungle Is Far Superior To The Ideology Of Globalism

Jul 27, 2016 10:15 PM

In 1991 George Bush Sr., in at least two separate speeches, announced an active geopolitical endgame for global stability; something he called the "New World Order." This was not the first time the concept of the NWO had been uttered by a prominent figure. Fabian socialist H.G. Welles wrote an entire book on the ideology decades before, in 1940, entitled 'The New World Order', and even scripted a thinly veiled propaganda film on the rise of globalism titled 'Things To Come'. The core of this ideology is the institution of global governance and the erasure of sovereign nation states, ostensibly in order to end the persistent threat of world war.

It all sounds very noble on the surface, but there is much more to total globalization that the elites do not discuss very openly or very often.

A key quote from Bush's White House speech to the nation on the eve of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq explains much behind the NWO concept:

"We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order - a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful - and we will be - we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders."

The questions are, what did he mean by the "rule of law," and what did he mean by the "law of the jungle"? As Bush clarifies further, the "rule of Law" in his mind is the law as enforced by a globalist governing body (i.e. the UN). The "law of the jungle" would invariably be everything that represents the opposite of globalism (i.e. wild and unshackled sovereignty).

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CIA-produksjoner Inc. - Syriske "opprører" -kommandør glemmer hva han skal si under filmopptak

CIA Productions Inc. - Syrian "Rebel" Commander Forgets His Lines

July 28, 2016 By 50 Comments

21st Century Wire says?

We cannot confirm the absolute authenticity of this video, but it certainly depicts a comical scenario of an Ivy League CIA agent or contractor wag the dog-style director behind the camera trying to get this ?moderate rebel? terrorist actor to read his CIA lines properly.

Is this more of the US-led PR production to try and recast jihadists as viable and internationally acceptable "moderate rebels", dressed "moderately", sans beard and the usual jihadi paraphernalia?

It seems that Washington is still keen to get some kind of return on its illicit multi-billion dollar investment in Syria. Watch:


Medias store løgner om IS fortsetter

Media Big Lies About ISIS Persist


By Stephen Lendman

Instead of explaining ISIS is a US creation, its fighters used as imperial foot soldiers doing America's killing and dying for it, media scoundrels maintain the myth of Washington combating a scourge it supports.

Without active foreign backing, ISIS and other terrorist organizations couldn't exist. They'd wither, fade and disappear. Washington and its rogue allies continue recruiting, funding, arming, training and directing their fighters while pretending otherwise.

Terrorist attacks in US and European cities attributed to ISIS are state-sponsored false flags. Major media reports about ISIS are propaganda, not truth and full disclosure.

The New York Times is Washington's lead instrument for proliferating misinformation and Big Lies. On July 27, it turned truth on its head, headlining "Defeat of ISIS Could Send 'Terrorist Diaspora' to West" - citing FBI director James Comey as its source, the same official absolving Hillary Clinton of high crimes for sure sending any reader of this article to prison if he or she committed her offenses.
Les resten: 


On Soros Putting Half A Billion Into The Muslim Invasion Of EU

By Patricia Doyle 9-22-16



Bernie avslørt på uavslått mikrofon at han aldri var en "ekte" kandidat (video)

Bernie Caught on Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a "Real" Candidate (Video)


"Gud har lovt israelittene hele Kanaans land, så bare skygg banen!"
At hele avtalen er lagt på "IS" og et avsluttet kapittel er et øre de nekter å høre på.
Liker du ikke "Den amerikanske måte"? "Fortsett med ditt eget liv, la meg være i fred!"

USA: Politibetjenter får lov til å ha sex med barn under arbeidstiden uten å straffes, som "frynsegode"

"Fantastiske" rettigheter for politiet i USA: De får forsyne seg seksuelt av barn (pedofili uten å bli straffet, og dommerne vasker spyet av dem) ved å la dem slippe straff. Pedofili er tillatt på jobb, for amerikanske politibetjenter.

Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Cops from Having Sex with Minors    

 Matthew T. Mole was arrested in 2011 after the mother of the 14-year-old boy he molested found him in her house during the night. Mole was 35 at the time.
 Matthew T. Mole was arrested in 2011 after the mother of the 14-year-old boy he molested found him in her house during the night. Mole was 35 at the time.

An Ohio cop narrowly avoided being sent back to prison for having sex with a 14-year-old boy after the state supreme court ruled in his favor last week, stating that a law barring cops from having sex with minors was unconstitutional.

In the 4-3 decision, the Ohio Supreme Court determined the law violated the state's Equal Protection Clause of both the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio Constitution because it imposed a higher standard on cops than it did for the general Public.

The Ohio sexual battery law includes provisions that make it illegal for people with "established authoritarian relationships" to have sex with minors, including teachers, coaches, administrators, scout leader, clerics and police officers.

However, the court determined that police officers should not be included with the others because there is "no occupation-based relationship between the officer and the victim."

In other words, the Ohio Supreme Court does not find it possible that a police officer would use his badge to coerce sex out of a minor.

 No, that's never happened before. 

Les resten:



Mainstream Media Wrong About Experts, Populism and Internet Truth

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Aug 1, 2016 6:05 PM

Via The Daily Bell,


Global disorder: from Donald Trump to the South China Sea - The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage - Take a harder look and some uncomfortable patterns emerge: rising nationalism, identity politics, disdain for institutions and a fracturing of the rules-based international system. Governments have lost control, and citizens faith. The belligerence in domestic politics spills over on to the global stage. This is not quite a Hobbesian world but the direction of travel is evident. - Financial Times

The elite's controlling propaganda is failing.

This article that appeared recently in the Financial Times is a perfect summary of both elite memes and their increasing malfunction.

Here's the crux paragraph:

The populist credo replaces patriotism with nationalism and promotes contempt for traditional institutions. Anyone styled an "expert" is in cahoots with the elites. Everyone has a right to produce their own ?facts?.

Brexit Politics: Elites Set Up New Conflict Between Populism and Globalism as Chaos Looms -

Did we ever think we would see the day when the New York Times would willingly acknowledge a battle over globalization?  And it not just the New York Times.

The mainstream media usually doesn't acknowledge globalism as an issue. Like central banking it is simply asserted as a fact, as natural as the air we breathe.

But now all of a sudden we are finding out it is a policy after all - something made by the hand of man and not descended from on high.  And thus what may be a new dominant social trend: Globalism versus Populism.

And here we covered the especially obnoxious meme of the "expert."

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President Ronald Reagans dagbok om romskip

Filer's Files # 29 - 2016 President Reagan's Diary about our Space Ships

Posted by: George Filer in Filer's Files July 15, 2016 0 2,155 Views



July 15, 2016

In special reports, this week's files cover: President Reagan?s Diary, NASA Director Dr. Kurt Debus, Stargate Chronicles, The Curious Case of the Gosport Fisherman, Aeroscraft, ISS Spots UFO, and Talk by NFL Football Player Willie Green.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and England in the United Kingdom.

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Now Bernie Drags Out The 'Holocaust' Trash


By Patricia Doyle

  "I'm Jewish. My father's family died in concentration camps.  
I will do everything I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism.

-- Bernie Sanders

Hello Jeff - This is the full statement Bernie made.  He does not mention that racism goes both ways  How about black racism against whites?  We never hear the socio-communist talk about reverse racism.  How come we do not hear the Irish descendants in Iceland demand reparations for slavery? Iceland has a large population of Irish, also Irish were there from the beginning. The Irish and Scots were used as slaves.  Only the blacks, specifically Black Lives Matter are demanding reparations for slavery.

First of all, how many alive today were actually descendants of slaves?  It is impossible to get information on the fathers and grandfathers of the current generation, so how are you going to prove slave ancestry?  

Another fact is that a majority of the blacks in the US were immigrants and they CHOSE TO COME HERE.  There are many illegal blacks from Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, etc, etc.  There was a massive immigration from West Africa to the US starting in the 1920's.

So many black families are single parent families.  The children do not know their fathers and that entire side of a family.  Many times the mother has no idea who the father was.  How are they going to prove slave ancestry?  They are not, they will just take billions of dollars from white taxpayers who had nothing whatsoever to do with slaves and give it to whoever is black.  Hillary is totally FOR reparations.

Well, I am Irish and I want reparations.  The Irish indentured servants built the Eerie Canal, as wel as many of the roads and highways.

As for Bernie's rather disgusting pandering quote about the 'holocaust'?

Practically everyone who is Jewish (or claims to be) always seems to say their family was killed in the concentration camps.  Think about it.  How many times have we had to listen to that?  Well, Bernie is no different.  

Of course, he was ranting about Trump and those muslim illegals whose son died in the military.  (He was in the military to get his family legal status.)  That is why there are so many Mexicans and other foreigners in our military.  They get automatic citizenship!

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New Eastern Outlook - Hvorfor Amerika taper kriger

NEO - Why America Loses Wars

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 2, 2016




by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  - with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Gordon - a tall, but skinny target in Vietnam due to the starvation 10 day patrol rations

Gordon - a tall, but skinny target in Vietnam due to the starvation-level, 10-day patrol rations

[ Editor's Note: Gordon has set the barn on fire one more time. VT readers are quite used to his retrospectives on the US military going back to Vietnam, a story and history where the official version is the Alice in Wonderland variety. Gordon is not very popular in certain military circles for his writing material like this, but those people never challenge any of it publicly.

For those who prefer to slough this topic off via the "why beat a dead horse to Death" (the Vietnam War), the answer to that is: "It is not dead and it is not over." The corruption disease still exists, even though it has morphed into a new modern form.

I will add my little vignette of a Marine Colonel here in Atlanta who set up a 501(c)3 to send little care packages, toiletry items to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the shipping alone was way over the cost of the tooth brushes and other personal items.

Then there was the not insignificant issue that the troops already had such items, so blowing donated money to send them totally superfluous items was a waste of donated funds.

But is was not to the corrupted make work, do it just for show attitude that Gordon describes below. The pitch was that it was a way of "saying thank you", and "supporting the troops" - the hustle being that if you did not, then you were not supporting them, a slimy way to fund raise.

There were more smiles in the beginning, than at the end

There were more smiles in the beginning, than at the end

Unmentioned of course is how the US taxpayer was already supporting the troops via the $25 cost of having their laundry done by the contracting service, or that the breakfast cost was $25 per soldier every morning. The list of these astronomical logistical costs is beyond the pale, as is the hard cold fact that this was all paid for with national debt.

The attitude of many of these people is that the public exists to support the military industrial complex, and there is never "enough" that they can do. The public is constantly dunned to do more, and to never question anything, as such would be undermining the morale of the troops, and "hurting the military".

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52 land manipulerer været med værmodifikasjonskampanjer

Her får man høre hvordan været manipuleres:

Countries around the world are trying to modify the weather and make it rain - here's how   



This summer, China set aside $30 million for a controversial project that involves shooting salt-and-mineral-filled bullets into the sky.

Their mission? Make it rain.

The project is part of a larger campaign of so-called weather modification techniques that the country has been using since at least 2008, when they claim to have cleared the skies for the Beijing Olympics by forcing the rain to come early.

China is far from the only nation trying to bring (or stop) the rain. At least 52 countries - including the United States - have current weather modification programs, 10 more countries than five years ago, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

Operation Popeye

It all started in the 1940s, when a pair of scientists from General Electric Co. were experimenting with using super-cooled clouds to stimulate the growth of ice crystals while hiking Mount Washington. The mountain, located in New Hampshire, is often called the "stormiest mountain in the world" and it's considered a prime spot for cold weather testing. After a series of experiments there and in New York, the two researchers managed to make it rain using silver iodide bullets. They got a patent for their technique, referred to as cloud-seeding, in 1948.

A few decades later, the US military brought cloud-seeding to the battlefield. Between 1967 and 1972, during the Vietnam War, it spent roughly $3 million each year on weather modification campaigns designed to draw out the monsoon season and create muddy, difficult conditions for enemy fighters. One campaign involved an attempt to flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the main route that enemy fighters were using to deliver their supplies.

Here's a snippet of a document from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) detailing the campaign:


The program was also known as Operation Popeye, Operation Intermediary, and Operation Compatriot. Whenever too many people would learn the name, the military would change it. Whether the program worked or not is still a matter of debate. According to the FAS, its "effects were minimal."

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Business of Global Warming Fraud


The Global Warming establishment is NOT a business. All the tentacles that suck up public money to finance crony collectivism are based upon government subsidies and artificially higher consumer prices. The absurd lunacy that economic growth and productive jobs can be created with the underlying premise of the "so called" industrial model is based upon lies, deceit and cooked data; clearly demonstrates the disingenuous nature of the zealots that benefit from the fraud. 

Dishonest scientists living off government grants, career bureaucrats counting the days till retirement, greedy politicians begging for campaign donations and pathetic media lap dogs eager to continue the lies, all are responsible for the prevarication campaign behind the religion of the global warming cult.

As for the business con artists who bilk their deceived investors with pie in the sky business plans, as they fabricate their financial statement to raise money for schemes that can never be profitable - they all belong in jail.

Finally the Banksters, financial firms, hedge funds and now the yieldcos that push this idiocy, the wrath of all humanity will be your reward. Cap and trade is no formula for prosperity.

Now the stakes have changed and the debate shifts as righteous outrage is about to erupt. Christopher Booker cites numerous instances to back up his assertion in the essay, The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever.

"When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records - on which the entire panic ultimately rested - were systematically 'adjusted' to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.

Of much more serious significance, however, is the way this wholesale manipulation of the official temperature record - for reasons GHCN and Giss have never plausibly explained - has become the real elephant in the room of the greatest and most costly scare the world has known. This really does begin to look like one of the greatest scientific scandals of all time."

Further stats challenge the deceitful doctrine that drives the Global Warming money making machine. However, the "True Believers" will never accept any data that conflicts with their beliefs. Hottest year ever? Skeptics question revisions to climate data is just one more problem for them to ignore.

John Casey spills the beans in Scientist Confesses: "Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam". "He found evidence - buried right in the government's own environmental studies - that destroys their argument for 'global warming.' Using their own data, John has proven, once and for all, 'global warming' is a sham. A sham that our government spends $22 billion a year financing."

*Lie No.1: The World Is Getting Hotter . . .FAST!

Fact: We Haven't Seen Any 'Global Warming' for 17 Years!

Lie No. 2: The Oceans Are Getting Warmer

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52 land manipulerer været med værmodifikasjonskampanjer




Danmark, Storbritannia og USAs bombetokter styrket IS - De kjemper på IS sin side - Russland i krisemøte

Gordon Duff forteller sannheten om USA, Danmark og Storbritannias rolle i Syria:

Press TV: Interview with Gordon Duff

Gordon Duff om den syriske "uhellet" som drepte så mange

Press TV: Duff on the Syrian "Accident" that Killed so many


Skal norske soldater også brukes til å kjempe sammen med USA, Storbritannia, Israel, Tyrkia, Saudi-Arabia og Danmark med IS mot Det syriske forsvar, Russland og Iran som er de eneste som kjemper sammen mot IS? Skjønner ikke Det norske forsvar og norske medier at hvis vi støtter IS med å kjempe på lag sammen med dem, så går dette i lengden ut over Skandinavia? Vokser det USA-støttede IS og Daesh, da taper Europa og Skandinavia i det lange løp. Gråt over dumskapen. Dere graver graver for deres egne folk.

British air force admits involvement in airstrikes which hit Syrian govt troops

British air force admits involvement in airstrikes which hit Syrian govt troops

Editor's note: News of the RAF's involvement in this disgusting war crime comes as little surprise to me, it is sadly all too predictable that Britain follows the US like a faithful little puppy, all too eager to take part in the military misadventures and meddling in the affairs of others.

Russia Convenes Emergency UNSC Meeting After US Joins ISIS in Syria

Russia Convenes Emergency UNSC Meeting After US Joins ISIS in Syria

At the request of Russia, the United Nations Security Council is set to convene at 7:30PM ET, only a matter of hours after a US-led airstrike killed 80 Syrian Army forces paving the way for a major Daesh offensive. On Saturday evening the United Nations Security Council will meet to discuss airstrikes by the US-led coalition in Syria

US uses Manas base for drug traffic

US uses Manas base for drug traffic

The US base Manas in Kyrgyzstan could have been used for heroin export from Afghanistan, former President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev claimed.

Når bukken passer havresekken blir det ingen spekulering (etterforskning)

NATO vil ikke spekulere over hvem det var som traff hjelpesending i Syria, sier Jens Stoltenberg

NATO won't speculate on who struck aid convoy in Syria - Stoltenberg to RT

USAs statsdepartement: Netanyahu fortjener å bli kalt en 'kyllinglort'


US State Department: Netanyahu deserves to be called a "chickenshit"

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 1, 2016

Cornel West: "We ought to have a love for precious Jewish brothers and sisters and a love for precious Palestinian brothers and sisters. That's not a contradiction!"





...by Jonas E. Alexis


Benjamin Netanyahu has just upset the State Department again. Ignoring international laws and peaceful resolutions, the mad man in Tel Aviv plans to build new units in the West Bank. This move, the State Department declared, "is systematically undermining the prospects for a two-state solution" with the Palestinians.[1]

White House spokesperson John Kirby himself has said: "We strongly oppose settlement activity, which is corrosive to the cause of peace."[2] Hagit Ofran, director of the Settlement Watch team for the left-wing Israeli human rights organization Peace Now, declared:

"The fact that there are elections in the U.S. might be perceived in Israel as an opportunity to get away with things, but this is the Americans saying, 'We are still watching you.'"[3]

Even Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States who said that Israel preferred terrorist organizations in Syria over Assad, has declared that Israel''s move "repeats its initial mistake in the peace process. It is creating a demand that no Israeli government can meet and no Palestinian leader can ignore."[4]

No one can understand Netanyahu because he is living in a world in which reason plays no part. He does not want to subordinate his essentially Talmudic impulse to reason at all. He wants reason to conform to his political weltanschauung. That is one reason why the Obama administration called him "a chickenshit" in 2014.[5] "The Thing about Bibi is," the administration said, "he's a chickenshit."[6]

Netanyahu, the official continued, "won't do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states. The only thing he's interested in is protecting himself from political defeat."7] Netanyahu, we were told, is "recalcitrant, pompous, and Aspergery."[8]

Well, we have been saying for quite a long time that Netanyahu is mad and unruly because he has been operating under a system that is arguably diabolical. In fact, he made it very clear that the so-called legal system in Israel is based on the Talmud,[9] a book that has rejected Logos in all its manifestation.[10]



That is one reason why this man has been able to perpetuate lies and fabrications year after year. That's one reason why even Ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu's speech before Congress complete "bullshit."11] Dagan had more things to say: "In the Palestinian arena, [Netanyahu's] policy will lead - to apartheid."[12]

Well, Israel is already an apartheid state, and this is why it has rightly provoked moral reactions from people across the political spectrum. In response to the BDS movement in places like France, Netanyahu has recently said that those organizations deny "the state of Israel's right to exist." This is really bad.

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Ordspr. 27

   18 Den som passer på fikentreet, får spise frukten;
          den som tar vare på sin herre, vinner ære.
19 Som ansikt speiler seg mot ansikt i vannet,
          finner det ene mennesket sitt hjerte igjen hos det andre.

20 Dødsrikets avgrunn blir aldri mett,
          og menneskets øyne får aldri nok.
21 Sølv prøves i smeltedigelen
          og gull i smelteovnen,
          og mannen når han får ros.
22 Støter du den dumme i morteren
          og knuser ham sammen med kornet,
          går dumheten likevel ikke av ham.
23 Merk deg hvordan sauene ser ut,
          ha omsorg for buskapen din!
24 For rikdom varer ikke evig.
          Går et diadem fra slekt til slekt?

Sa du at jeg var "feitere" eller "teitere" enn du? - Så jeg får ikke være med i "Anti-Stati" -ABBA-sangen bare fordi jeg ikke har store nok pupper? Heller ikke i militæret fordi jeg er for gammel? Ja, det har jeg fått med meg. Man kan ikke få vaskejobb der engang. Ta en "titten" (tei) på "Klitten"`? Nei, vel. Kanskje blir også puppene mine vraket? Men det er tross alt bedre å få vraket puppene, enn å måtte se på Forsvars-vraket (Forsvaret vraket). Norge setter heller sin lit til NATO. (Har jeg feil farge på klærne på overkroppen? Rosa er pyser? Det var den eneste jeg fant på Frelsesarmeen, og den var ny og kostet bare 20 kr.) PS: Hvis du lurer på hvorfor gardinstangen over hodet mitt henger skjevt, er det fordi et høyt skap stod i veien. Ting er ikke alltid så stømlinjeformet som... man ønsker at de var. Nobåddy's pøfekt ålveis.

I Forsvaret må jentene vise frem klitoris for å bevise hvor tøffe de er:

Caroline (23): - Det handler ikke om jente eller gutt, man er soldat - VG

7. nov. 2014 - Det finnes også dårlige befal i Forsvaret, sier Hagelien. ...

Jo da, jeg så penis og de så klitt, MEN DET ER IKKE DET SOM ER POENGET, ...

- I Forsvaret hadde jeg mensen hver dag - Finnmark - NRK

Tvunget til nakenbading: - Jeg var livredd og gjemte meg bak andre - VG

Er Erdogan en en angrende synder eller en "Upålitelig hoggorm?"

A Penitent Sinner or a "Viper Who Can't Be Trusted?"

By Richard Edmondson on August 2, 2016

Is Erdogan Really Severing Ties with the West



Is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan really turning his back on the West? Or is what we're seeing in the media today all just a charade? And if it's a charade, what is the purpose of it?

Since the failed Turkish coup, we have seen Erdogan seemingly pivoting away from the US and toward Russia. And as this has been happening, we have also observed certain writers and pundits, including some who in the past have offered reasonable analyses, seemingly begin to reassess their views of the Turkish leader. It is almost as if Erdogan's support for terrorists who have committed unspeakable horrors in Syria over the past five years is now not worth getting too bothered over - and all because Erdogan now seems to have switched his political alliances.

This is the case in Russian media in particular, but Western commentators have been offering similar views - which is why I wanted to post the following video filmed in Syria shortly after the coup attempt.

The people interviewed are Syrians on the street, who speak of the joy they felt upon first hearing of the coup taking place in Turkey - followed by the disappointment and letdown when news came that it had failed. Well can we understand their feelings. They, more so than anyone, are fully cognizant of the depravities Erdogan has unleashed upon their country.



Termitters og israelske bosettere: En USA-kongressmanns analogi. En sammenlikning av to "etsende prosesser"


Termites and Israeli Settlers: A US Congressman's Analogy

By Richard Edmondson on July 31, 2016

A Comparison of Two 'Corrosive Processes'


US Rep. Hank Johnson

Recently US Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia  drew a somewhat controversial analogy. Johnson compared the destructive nature of Israel's ongoing illegal settlement enterprise to the foundational destruction caused by termite infestation of a house.

As you may expect, the comments drew the inevitable "anti-Semite" accusations, and not surprisingly the congressman hastily backed down and issued an apology.

Johnson's remarks were given at an event sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee and held in Philadelphia on July 25 on the opening day of the Democratic Convention. In addition to Johnson, other speakers included Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Josh Ruebner of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. The event was entitled "Progressive for Palestine: Is the US Ready to Rethink Policy on Israel'", and you can go here to see a full video (the portion featuring Johnson starts at about 30:50).

The Georgia congressman prefaced his remarks by stating a few simple, straightforward truths.

"You see today the world faces a very desperate situation, and we all know how high the stakes are," he said. "We all know how dangerous it is, and we all know that we, Americans, are in large part responsible for the state of the world today."

He added that this burden of responsibility means also that Americans "are going to have to be a part of the solution," and he went on to point out, rightfully so, that much of the turmoil in the world today, or in the Middle East anyway, is at least peripherally related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. And a major part of the problem here is the construction of Israeli settlements:

"In addition to war and seizure of land, there has been a steady - almost like termites can get into a residence and eat it up before you know that you've been eaten up and you fall in on yourself?there has been settlement activity that has been, that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate, to the point where it has become alarming.

And it has become to the point with occupation, with highways that cut through Palestinian land, with walls that go up, with the inability or the restriction or the illegality of Palestinians being able to travel on those roads, and those roads cutting off Palestinian neighborhoods from each other, and then with the building of walls and the building of checkpoints that restrict movement of Palestinians, we've gotten to the point where the thought of a Palestinian homeland gets further and further removed from reality."


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Amerikanske krigsfly fortsetter å massakrere syriske sivile
US Warplanes Continue To
Massacre Syrian Civilians


By Stephen Lendman

  Longstanding US policy has no regard for human life and welfare at home or abroad - international law flouted unaccountably, high crimes committed globally, notably in its war theaters.

Syria is in the eye of the storm, US aggression continuing against a sovereign independent state, now in its sixth year with no prospects for resolution.

On Friday, Damascus responded to US-led "coalition" airstrikes, killing or injuring nearly 100 civilians in the city of Manbij near Aleppo - Obama's latest atrocity against a beleaguered people.

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Vestlige medier er en del av en politisk elite kommer aldri til å rapportere syrisk massakre begått av USA-støttede styrker

'Western media part of political elite, will never report Syrian massacre by US-led forces'
© Matthew Bruch
© Matthew Bruch / Reuters
Media in the US and Britain are not independent; they are part of the political elite in Washington and London, and their responsibility is to guide policy makers and shape public opinion, says Marcus Papadopoulos, publisher and editor of Politics First.

Syria has appealed to the UN, claiming that 45 civilians were killed and 50 injured in US-led airstrikes outside the city of Manbij near Aleppo on Thursday. Following the strike, US Central Command (CENTCOM) admitted the airstrikes ?"ay have resulted in civilian casualties," but did not provide a figure, pending an investigation.

CENTCOM said the aerial strike had been aimed at hitting ISIS forces concentrated in Manjib. Meanwhile, Western media has been quiet about the alleged strikes that reportedly killed dozens of civilians.

RT: Why do you think the western media is staying silent on the story, despite the large loss of civilian life?

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Mike King - Det finnes ikke noe slikt som "islamsk terrorisme"








 By Mike King


From the article:

"American-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab militias have seized more than 10,000 documents and 4.5 terabytes of digital data in recent weeks."

Sure they have, Schmitty boy, sure they have. This latest "trove" of intelligence on phony ISIS calls to mind the frequent reports of "troves" uncovered in the nooks and crannies of Bin Laden's Afghanistan from back in the day. Remember these golden oldies?:


  1- 2001: A video of a suddenly fat-nosed Bin Laden -- in which the "mastermind of 9/11" is seen smiling as he "admits" to orchestrating the attacks which brought down the Twin Towers -- conveniently turned up as part of a "trove" of documents and artifacts.

2- 2011: After "killing Bin Laden" (again!), American intelligence uncovered a "trove" of Bin Laden home videos. In the image above, Bin Laden, we are told, is watching news coverage of himself. Porno tapes also turned up as part of the "trove."


In light of the recent false-flag-crisis-actor-induced capitulation to manufactured anti-Muslim bigotry and hysteria by so many of our weaker-minded brothers in the truth community, now is a good time for a much-needed refresher course on ISIS (Israeli (or International) Secret Intelligence Service).


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USA-cyberkrig mot Russland?

US Cyberwar on Russia?


By Stephen Lendman

  On Saturday, Tass reported what looks like Washington's dirty handiwork, perhaps complicit with NATO and Israel, saying:

Russia's "Federal Security Service (FSB) revealed virus software for cyber-spying in computer networks of about 20 organizations located in Russia."

The attack targeted "information resources of the state authorities, scientific and defense companies, enterprises of the defense industry and other objects of the country's critically important infrastructures."

"(C)learly, it was a targeted virus spread, planned and made professionally. Specialists say the malicious software, judging by the style of programming, names of files, parameters of their use and by methods, is similar to the software, which was used in much-spoken-about earlier revealed cyber-spying, revealed both in territory of the Russian Federation and around the globe."
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21. sept. 2016:

Gordon Duff forteller sannheten om USs rolle i Syria:


   Miks - Saturday night fish fry 1 & 2 - Louis Jordan -1949

Man må jo kjenne sine røtter

"Det e' en skit som gjer sæ"


Nasjonalisme på fremmarsj i Danmark og flere europeiske land, med rette

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - The Presidential Reality Show

Det er noen som våger å si at de ikke skammer seg over sin egen kultur, og ønsker å beholde den. Det gjør globalistene rasende og fremkaller hatet i dem. Det hjertet er fylt av flyter munnen over av, men det er de selv som beskylder alle som ikke ønsker å bli "overkjørt" for å være "hatefulle og rasistiske". Er det ikke rart?

Muslims Gang Rape 15 Yr Old Girl Under Eiffel Tower

Kvinnesyn varierer fra "tro til tro"

White girls seen as 'easy meat' by Pakistani rapists, says Jack Straw

Paris 2016 -Gone To Hell - Black Africans Cover Sidewalks

Clinton Wants Millions Of Muslims Here

ISIS Muslims Butcher People Like Sheep

Soros Warns EU - Take Muslims Or Face Extinction

Svenske politibetjenter gir opp i hopevis

Swedish Cops Quitting In Droves

Hungary 'Must Leave EU' Over Muslim-Stopping Fences

Dette er også en del av flere hundre år gamle kultur:

Matt. 7

13 Gå inn gjennom den trange porten! For vid er porten og bred er veien som fører til fortapelsen, og mange er de som går inn gjennom den. 14 Men trang er den porten og smal er den veien som fører til livet, og få er de som finner den.

Carola Häggkvist, Elisabeth Ødegaard og Solveig Leithaug:

En jødes fiende er en jøde, og fienden til en kristens en kristen og en muslims en muslim


The Enemy Of A Jew Is A Jew

By Katherine Frisk on July 29, 2016

And the enemy of a Christian is a Christian and a Muslim a Muslim

Movie scene depiction

Movie scene depiction

by Katherine Frisk

In his memoirs Ronald Dahl recounts the story of meeting a survivor of the Holocaust after World War 2. The lady was at great pains to explain to him that "the enemy of a Jew, is a Jew."

As many are beginning to realize, World War 2 was not as cut and dried as we have been led to believe. American bankers and industrialists funded and supported Hitler and gave the top SS Nazis safe passage to the US and South America after the war, whilst at the same time American soldiers joined the Allies and died in Europe in order to defeat Hitler.

There is a very good modern term for this, and I am going to use it. It is called a "Mind F*ck." Similar double-edged games have been played ever since, in Vietnam, South America and in the Middle East where recently many have been horrified to discover that the very nation that declared a "war on terror" is the same nation who has been funding and supporting the rise of Islamic extremism in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. The beheading of a young child in Syria by these so-called "moderate rebels" supported by the US in the interests of the "Assad must og" theme, has got to be the most disgusting example of duplicity in recent months.

As I hope to make clear in this article, this duplicity is deeply embedded in Western civilization and has its roots in the Bible which has governed both Western and Middle East social, economic and political thinking for over 2,000 years. But what has never been acknowledged is that the Torah, the New Testament and the Qur'an all have duplicitous texts that contradict each other.

You could say equally as well, that the enemy of a Christian is a Christian, the conflict over the last 1,000 years between the Apostolic Orthodox Christian church and the Roman church is one example of many, another was between the Cathars and the Catholics in the Languedoc. Or the enemy of a Muslim is a Muslim, the conflict we see in the Middle East between the extremist Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sects and the Sunni Shiite divide is another.

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Unjustified Revenge of the Holocaust Continues

By GPD on July 30, 2016


By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today

Massacre of Jews through various tactics of torture in the concentration camps, erected by Hitler before and during the World War 11 is still shocking and condemnable. It was a big tragedy, popularly known as the Holocaust, conducted by the forces of state terrorism. But, since the 9/11 tragedy, the Zionist-Israeli-led America has been taking unjustified revenge of the Holocaust from the Muslims in particular and the Christians in general, including persons of some other religious communities, who were not responsible for the Holocaust.

Zionist-controlled American leading think-tanks and media have propagated that "genocide of 5 million Jews was carried out at the extermination camps, using tools of mass murder, such as gas chambers of Germany, Poland, Austria and Alsace", while some Jewish-influenced Western scholars have estimated the genocide of the 7.8 million Jews.

On the other side, impartial writers, researchers and authors have opined, "Following the rise of Hitler there were no more than 4 million Jews, living in areas occupied by the Third Reich at the height of its power. Yet on June 30, 1965, the West German government announced that some 3,375,000 Jewish holocaust 'Survivors' had applied for reparations money. The International Red Cross had already reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died, and their audit to December 31, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German Concentration Camps from all causes."

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The Bolshevik Elites Hold their Coronation of Clinton


Remember dear children, your indoctrination programming never taught you that international finance funded and put the Bolshevik's into power. If you do not understand or are unwilling to acknowledge that the ascendency of Marxist totalitarianism was the invention of the Banksters establishment, you are sorely deficient in your education. Well, the excuses are no longer available to deny the indisputable. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are wholly owned tools of the Wall Street and Global Corporatists.

The charade of claiming Progressivism while dedicated to the enslavement of crony Globalism is an insult to the millions of confused and intellectually challenged "true believers". Now that Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails, the entire world can see without the filter of partisan spin that the Democratic Party is and has been in the tank to the Plutocrat elites, which they disingenuously rail against.

"The emails come from the accounts of seven DNC officials: communications director Luis Miranda, national finance director Jordon Kaplan, finance chief of staff Scott Comer, finance director of data and strategic initiatives Daniel Parrish, finance director Allen Zachary, senior advisor Andrew Wright and Northern California Finance Director and the finance director for northern California, Robert Stowe."

Gee, this saga of subversive reads like a continuation of the sequel to Apocalypse Now. Can you just hear Commander in Crime Clinton utter those infamous words of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz - The horror - the horror... (Kurtz' last words).


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Don't Stay in School

Det spørs bare om det er flere steder man ikke bør holde seg... men heller snakke ut om kristne er blitt selvdestruktive?
"Internasjonalen" har blitt en hellig sang i Den norske kirke:

USA & Saudi-Arabia 'involvert i nedskytingen av russiske Su24' i Syria

US & Saudi Arabia 'Involved in Turkey's Downing of Russian Su-24' in Syria

By GPD on July 29, 2016

Russian Su-24 tactical bombers at the Hmeimim airbase in the Latakia Governorate of Syria

German former CDU politician and Vice-President of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Willy Wimmer told Sputnik Deutschland that he fears NATO involvement in the downing of Russia's Su-24 bomber over Syria last November.
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Saudi normalizing Israeli ties free of charge: Nasrallah

By GPD on July 29, 2016


Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised speech on July 29, 2016.
Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised speech on July 29, 2016.

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has censured Saudi Arabia for a recent visit to Israel by a delegation headed by a former military general.

Nasrallah said on Friday that the Riyadh regime is normalizing its ties with Israel "free of charge" and "without any benefits for Palestinians."

"Saudi Arabia is setting a dangerous example for other nations in establishing ties with Israel," he added.

The Hezbollah secretary general went on to say that any Saudi-Israeli relations will be followed by the Arab kingdom's recognition of the Israeli regime.

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British air force admits involvement in airstrikes which hit Syrian govt troops

British air force admits involvement in airstrikes which hit Syrian govt troops

Editor's note: News of the RAF's involvement in this disgusting war crime comes as little surprise to me, it is sadly all too predictable that Britain follows the US like a faithful little puppy, all too eager to take part in the military misadventures and meddling in the affairs of others.

Russia Convenes Emergency UNSC Meeting After US Joins ISIS in Syria

Russia Convenes Emergency UNSC Meeting After US Joins ISIS in Syria

At the request of Russia, the United Nations Security Council is set to convene at 7:30PM ET, only a matter of hours after a US-led airstrike killed 80 Syrian Army forces paving the way for a major Daesh offensive. On Saturday evening the United Nations Security Council will meet to discuss airstrikes by the US-led coalition in Syria

USA behandler IS på akkurat samme måte som sine andre allierte

NEO - The US Treats ISIL Just Like its Other Allies


_The US  Treats ISIL Just Like its Other Allies

... by  Henry Kamens,  ... with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


ISIL has not killed 200,000 like the US, Israel, Turky and the Gulf states have...but they are trying.

ISIL has not killed 200,000 like the US, Israel, Turky and the Gulf states have...but they are trying.

[ Editor's note: The hoax war on ISIL is being seen through by just about everybody now, but the problem is, those running the scam don't seem to care about any political fallout. They are going to do what they want to do and until somebody new takes over.

The real stink in all this is what a door mat mass media is. They either go the way the advertising director says or the AIPAC lobbyist assigned to monitor them enforces by keeping tabs on who's been naughty and who's been nice.

I hardly ever listen to the "interviews" anymore as you can either see someone was brought in for their predictable input based on their think tank job tag, or they are quick at memorizing their talking points sheet before the show starts.

Is there any legislature or parliament in any free democracy that has challenged its government's state sponsored terrorism to put a stop to it. Has any of them gotten any indictments on past abuses? Has any free Western government challenged America's "no testimony under oath" white washing of 9-11, despite the security risk for all of them that it could be repeated because the team that did the first one is still around?

Before you can get the right answers you have to ask the right questions. Most Congressional investigations are rigged via what they don't ask, an old game. You never see any top Intel people running for Congress because that would be a form of intense torture for them, going to work every day with so many people you would like to put the kybosh on...but you can't. They would arrest you...but never them... Jim W. Dean ]

Les resten:

NEO - The US Treats ISIL Just Like its Other Allies | Veterans Today

NEO - Something Strange About ISIS

To say that there is something strange about ISIS is perhaps the understatement of all time. Can we call them "The Not Very Islamic State?"


There are certainly reports of unmarked planes flying in and out of Mosul despite the fact that American fighter/interceptors maintain what they claim is a "stranglehold?"on airspace in the region.

Syrian officials informally voice their own suspicions about ISIS. Though not publicly spoken of, they are of the opinion that American and Israeli advisors are serving with ISIS. Based on an analysis of ISIS tactical capabilities and their apparent access to secure communications, easily jammed by the US if they wished, such beliefs are not without foundation.

Simply put, not everyone can operate complex American built mobile artillery pieces or armoured vehicles. ISIS seems to have no problem with this or any difficulty acquiring Stinger missiles to shoot down aircraft as well.


It is claimed that these missiles move from Libya, through Sinai and somehow magically jump over Israel. Oddly, none seemed to make their way into Gaza, as evidenced during last summer?s Israeli air assault.

One key area of what appears to be tacit cooperation between the "Islamic State" and NATO, namely Turkey, is seen in the looting of Syria. As with Lebanon, Turkey maintains well defended borders.

Les resten: - Det er noe veldig rart med IS

NEO - Something Strange About ISIS | Veterans Today

Tyrkia er IS sin transittrute til utviklingsland

Turkey transit route of ISIS to 3rd countries | Veterans Today

NEO ? The US and ISIL Nexus | Veterans Today


28. okt. 2014 - Nexus: "US and ISIL" - a New and Disturbing Turn in Proxy Warfare ....

Georgian Army supposedly unfit for service, is now inside ISIS under the 


Jerusalem of Gold, and Jerusalem of Gas
Sannheten om Syria-krigen:

Petra Road to Zion

Jesus is Lord - Andrae Crouch - Gospel From The Holy Land 1987

Chaka Khan "I'm Every Woman" Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Hollywood 2012 [4698]

They are all gone...

Jeg tar det for gitt at de er stolte av seg selv...

Norsk (1930)
Øksen ligger allerede ved roten av trærne; derfor blir hvert tre som ikke bærer god frukt, hugget ned og kastet på ilden.

Nobels Fredspriskonsert - Midnight Train to Georgia




Voldtekten av Tyskland etter Nürmberg-rettssaken - Ukraina offer for USA-nekoners regimeforandringseksperiment


The Rape of Germany During and After the Nuremberg Trials

By Jonas E. Alexis on July 29, 2016

The Nuremburg trials are important because they established the context for our entire understanding of the Holocaust.






...by Jonas E. Alexis and Thomas Dalton





Thomas Dalton, Ph.D., is a professor of humanities at a major American university. He is the author of the acclaimed book Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides, and numerous articles on the Holocaust, history, and the two world wars.

Alexis: You state that the Nuremberg trials were

"heavily weighted with Jewish-Americans" so much so that a leading American prosecutor, Thomas Dodd, felt compelled to remark on this fact in a series of personal letters. They appear in his book Letters from Nuremberg (2007), edited by his son, the former US Senator Christopher Dodd... In a letter of 20 September 1945, Thomas Dodd explains his concerns about Jewish dominance:

"'The staff continues to grow every day. [Jewish-American] Col. Kaplan is now here, as a mate, I assume, for [Jewish-American] Commander Kaplan. [Jewish-American] Dr. Newman has arrived and I do not know how many more. It is all a silly business - but "silly" really isn't the right word. One would expect that some of these people would have sense enough to put an end to this kind of parade...[Y]ou will understand when I tell you that this staff is about 75% Jewish.

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A Return to the Madness of: M.A.D.

By GPD on July 29, 2016

EHC0JJ Danger of nuclear war illustration with multiple explosions

EHC0JJ Danger of nuclear war illustration with multiple explosions

...by Brett Redmayne-Titley, for Veterans Today

One generation later, madmen have returned. They bring with them the madness of... M.A.D. Again, absolutely all politics are reduced to White or Black. There is no gray. All peoples of our world again exist within a fateful clash between only two distinct ideologies, best summed-up as; Good vs. Evil. Right vs. Wrong. Life or... death?

A mere generation ago the colors of worldwide military polarization were then thrust upon the innocent by mad politicians with similar delusions of empire who, then, portrayed their geo-political expansionism in the easily understood colors of  Red vs. Blue: East vs. West. The Cold War.

The once Soviet empire vs. the ever-since burgeoning US contra-empire. The multitude of issues separating the two supposedly separate doctrines of Red or Blue ultimately distilled into one single, horrific doctrine of military nuclear madness that all on earth finally, by the necessity of self-preservation, truly understood.

To increase the perceived terror of their new doctrine of horror, these politicians announced an all-too-accurate acronym that translated their man-made horror into a simple definition no sane person could ignore. A doctrine of pure madness, one trumpeted by treasonous politicians and readily admitted to by their military leaders in the name of final "world victory." M.A.D.

Mutually. Assured. Destruction.


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Mysterious Cases of Creepy Cursed Dolls

Posted on by Soren Dreier
Author: Brent Swancer
the conjuring poster-annabelle

Mysterious Cases of Creepy Cursed Dolls

Dolls are certainly creepy enough as it is. With their dead stares as they look off into the distance, and their weird features that seem almost a mockery of the human form, it is no wonder these objects have become a favorite of a plentitude of horror stories and movies. Yet it appears that stories of these dolls becoming even more frightening than their unsettling appearance may suggest bring accounts of cursed, haunted, or possessed dolls from beyond the realm of mere horror fiction and very much into the real world. There have long been tales and cases of dolls that have managed to be every bit as spooky as they look, propelling themselves from our nightmares and fears into our reality. Here we will look at some of the more notorious tales of dolls that are said to be intensely cursed, haunted, demonically possessed, or all of the above.

By far one of the most infamous allegedly cursed dolls is the one called Annabelle. Although appearing as a pretty normal looking Raggedy Anne doll, and not particular creepy, at least as far as dolls go, it is nevertheless steeped in deeply weird phenomena and spooky happenings. The story of Annabelle begins in the 1970s, when it was purchased at an antique shop by a mother as a birthday present for her 28-year old daughter, Donna. At the time, Donna was living away from home as she attended nursing school, and she brought the doll to her humble apartment, which she shared with her roommate, Angie. At first there was nothing particularly strange or menacing about the doll, and it was merely an interesting conversation piece for their home, but things began to get seriously weird rather quickly.

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Russian FM spokeswoman slams US State Dept on Ukrainian pilot Savchenko

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has accused the US State Department of attempting to influence a Russian Court's decision in the case of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.

Zakharova questioned the authenticity of the statement attributed to US Secretary of State Kerry, in which he called for Savchenko to be freed "under the Minsk agreements." The spokeswoman pointed out that the agreements on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine do not cover cases such as that of Savchenko's, who stands accused of complicity in the deaths of two Russian journalists, killed by Ukrainian artillery fire she allegedly directed.

Les resten:


Vestens Ukraina-kupp en pågående katastrofe

NEO - Western Coup in Ukraine an Ongoing Disaster | Veterans Today

Ukraine, the country now taken over by a coup d état of Israeli and the U.S. and ruled by brutal Jewish oligarchs, is set to receive billions of dollars in arms for its military from the Obama Administration. But the Ukrainians had to prove their loyalty to the Jews and to Zionism to get these armaments.

First, Ukraine's corrupt new governors agreed to make U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, a board member of Burisma, Ukraine's largest gas company. Hunter Biden will also be the chief legal officer of Burisma.

"This is totally based on merit," said Burisma's chairman, the Jew, Al Apker.

Uh huh.

Another American, Devon Archer, was also promoted to the board. Who is Archer? Well Devon Archer and Hunter Biden are business cronies. Together with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz, they own a mysterious private equity firm called "Rosemart Seneca Partners."

Joe Biden

John Kerry

Hunter Biden

Devon Archer

Les resten:

Biden, Kerry og deres sønner ble utbetalt store pengebeløp av ukrainsk gasselskap

Biden, Kerry and Their Sons Paid Big Money by Ukraine ... - Texe Marrs

Military Escalations in Ukraine | Veterans Today


CIA supplies ISIS with an airforce with help from Khazarian Mafia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Israel

We know that ISIS has recently been heavily re-armed, re-equipped and re-inforced, now they are getting their own airforce, courtesy of the CIA


Indian air force MiG-21

VT has stumbled across the CIA's secret false flag airforce, composed of stolen MiGs and used to attack hospitals and refugee camps from inside Israel and Turkey.

Back in March this year, we reported on a rather shady deal between Croatia and Ukraine where a dozen MiG-21s disappeared. Croatia sent 7 MiG-21s to Ukraine to be refurbished, they were supposed to receive those 7 after refurbishment plus another 5 refurbished to the same standard. What the Croats got was rather different - piles of worn out junk that looked like MiGs but were useless, unable to fly. The Croats investigated and discovered the scam - these were not the MiGs they had sent for refurbishment, they were fakes cobbled together from junk parts taken from scrapped aircraft. One plane had a Bulgarian fuselage, Algerian wings and old fuel tanks from the former Soviet Union.

Les resten:

Biden For President? | Veterans Today

Ukraina faller som offer for USAs neokonregime

8. jan. 2016 - As for Joseph Biden, it is no secret that his son Hunter was appointed

Biden in Belgrade: A trip down NATO invasion memory lane - Veterans Today

Også gassen i Ukraina må på død og liv fås tak i. - Men avgassene etter de døde er ikke noe å snakke om.

NEO - Minsk 2 - A Rotting Corpse

With the US several years into the Syrian regime change debacle we can expect no less of a long dragged out simmering conflict in Donbass

Neither the EU or the US ever publicly restrained Kiev for civilian shelling

    Neither the EU nor America ever publicly restrained Kiev for civilian shelling

...by Christopher Black,   with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Les resten:

NEO - Minsk 2 - A Rotting Corpse | Veterans Today

Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers? | Veterans Today

Former Nato Commander Breedlove's Hacked ... - Veterans Today

Treason: Former Nato Commander Breedlove's Hacked Emails Pure "Strangelove"

Breedlove's war: Emails show ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia

Resten her:

Former Nato Commander Breedlove's Hacked ... - Veterans Today

LUTHER VANDROSS - I Can Make It Better

#Mordere  #Pengekjærhet #Gass #Terror #Grådighet #NATO #CIA #Ukraina

Dessverre pågår plagingen (drepingen) av uskyldige fortsatt,

men takk for omtanken, og så må jo selvsagt norsk media bare

fortsette med å aldri se på muligheten at de faktisk kan ha tatt

feil angående hvem som har gjort hva i Ukraina... og Syria...

Det er farlig å la "den andre siden" (andre enn NATO) få servere

"den store sannheten" i våre aviser og TV-stasjoner, og hva er nå

egentlig russere verdt?

Den britiske sikkerhetstjeneste MI5 "blokkerte" arrestasjon av den IS-støttende radikale predikanten Choudary "i årevis"

MI5 "blocked" arrest of ISIS-supporting radical preacher Choudary "for years"

VT was right again

Counterterrorism officers were repeatedly blocked by British security service MI5 from pursuing criminal investigations against Britain's highest-profile radical preacher, Anjem Choudary, it has been claimed.

Last week, Choudary was found guilty of supporting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), which seized territory in Iraq and Syria and inspired terrorist attacks across Europe.

Following his conviction, it was revealed that the 49-year-old former lawyer had been linked to at least 15 terrorist plots since 2001. Police also believe he has connections to as many as 500 of the 850 young British Muslims who have traveled abroad to join IS.

Les resten og se videointervju:

Anjem Choudary: "Kalifat er bedre enn Storbritannia"


De syntes tydeligvis at han måtte få gjøre sin viktige jobb i fred; å rekruttere soldater som kunne fjerne Assad og få kose seg litt i fred med å voldta og skjære strupen av kristne kvinner og barn for å servere dem som middag til sine mødre etterpå og andre uønskede elementer, samt sørge for å oversvømme Europa med flyktninger. Gass er viktige saker! Når man er trygg i sin tro, har man jo ingenting å frykte, eller...? Hvis du lurer på hva en "satanist" er så har du allerede fått svaret. Det er de som står bak IS, som gjør hva som helst for en gassledning i et land som ikke er deres eget.

William Engdahl: Syria-krigen handler kun om gassledninger

Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game | Veterans Today

What is Behind the Deployment of French Special Forces in Syria

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/10/what-is-behind-the-deployment-of-french-specialIS en trojansk hest i flyktningeskandalen

ISIS Trojan Horse in Migrant Scandal | Veterans Today



by F. William Engdalh,  - with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Mr. Engdahl

Mr. Engdalh

[ Editor's Note: Mr. Engdahl brings us a top to bottom review of the energy wars behind much of the Mideast turmoil that we have been experiencing. VT has editorialized extensively that we see international crime as the main engine behind the current terror proxy wars and the New Cold War.

There are no national interests at stake because the multinationals that make all the money on controlling energy supplies, markets and transportation do not have their respective countries listed as beneficiaries, but their stockholders.

Some of these offshore deals avoid taxation by using subsidiaries that never touch the US, so there is no "trickle down" effect. The US military and government resources are put to work for private offshore companies' profits, which can flow directly into the pockets of the friendly politicians via Super PACS that allow unlimited funding to keep them in office, a legal form of bribery.

Any honest person running for office and not willing to jump into this game-of-snakes business finds himself at a serious disadvantage in funding a challenge to any incumbent, 90% of whom are re-elected, as new Congressmen have to start at the bottom of committee assignmentspriority.

That is done by seniority, so voters swap a more powerful rep for a new one, who gets training wheels to start until showing that they know how to play ball.

Pay close attention to the dates William has provided below, as they are key to following the dot connecting with what else was going on at the time, especially the gas pipeline war through northern Syria and Aleppo, where that battle continues on even during the current ceasefire, compliments of the US "good terrorist" factions... Jim W. Dean ]


Les William Engdahls artikkel her:

NEO- Russia Trumps USA Energy War in Mideast

A History of Manufactured Regime Change and Civil Unrest: Is America Next?

Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider's Name Was ... - Paul Craig Roberts

Syrian Elections Prove Again That Washington ... - Paul Craig Roberts

14. apr. 2016 - Washington's two-bit punk vassals in London and Paris chimed in with both claiming that the war conditions in Syria to which London and Paris ...

Washington Is Politicizing The Olympics Again -- Paul Craig Roberts ...

17. jul. 2016 - Washington and its Canadian vassal are trying to use a Western ... Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela, Argentina, ...

Washington's Attempted Murder Of Syria - PaulCraigRoberts.org


The Aleppo Poster Child -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

19. aug. 2016 - Washington's media presstitutes are using the image of the child to bring pressure on Russia to stop the Syrian army from retaking Alleppo.

Where Do Matters Stand? -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

9. jun. 2016 - Ever since Russia stood up to Obama over Syria, the Russians have been ... If the evil that is concentrated in Washington and its vassals ...

Russia's Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches ... - Paul Craig Roberts

Assad of Syria Tells the Truth that Washington ... - Paul Craig Roberts

14. feb. 2016 - Assad of Syria Tells the Truth that Washington and Its Presstitutes Will Not Tell ...


Washington DC bomber de som kjemper mot IS; som er Syrias egne soldater, men amerikanske myndigheter har ingen respekt for forsvaret til et land som de vil ha tak i av økonomiske årsaker:

USA bomber Den syriske hær i Der Ezzor, gir ryggdekning til IS som derved får fremgang, 80 drept

USAs andre bombenedslag dreper hundrevis av sivile
Noen er sinte, for å si det mildt:

Exclusive Press Release by the Syrian Army on the Aleppo Battlefield (September 8, 2016)

USA er nå "IS-luftforsvarsstyrke" - falske flagg -operasjoner slår ned i NYC, Jersey

US now "ISIS's Air Force" - false flags hit NYC, Jersey


... by  Gordon Duff,  VT Senior Editor

When an ISIS jihadist stabbed eight random shoppers in a St. Cloud mall, it was a highly experience part time/off duty cop that killed him. Here in Ohio, we can carry guns with few limitations.  How many armed civilians looked the other way in Minnesota?

Are they cowards or just terrified of our insane legal system?

Les resten:

When to Kill, the Mall Stabbing

Det er en forskjell i teksten til Norman Greenbaum og The blind boys of Alabama.


Det var USA og Storbritannia som senket Russlands Kursk-ubåt

It was US and UK that sank Russia's Kursk submarine












I have no idea if this theory is correct or not, but it sounds very plausible to me that HMS Splendid was involved. It has been clear since the sinking that we weren't being told the whole story of what was going on and why the Kursk had sunk. To this day, the families of the lost submariners campaign for disclosure of the truth, they cannot come to terms with their loss without knowing what really happened and our hearts go out to them.

It was US and UK that sank Russia's Kursk submarine

Strategic submarine "Kursk" that sank in 2000 was sunk by the Americans. This theory discussed in Russia and abroad was once again raised by the Polish Wprost, referring to the information allegedly received from the Russian General Staff officer, "Lt. Col. Andrei." According to the authors, the restraint of the Russians made it possible to avoid a full-scale nuclear war.

The fact that "Kursk" perished as a result of the torpedo explosion was adopted as the official theory in Russia. The report of the Prosecutor General of Russia of 2002 stated that the torpedo was a drill one, and it exploded on its own followed by a detonation of the ammunition.

Almost immediately after the accident a few admirals and officials claimed that "Kursk" was torpedoed by a U.S. submarine stationed in the area of the exercise. Also, some military officials declared that Russian nuclear submarine collided with a foreign submarine.

The first information of any unexpected event that subsequently gets an official legend, as a rule, is the closest to the truth.

The same theory was also developed by French director Jean-Michel Carré in the movie "Kursk": "Submarine in turbid waters," (2005). According to the movie, the Russian submarine was watched by two American submarines "Memphis" and "Toledo." "Toledo" came dangerously close. To prevent an attack of the Russian submarine at "Toledo", "Memphis" allegedly fired Mk-48 torpedo at "Kursk".

According to the Canadian History TV Channel,...

Les resten:


"God bless the Queen" og "In God we trust" -landet demonstrerte læren, med hæren - og hjalp russiske soldater med å nå himmelen før tiden, som de representanter for Kristus som de påstår å være; å ha Gud velsignelse.

Rance Allen - When Jesus Comes For Me (Soundtrack To A Walk Through Time)

Truth is an Arrow, and the gate is so narrow that it passes through....

He'll replace wrong with right, when He returns

Den som venter på noe godt venter ikke forgjeves.

When He Returns-Bob Dylan

Alle får synge sine favorittvers (til krampen tar en. Hva de russiske soldatene om bord i Kursk sang, vites ikke.)

Brian May 'God Save The Queen' on the roof of Buckingham Palace Golden Jubilee 2002)


Et halvt år før Kursk sank hadde jeg en drøm om en rad av menn som kom opp av vannet. De gikk fra bunnen av og opp, noe som er ganske vanskelig for levende mennesker, og de var ikke kledd i våtdrakt og svømmeføtter, men bare vanlige klær. Da jeg så fotoet av besetningen om bord på Kursk stående på toppen av ubåten ved havn i Russland i en avis, tenkte jeg umiddelbart på drømmen, for "radene" minte meg om drømmen. Fred over deres minne. USA og Storbritannias militære sier kanskje heller "Fred over deres mine (bombe, ansiktsuttrykk, dødsmaske)."

Ser den virkelige (egentlige, rette) deg, til slutt

Och vi tackar og bukkar

alle bukker, stuter, og geiter for at dere viste oss deres rette jeg. Verden blir et mindre forvirrende sted fra nå av.

Massed Band Final Military Tattoo Moscow (Kremlin Zoria 2007) Military bands from Denmark, Germany and Russia. Massed ...



Skjuler NASA et gigantisk stort hull i jorda på Nordpolen?

Is NASA Covering up a Giant Hole in the Earth at the North Pole?

Did you know that no airplanes are allowed to fly over the poles?


The flight patterns look like this:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 9.45.15 AM

Les resten og se video:
Is NASA Covering up a Giant Hole in the Earth at the North Pole?

You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole

Democratic National Convention -demonstranter beordrer hvite til å holde seg i bakgrunnen

Video: DNC demonstrators order whites to the back


A leader at a

Jonas E. Alexis graduated from Avon Park High School, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has a master's degree in education... Show More


Svarte løgner teller

Black Lies Matter

Gordon Duff: "When a veteran in a wheelchair was shot for pulling out his mobile phone, mistaken for a missile launcher, nothing was said. I am surprised a pistol brought Brown down, I would have suggested something more powerful."

"So, who am I going to manipulate this time? And is the manipulation going to be good for my tribe? Well, time to find out."

"So, who am I going to manipulate this time? And is the manipulation going to be good for my tribe? Well, time to find out."

...by Jonas E. Alexis


Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin nailed the "Black Lives Matter" movement (hereafter BLM) when he said that it should have been renamed "Black Lies Matter." BLM, said Clark, is "the bastard child of the 'hands up - don?t shoot.?'The whole thing is built on a lie, but it?s a conglomeration of misfits."

Les resten:

Black Lies Matter | Veterans Today


Black Lives Matters  moralske perversitet og politiske galskap

The Moral Perversity and Political Insanity of Black Lives Matter

Colin Flaherty is just like Stefan Molyneux, Bill Whittle, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, and other puppets who are willing to do just about anything for the almighty dollar and for a seasonal fame.


...by Jonas E. Alexis


Bill Clinton has recently detonated a political bomb in the cultural minefield by saying that Black Lives Matter (hereafter BLM) protesters support child murderers. Clinton said:

"This is what's the matter. I don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the street to murder other African-American children...You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter."[1]

We have said in the past that BLM is based on a massive lie and has no moral ground whatsoever. In fact, the system has morally and intellectually been collapsing precisely because practical reason is not there at all. Consider this:

Les resten:

The Moral Perversity and Political Insanity of Black ... - Veterans Today

Dr. Kamau Kambon slo fast i en tale han holdt at "Vi må utrydde hvite mennesker fra jordens overflate for å bli løse dette problemet med rasediskriminering"
TEXE MARRS - White People Must Be Suppressed, White Privilege Must End -

Dr. Kamau Kambon in a speech stated, "We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem of racial injustice."






SONY og Israel hjelper IS med å bygge missiler


Sony Corporation, Israel, aid ISIS building missiles

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 27, 2016

ISIL Building Surface-to-Air Missiles Based through Israeli Technology
TEHRAN (FNA)- Resistance forces in Mosul revealed that the ISIL terrorist group is making surface-to-air missiles based on an Israeli model to target Iraqi, Syrian and coalition fighter jets.

According to the Arabic-language Sputnik news website, the plan includes equipping the ISL missiles with cameras similar to the systems used in Rafael Python-5 missiles produced by Israel which can be fired both from surface and air.

The resistance forces also said that the ISIL group which has been entrusted with implementing the plan includes Iraqi and foreign members headed by Nineveh governor called al-Seidali who have equipped and armed the missiles in a region in Wadi al-Akab in Western Mosul and then fled to Raqqa in Syria.

They added that the ISIL group's activity is not limited to the equipment and enhancement of the missiles; "it also produces the chemical materials used in the bombs and mortars, including poisonous gases like chlorine and mustard gas, which were earlier discovered by the Iraqi and Kurdish forces near Mosul and al-Anbar province.

By implementing the plan, the ISIL seeks to equip the missiles with tracking, tracing and controlling systems which include special electronic circuits and a micro computer chip that receives and processes the information and gives digital orders to the control circuit in the engine impellers through 5-volt micro computer chip.

Based on the information gained by the resistance forces, the ISIL uses Sony cameras to equip its missiles.

Les resten:


Germany Considers Army Role in Terrorism Clampdown

By Ian Greenhalgh on July 27, 2016

Are Germans once again to hear the sound of jackboots? Will the smell of 'ovens' be far behind?



Germany, since 1945 has been demilitarised in both mental and social terms. The once militaristic German people were "re-educated" (a nice term for a nasty agenda) to have a disdain for all things militaristic. However, the recent spate of "terror" attacks across Germany is causing (or perhaps, being taken advantage of) a shift towards a new mindset where a military presence within Germany as support to the existing law enforcement structure is not only required, but desirable.

I think it is pretty clear what is really going on here - that the German government is following the Zionist agenda as laid out in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion:

The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces - are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

Just as 9-11 was used to justify the creation of the militarised police state in the USA, so will the terror attacks in Europe be used as justification for similar Developments - scare the people into accepting ever greater levels of policing, surveillance and reduced freedoms.

Zionism 101: Protocol VII  - Universal War


Germany Considers Army Role in Terrorism Clampdown

German Interior Minister said the country is considering loosening parts of its constitution and allowing for the deployment of the military across the country, in apparent effort by the German government to protect its citizens from terrorism after the fourth attacks in the space of a week killing ten and injuring dozens more.

The German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, told the Funke media group that internal security was first and foremost the role of the police but the constitution did allow the Bundeswehr to assist in situations of extreme danger, Ria Novosti reported.

Les resten:


Legal Suit Being Readied to Stop Geoengineering

By Richard Edmondson on July 27, 2016

'Violators' and 'Delinquent Regulators' to be Named


In the video above, Dane Wigington delivers a presentation on geoengineering which took place last September in Redding, California. Wigington maintains the GeoengineeringWatch.org website, and he has gotten together with a team of lawyers to form the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, or LASG.

On Monday of this week, the LASG filed a "US 60-Day Notice of Legal Action" - basically giving notice to a number of named individuals that they are about to become defendants in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the illegal spraying taking place in our skies.

The suit is expected to be filed in federal court in California within the next 60 days.

A PDF file of the "Notice of Intent to File Citizens' Suits" can be found here. The individuals named as "violators" in the document include Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter; Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, chief of staff of the US Air Force; Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., administrator of NASA; Louis W. Uccellini, director of the National Weather Service; and Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.



A number of California state and local officials are also named, plus there is an additional group of 17 other people who are named as "delinquent regulators." These include officials with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California State Water Resources Control Board.




Kingdom Holding Company - Who runs it !!?

By GPD on July 27, 2016


With the escalation of tension and conflict in recent years in Saudi Arabia in various political and security fields, it is trying to send its oil-dollars to Silicon Valley for finding a new strategy to expand its control and influence.


The most important strategy Saudi Arabia  is adopts is the control of social media through buying shares in the most important companies working in the field of virtual social networking in order to reduce criticism of the House of Saud and the dissemination of extremist ideology.

This is Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), chaired by Saudi Prince (Bin Talal) that bought shares in Twitter social networking company and become the second largest  shareholder of this company after its owner, Evan Williams, the company founder and former CEO.

Kingdom Holding Company was established in 1980 and started its business in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states in the beginning of 2007. It is one the largest investment firms and most effective in Saudi Arabia and neighboring Arab countries. It has a very large number of stocks in 13 investment locations in different parts of the world.

The company began its activities in 1988 when it purchased 30% of (United Saudi Commercial Bank) (USCB) stocks and it was not before long till it increased 20-fold the bank stock values When it merged with a number of large Saudi banks , such as: HRH and Saudi Cairo Bank and United Saudi Bank (USB) under the joint name of  (Saudi-US) which led to the creation of the strongest bank in Saudi Arabia.

It is worth mentioning that Kingdom Holding Company started its first and biggest steps in working with huge Zionist companies buying shares in advertising and film production companies and virtual media that is how KHC started dedicating its resources against the Muslim world.

Les resten:


"Fremmed -ting" - Hollywood MK Ultra setter alle okkulte kluter til

"STRANGER THINGS" - Hollywood MK Ultra Goes Full Occult


Brother Jacques Vallée

"There is a feeling that I get in the course of my investigations of being in the presence of a form of consciousness that is truly remarkable. That consciousness has a great sense of absurdity, and also a great sense of humor. The bottom line is that I feel that I've learned something out of this whole exercise, and as long as I'm continuing to learn something I'm going to continue to do it."
-Brother Jacques

Excerpts from an Interview with Jacques Vallée

UFOs remain the chief enigma of our time. No matter what we read, no matter what our own experiences with the phenomena, the strangeness and absurdity of the reports keep us wondering just what is really going on. For some, the question is of the utmost importance, for others it is treated as an entertaining oddity.


For those of us who have had some kind of encounter with UFOs, the experience will continue to be a critical question mark behind our taken-for-granted assumptions about the world. We may never find out what they are, but we certainly appreciate any reasonable suggestions as to their ultimate nature


Les resten:




German "Officials" Call to Change Constitution After Munich Shooting; Military On Streets, Gun Control

July 26, 2016


Police evacuate two Munich train stations, citing militant threat

By Brandon Turbeville

The bodies of the victims of Munich's recent mass shooting barely cold, German "authorities" and politicians have wasted no time in calling for more police state measures and the further clamp down on access to gun ownership in Germany.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann is now pushing for going so far as to revise the German Constitution so that limits placed on using the military domestically can be removed, allowing the German military to be used inside Germany for "large-scale terrorist situations."

The limits on Germany's military were put in place after World War II and in response to Germany's experience with the Nazi regime with all its excesses, totalitarianism, violence, and genocide.

Les resten:



USA styrker IS sine posisjoner ved å bombe den syriske hær. Russland kan komme til å ta hevn:

Breaking: US Bombs Syrian Army in Der Ezzor, Backing ISIS Advance, 80 Killed

Russia may retaliate against this sneak attack by hitting US base in Iraq with unstoppable Kaliber missiles

Breaking: US Bombs Syrian Army in Der Ezzor, Backing ISIS Advance, 80 Killed

IS har det såkalte "Guds eget hellige land og folk" ("In God we Trust") med seg på lag (IS som har kverket det meste som kan krype å gå som ikke er amerikanere eller israelere av sivilbefolkning og selvstendige staters egne forsvarstropper i Midtøsten):

Israelsk etterretningssjef: Vi ønsker ikke at IS skal mislykkes i Syria (USA + Israel + IS = Sant) - og Norge hjelper gjerne USA med "fredsbevaring" i Midtøsten:

Israeli Intelligence chief : We do not want isis defeat in Syria | Veterans ...


Amerikanske myndigheter dynker Israel med store pengegaver, for å bevare "Midtøstens eneste demokrati", og sier derved at alle andre land i Midtøsten er diktaturer og at deres folkevalgte ikke er "bra nok" i USAs øyne. USA har tatt patent på definisjonen av "sant demokrati", derfor hjelper de Israel med å nå sine drømmer, siden de har gjort felles sak med hverandre; populært kalt "blodsbrødre". Hva palestinerne har å si om Israels "demokratiske sans" snakker få høyt om i dag. Både Storbritannia og California har gjort det forbudt å straffe Israel for brudd på menneskerettighetene, siden Israel er så hellig, ukrenkelig og dydig i alle sine gjerninger. For tenk om man da skulle bli utsatt for sanksjoner selv? Bare tenk på samarbeidspartner i IS; Saudi-Arabia, som er eksperter på "sann håndheving og overvåking av menneskerettighetene i verden", og hva landet - i godt samarbeid med USA - har gjort mot Jemen?

Vanæring av amerikanske veteraner

Dishonoring American Veterans | Veterans Today

Boykott Israel? Da dør du!

Boycott Israel? You Die!!! | Veterans Today

SAS Fighting Alongside al Qaeda in Yemen | Veterans Today


SAS chief in Iraq angry at UK running 'Latin ... - Veterans Today

12. jul. 2016 - SAS chief in Iraq angry at UK running 'Latin American-style death squads' ....How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen ·

Veterans Today: American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al ...


Hva skulle man ha gjort uten all den fantastiske teknologien? sier jeg bare.


Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lovers - Live At Last (HD) - Deltidselsker eller heltidselsker (SONY + Israel + IS = Sant)

Status Quo "In The Army Now (2010)" (official video) (SONY) Er i hæren nå, åh, dere er i IS-hæren nå... på lag med Israel, halleluja... kjemper sammen med de rette gutta, på rett lag, på vinnerlaget, med Guds hellige land og folk...

"Vi er familie" - versjonen

PHIL DRISCOLL SOLDIER Official Homenagem soldados americanos

Everybody Has A Dream - Alle har en drøm (Allah har en drôm, på svensk)


Mighty Warrior - Salute to our military (Soldier)

Vi er familie, jeg har alle mine søstre og brødre med meg... diddeli-dei... tjo hei...

Luther Vandross - Killing Me Softly with His Song (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

 Miks - Freddy Quinn - Die Gedanken sind frei - 1982


På hvilken skole lærte du at tankene er frie? Bare hvis du holder dem for deg selv og holder kjeft, hvis ikke er det UT, der er døra...? Sannhet har vi ikke plass til, særlig ikke "uttalt". Men tenk hva du vil. Tro og overbevisning er en "privatsak", som bør holdes innenfor stengte dører, med eller uten statsstøtte, eller så er det best å "fløtte", di tøtte.


Ry Cooder, Terry Evans - Down In Mississippi

   Miks - Ry Cooder, Terry Evans - Down In Mississippi



  Who Did That To You - Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained)

Randy Newman - Louisiana

  Miks - Randy Newman "Louisiana 1927"



   Miks - Rufus ft. Chaka Khan Medley Performance! ((Live))


Forskere sier at en mystisk art parret seg med mennesker i eldgamle tider

A model of the face of an adult female Homo erectus. Reconstruction by John Gurche, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
26 July, 2016 - 02:58 aprilholloway

Scientists Say A Mystery Species Bred with Ancient Humans in Distant Past



Histamin-intoleranse: En ny måte å se på allergier på

Histamine intolerance: A new way of looking at allergies

Les her:


Hvordan skape et eterisk volum
Creating An Etheric Volume


By Fred Gunn


In my previous article, "How To Transmute Chemtrails With Our Intentions" I gave detailed instructions on how anyone can help to reduce the harmful effects of the deliberate poisoning of our lovely planet Earth and her inhabitants. This is the follow up article which introduces even more powerful and advanced techniques to add to your etheric warrior's arsenal.

- Les resten:



Ekte alve - Røntgenfotografert og laboratorietestet!

Real Fairy - X-rayed and Lab Tested!

Publisert 20. jul. 2016

More information here: http://lamarzulli.net/watchers-10.php

Richard Shaw and L. A. Marzulli travel to Mexico where Jaime Mausson reveals a creature that blows both men out of the room! This video is a sneak preview of what we have sat on since June of 2013. We reveal our findings in Watchers 10! I'll tell you this, both Richard and I believe the creature is real and you will too once you examine all of the evidence in our cutting edge film, Watchers 10-DNA as well as my new book Nephilim Hybrids.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...

What you are about to see if what people refer to as a fairy. We examined the x-rays of this fairy. We also tried to get some dna from samples we took to the US. This fairy was being stored in a jar with formaldehyde. You'll have to see it to believe it!

Could this be what comes out of the Abyss, that we read about in Revelation 9? "Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months."



Ny Østlig Utsikt - Hva er Fethullah Gülen?

NEO - What is Fethullah Gülen?

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on July 27, 2016

by F. William Engdahl,  - with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


[ Editor's Note: Mr. Engdahl brings an excellent deep background review of the infamous Fethullah Gülen, something very hard to do because it is such a large and complex batch of material to condense for the public to be able to grasp. This is the best I have seen, and one of the pleasures of being a VT editor is being able to bring you material of this quality.

Gulen's operation is such a well known CIA project that one wonders what its intelligence value can be when so exposed, except the show of power that it represents to be able to continually operate worldwide with no one making any serious moves to bust it up? In the US, numerous investigations drag on with no conclusions in sight.

How many "private operations" are being run under such an untouchable cover is a hotly debated topic in Intel circles, and all the more so since the contracted elements of US intelligence have been up to their eyeballs in drug dealing and a number of other mainstream international criminal endeavors since 9-11 and the Homeland Insecurity monster being let loose upon us.

The twisted ethical rationale for this behavior is that the endless billions of dollars to be made from such activity is much too risky to leave in the hands of "ordinary criminals", and should be put to public use via the off-the-books funding it can provide for "national security work". The same thing was done with the South American and Mexican drug cartels.

Here at VT we find few people in the trade willing to publicly discuss this little oddity, as there is a trail of bodies along the Yellow Brick Road  of this sordid story. Erdogan's tearing down of the Gulen organization puts him on a collision course with the US and CIA, and pushes him into the Russian sphere of influence, as Gulen's operation has long been targeted against the former Soviet Union States.

We will be learning a lot more about the whole operation over the coming months. but Engdahl's piece below will be a good jump start for those who have only glimpsed bits of this story. I would file this away for future reference, as a lot of work went into pulling it together to save us the grunt work of digging into it our ourselves... Jim W. Dean ]

Les Williams stykke her:

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/07/27/neo-what-is-fethullah-gulen/  (PS: Veterans Todays nettside er umulig å komme inn på de siste timene, i skrivende og bloggostende stund, derfor legger jeg ved link til NEO her, men VT er sikkert straks tilbake. Amerikanske myndigheter har prøvde mange ganger å få fjernet dem fra nettet, fordi de er for avslørende siden de forteller sannheten som de statseide mediakanaler ikke vil eller får ta i med en ildtang engang:)

What is Fethullah Gülen? | New Eastern Outlook

Terrorangrep og ingen sympati-hashtagger for millioner av døde muslimer?

Terror Attacks and No Sympathy Hashtags For Millions of Dead Muslims?

By GPD on July 27, 2016


Shabana Syed for Veterans Today

In any war the first casualty is truth and this is clearly evident by mainstream Media's contradictory narratives on the horrific terror attacks from Paris, Orlando, Nice, as opposed to the murder and mayhem taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Malcolm X stated: "If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing".

The recent beheading of an 84 year old priest by a known French security services tagged ISIS supporter horrified the world and President Hollande declared that "France is at war."

Hasn't France along with Europe and US been at war since 9/11; the infamous "War on Terror" initiated after 9/11 attacks by George Bush and pro Israel proponents of the "Project for the New American Century" which has proved to be also a "war on Islam".

A war which according to a report last year by "Physicians for Social Responsibility" has killed as many as 4 million Arabs and Muslims in Middle East if one  includes also those killed by Iraq sanctions which according to UN  left 1.7 million dead,  mostly children

Soon after the Nice terror attack France intensified it's bombing of Syria killing scores of innocent civilian's women and children, an act condemned by UNICEF.

Mark Glenn US political commentator said: "Mass murder takes place in Syria everyday".  He argues what took place in Nice takes place in Syria every day and there is no tsunami of sympathy for the victims "because the victims are Arabs and Muslims".

Two days after the Munich shooting, ISIS suicide bomber detonated killing 80 and injuring 230 in Kabul. There were no hashtags for the Afghan victims and hardly any news coverage.

Les resten:



Assange (Israel) lover å lekke (fabrikkere) "mye mer" materiale om USAs presidentvalg

Assange (Israel) promises to leak (fabricate) "a lot more" materials on US presidential elections

By Ian Greenhalgh on July 27, 2016

Assange will fulfil his role of disseminating disinfo for his Israeli masters.


Julian Assange is an Israeli agent and Wikileaks is a front for the intelligence services of Israel and her allies. The last time I pointed this out I was savagely attacked by those who refuse to believe that anything bad said about Hilary could possibly be a fabrication. Well, it's an important point so I'll risk further attacks be re-stating it.

Bearing the above in mind, let us interpret what the silver-haired professional spreader of disinfo is saying here. When he says that he has a lot more material to surprise the US voting public, he is really saying that his masters will be fabricating a whole lot more material with which to attack Hilary Clinton.

Senior Editor note:  The Trump propaganda squad is working overtime to label him an anti-Semite and Israel hater despite the inexorable evidence, Sheldon Adelson is underwriting Trump's campaign.  You see, Israel now understands that its greatest tool is putting its stooges behind anti-Israel or even anti-Semitic causes, now vastly popular in an America totally sick of being bombarded with victimization bullshit by the monstrous Tel Aviv thuggery regime.  This reminds me when, several years ago, PJ Media, front for the Kagan/Nuland neocon gang, named me among the world's top 10 anti-Semites.  My personal popularity went through the roof including an offer to join the presidential primaries.  Today, PJ Media accuses me of being a "Zionist stooge."  You just can't win or can you?

Post Script:  I do so love the idea of an MK Ultra product, Assange, an avowed homosexual hiding out from charges of raping a pair of Stockholm barflys, exposing all evil in the world NOT related to Israel or Zionism (whatsoever).  What's not to believe about Assange?

Les resten:



Al Qaida slår seg sammen med de USA-støttede "Frihetsforkjempere" etter USA-Russland -avspenning i Syria

Al Qaeda Officially Joins US Backed "Freedom Fighters" After US Russia Detent in Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on July 25 details of a "U.S. plan" for military cooperation and intelligence sharing with Russia on Syria were expected to be announced in early August. Kerry's statement followed the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of a meeting of Southeast Asian nations in Laos.

According to the plan, Russia and the U.S. will share intelligence to coordinate air strikes against the Syrian Al Qaeda branch "Jabhat Al Nusra" and prohibit the Russian and Syrian air powers from attacking the so-called "moderate rebels."

However, the ongoing progress on the ground remains questionable. Al Nusra is the most powerful "opposition Group" in Syria, excluding ISIS. According to the group's statements, Al Nusra currently stands at 60,000 fighters, although this number is impossible to verify. The group's units are able to conduct a classic warfare with usage of artillery, battle tanks and other equipment, including drones, as well as they conduct guerrilla warfare and terror attacks of suicide bombers.

According to intelligence information, Al Nusra has been receiving direct support from Turkey and Saudi Arabia and indirect support through the U.S. programs aimed to train "moderate rebels" in Syria. In other words, if Washington agrees to coordinate its efforts against the terrorist group with Russia, the US-backed Syrian opposition will lose its main striking power.

Entirely by accident, the very same day with Kerry's statement, Abu Mohammad Al Golani, leader of Al Nusra, made a public statement announcing that Jabhat Al Nusra has separated from Al Qaeda, organizationally and taken a new name, Jabhat Fateh Al Sham (Sham Liberation Front).

This move signifies the start of full-scale rebranding campaign, clearly aimed to evade the effects of Russian-U.S. deal to coordinate efforts against the terrorist group. Al Nusra is aiming to depict itself as a "moderate opposition group," adjusting to the constant pressure from Russians that had pushed Washington to accept the deal. It's easy to expect a series of reports in the Western media that will depict Al Nusra's rebranding as an important step on the way to better "democratic" Syria. Because, now, when the group changed its name, nobody has to doubt that it remains a terrorist organization. These reports will likely call the group "rebels" and hide the original source of "opposition fighters" from Jabhat Fateh Al Sham. Indeed, they have never avoided doing this.

It's possible to expect that Al Nusra's rebranding will allow the U.S. to avoid any significant actions under the long-awaited deal with Russia, claiming that there is no such entity as Jabhat Al Nusra at the battlefield. Moreover, Jabhat Fateh Al Sham units will likely further shuffle with vestiges of the so-called "moderate opposition." Strategically, it could create a foothold for the groups' foreign sponsors to push the terrorist group as a part of the Vienna talks and post-war Syria consensus.

Les resten:


Hvordan IS unngår digital sporing


How ISIS Avoids Digital Detection

The Islamic State and other jihadist groups have dozens of tech products at their disposal to hide their tracks on the internet, a new study finds
Illustration: Diana Quach
Jul 25, 2016 at 1:20 PM ET

The Islamic State and other jihadist organizations are deftly employing dozens of digital products to mask their activity online, a new study shows.

Les resten:


9/11 Files - Dancing Israelis, Mossad Foreknowledge

Publisert 24. jun. 2015

This compilation includes clips from the following documentaries: 9/11 Missing Links, The 9/11 Conspiracies (2004), Protocols of Zion (2005). Also included is a video from Ry Dawson's channel which breaks down the whole van situation, and clips from Fox News and Democracy Now which detail Israeli foreknowledge. Lastly there is an AFP interview with the police officer who arrested the men in question.

11. sept. filene - Dansende israelere, Mossads forhåndskunnskap:


Yolanda Adams hos David Foster - I believe I can fly


  Miks - Yolanda Adams - I Believe I Can Fly

Sett med rettssystemets øyne: Obamas deltakelse på klimakonferansen i Paris koster USAs skattebetalere dollar

Judicial Watch: Obama Attendance at Paris Climate Change Conference Cost Taxpayers $4,165,068.40

JULY 26, 2016

13 viktige elementer å se etter under enhver iscenesatt skyteepisode

13 Important Elements To Look For In Every Staged Shooting Event

July 24, 2016




By Bernie Suarez

People who don't trust government, those who think on their own and tend to question what they hear, by now are all becoming experts at identifying false flag staged events. With so many recent staged psyop events in the news lately many of us are getting a lot of practice at this. But have you considered that the script has become more complex than you think? Have you considered that you (we) are being fooled in some way as we speak? Have you taken into account that the events happening today are all happening in a post-Jade Helm revelation AI era? Today's events are happening in a very sophisticated world of unimaginably deep levels of political corruption actively at work and deeply focused on removing all of our rights and freedoms and cementing their new global order. This complex and deep reality alone is something many people refuse to face; and without facing this you'll never be able to peel and dig deeper into the deep state's structure, mind and mechanisms that are behind these chaotic staged psyop false flag events.

Notice I'm using the terms "false flag" and "staged events" interchangeably because at times it's difficult to determine which one is actually happening. So it's fair to say that false flags are types of staged events. We're all familiar with the different types of events; mass shooting attacks by crazed supposed lone gunmen who are the selected patsies for the event. We also see shootings where the government conveniently retroactively tells us the shootings are courtesy "ISIS,"ISIS inspired" or "ISIS related." In recent events we also saw a focus on the paid-for engineered race war where the selected shooters are looking to shoot ONLY police or only "white" police (Dallas sniper, Baton Rouge shooting). Conveniently these shootings work great for fanning the flames of race and class tension and division while conveniently boosting the police state and public sympathy for police.

Les resten:

De elsker å vise oss "Djevelhornet" i sin "horny" -het, de fremmede
Den var morsom, men egentlig liker jeg Bob Dylans versjon hakket bedre (og så følte han ikke behov for å vise noen "fingeren", i hvert fall ikke der og da?)

Feiring av 45 år med lekepenger

Celebrating 45 Years Of Phony Money

Det pågår definitivt noe rart i Sverige

"There Is Definitely Something Strange Going On" In Sweden


Hva skjer i en musikers hjerne når han/hun (h*n: hen) spiller en sang? (For de uinvidde så er "hen" ~høne det nye ordet som brukes når det er tvil om kjønnet, da han(-e) ikke er like tilfredsstillende)

What Happens in a Musician's Brain When They Play a Song?

Thom Hartmann Program15:44 23.07.2016 (updated 18:06 25.07.2016

Let's get geeky on music. Ever wonder what's happening in a musician's brain when they're actually playing a song?

Les resten:

Hvorfor er det en bølge av mennesker over hele verden som har tilfeldig sex på lyse dagen?

Why Is There a Wave of People All over the World Randomly Having Sex in Broad Daylight?

SKREMMENDE fordi det er sant: Hollywood brukte flere tiår på å førprogrammere (ferdiginnstille) oss til et Hillary -presidentskap

SCARY Because It's True: Hollywood Spent Decades Programming Us for a Hillary Presidency

En apell til amerikanere

An Appeal To Americans

By Katherine Frisk on July 26, 2016

For your sake and our sake

Trump and the Clintons in more friendly times

Trump and the Clintons in more friendly times

by Katherine Frisk

The United States of America once was a bastion of freedom and Democracy and the rest of the world looked up to them with respect and hope for a better future. This is no longer the case. If anything, the USA is now regarded as a scavenging war dog to be avoided at all costs.

Do I like Trump? No. I think he is a crass, comical, dangerous joke. But seriously, America, who are you going to put into power? The Disneyland talk show host with a loony tunes hair style? Trump is still an unknown entity, and if history is anything to go by, nobody can take anything he says during a presidential election seriously. Every one of them has done the complete opposite of what they promised they were going to do once they sit in the Oval Office. They will say anything to get elected.

Or will it be the criminal Clinton, who has been a drug dealer shipping cocaine through Arkansas; a "we came we saw he died" war criminal who sells out to the highest bidder - Goldman Sachs for one and Saudi Arabia for another ? and who has donated 20% of her campaign funding, and will expect to see a return on this "investment." Another 9/11? Or just lots of mass shootings by lunatic Jihadists? If Clinton wins, there will be guaranteed fireworks in Iran and Russia. Digest that for a moment. Unlike WW1 and WW2, the Pacific and the Atlantic are no guarantee or protection from bombs falling on your heads this time.

Graphics Editor : Yanira Farray

Graphics Editor : Yanira Farray

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Carman - Satan bit i støvet

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USAs øverste leder for den nasjonale sikkerhet innrømmer Tyrkia-kupp

NEO - Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup

Osama bin Ladin giving Ziggy a gun tour

Osama bin Laden giving Ziggy a gun tour

by F. William Engdahl,  - with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editor's Note: Well, the chickens have come home to roost on the CIA backing for the Turkey coup. Ziggy hath spoken. That gives permission for others to do so, which is kind of his job at his current stage in life - give public spankings where needed.

Engdahl also lays the Turkish coup railroad tracks to Victoria Nuland's front door. Involving CIA people, NATO, the Pentagon, and then State... you have just a little operational insecurity going there with too many chiefs in on the deal, and lots of opportunity for Russian signals Intel people to pick up on the chatter and pass along a warning to Ankara, which I thought from day one had happened.

This is a delicious piece below. My only regret is that I did not read it with a good glass of wine... Jim W. Dean ]


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Your land is my land.... That's what friends are for...

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