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Total Gamma Radiation 2017 YEAR TO DATE USA



Part 2: The West is Disintegrating

"The Neocon Takeover of America Series"


By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Cover of Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West first published in 1918. Many denied that Spengler's prediction was true. This work is in the Public domain

Democracy and freedom of expression are under attack. There is blood in the streets. How did it get that way? Where did it come from, what are its sources and what continues to drive it?

This four part series will look at the origin of those sources and unlock connections that when understood should open doors of perception that have been locked shut for far too long.


"Tensions between Russia and the U.S. are again on the rise and the risk of a trans-Atlantic trade war is greater than ever, which would have devastating consequences for the global economy. The West as an entity, it would seem, is disintegrating." -  Der Spiegel Magazine - June 30, 2017


On the eve of the 2017 G-20 summit in Hamburg the view of the United States from Germany is grim. Europe is overrun with refugees from NATO's wars in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa while President Trump makes impossible demands and offers nothing in return.

In a scene reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s, angry masses riot in the streets of Hamburg protesting austerity and economic inequality. Like 18th century French Royals, the European Union's detached and disaffected ruling elites struggle to deal with events beyond their control.

The lessons of the past go unlearned, the classic mistakes of the ages repeated.

The EU, a post-World War II project of the CIA is broken. America's role as a Unipower has ended in bitterness and without ceremony. The post-war world order held together for better or worse by the perception of American omnipotence and the ideology of casino capitalism is disintegrating fast and with it "The West as an entity."

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Part 2: The West is Disintegrating


Flagship Resort in Damascus Back to Peaceful Life

Israeli, US, UK Spy Agencies Plotting against Iran with Saudi Petrodollars: Commander

The Smear, How Fake News and Political Operatives Control Everything

De-Nuking the Trump-Kim Pissing Contest

Russian cruise missile strike wiped out ISIS Deir-Ezzor fortification

Tunnels, guns & abandoned tanks: Secrets of ISIS stronghold revealed in Deir ez-Zor (VIDEO)

Syrian War Report - August 30, 2017: Syrian Army Advances Northeast of Sukhna

What to Expect From Russia´s Next Gen Interceptor MiG-41

Trump & the Arpaio Pardon: Flush of the Turd Reich?

The Ramming of the McCain

Kurdistan independence can stir civil war

US-made anti-tank weapons may be in hands of IS in Tal Afar

Majority of US Dislikes Trump and His North Korea Policy, Fear "Accidenta"? War

After attacks, Spain's Moroccans fear rising Islamophobia

Sebastian Gorka Resigns From Trump Administration

Trump Clearly Exposed America's Double Game in South Asia

Joseph of Arabia (Video)

Former CIA officer Paul R. Pillar: Israel lies about Iran and aspires to create trouble again

US 'actively reviewing' lethal defensive arms supply to Ukraine


10 Disgusting Things Joe Arpaio Did as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz.

US Secretary of State distancing himself from Trump

Liberation of Tal Afar- Why It Matters?

Iraqi military discovers mass graves near former ISIS prison

Popular Mobilization Units: Military Capabilities, Their Role In Iraq and Middle East

US New Strategy for Afghanistan Doomed to Failure: Afghan Analyst

NEO - Putin in Siberia: If it Looks Like a Fish?

Thousands March in Support of Ousted South Korean Leader



Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 29, 2017


With the current wave of violent protests and counter protests between far-right White Supremacists/Neo Nazis and leftist groups like Antifa sweeping America, we are seeing what is clearly a provoked and manufactured series of events. We know that the Jewish-Israeli lobby in the form of AIPAC, the ADL, and SPLC are deeply involved in these events, providing funding, organising groups of violent thugs on both sides. At first glance, it would seem rather strange for Jewish organisations to be involved with White Supremacists and Nazis but the truth is that when it comes to Nazis in America, the ADL and Jews have always been deeply involved, in fact, they created, financed and ran every incarnation of a Nazi party in America since 1935.

American Nazi Party

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi political movement that started in 1935. Under the leadership of its "Führer," a notorious anti-Semite named Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height claimed about 15,000 members.

A 1939 rally in New York City?s Madison Square Garden attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were mostly Jewish). The Bund?s fortunes experienced a downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison for embezzling funds.

It turned out that the ADL was financing the whole thing.


Les resten:

Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

Syrian War Report - August 29, 2017: ISIS Defense Collapses In Uqayribat Pocket

CYBERPOL Uncovers Terror list and Estimates Over 50 000 Terrorists Currently in Europe

Turkey says Israel must end occupation of Palestine

Iraqis Must Resist US Occupation with Every Fiber of Their Being

Islamic State´s latest propaganda video features 10-year-old American boy threatening US President Trump

Syrian War Report - August 28, 2017: ISIS Suffers Large Casualties In Clashes With Army In Southern Raqqah

US Secretary of State distancing himself from Trump

Ensuring existence of Israel in Hezbollah´s crosshairs

The Mystery of the 14 Dead Russian Officials: November 2015-August 2017

Bolton´s JCPOA exit plan to lead to fiasco for US: Iran FM


Jewish Daily Forward: "The Original `Antifa´ Was A Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia"

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 28, 2017

Thugs and gangsters during the Charlottesville debacle have progressively become pawns in a revolutionary or subversive movement, which always turns out to be bad for the United States and much of the world. Jonas E. Alexis


The Jewish Daily Forward, the "American magazine published monthly in New York City for a Jewish-American audience," has implicitly or indirectly grabbed the ideological bull by the horn when it declared that the original Antifa - the self-styled anti-fascist movement which has recently created chaos during the Charlottesville debacle - "was a Jewish anti-Nazi militia."

The Antifa was essentially a terrorist cell, in the sense that members of the group went about terrorizing their opponents with numerous threats. Mark B. Williams of the Jewish Daily Forward declares:


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WATCH: Brave Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive at Your Expense






First Of Its Kind Study Shows Undeniable Evidence Cannabis Can Cure Opioid Addiction


cops yelling




Media Silent as Saudi Arabia Does to Itself What Assad Was Accused of Doing in Syria


Cuban government


Mystery Deepens After US Confirms 16 Diplomats Suffered "Traumatic Brain Injury" In Cuban "Sonic Attack"



Your Bitcoin is NOT Anonymous: IRS Moves To Track Bitcoiners With New Chain Analysis Tools

Kommunistiske "Antifa" var i Charlottesville



Militant Revolutionary Abolitionist Group Wants to "Expropriate" Your Property and Give It to Someone Who Deserves It


Antifa: Anti-Fascist Counterprotesters Attract Attention |

14. aug. 2017 - The violent clash on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, cast a spotlight on groups of counter-protesters who were also in town.


Jeff & Ole Dammegard - Stunning Facts...Charlottesville & Barcelona 

Historiker Ian Greenhalgh forteller om hvem sponsorene bak Charlottesvilleopptøyene er, de spores på begge sider tilbake til Israel:


Time is money concept with clock and dollars


Here's How Many Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck (Hint: It's A Lot)

Princess Diana - Unlawful Killing

Part 3: Engineering Public Perception to the right for The Right... Blood in the Streets

Darwin and "Scientific" Racism Meet Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Kant

US acknowledges presence of 11,000 troops in Afghanistan

US troop numbers in Iraq, Syria could surge under new accounting rules

"Syria is our new testing ground," says Russia military

Russia sends cruise missile-carrying submarines to Syria coast

NEO: Pakistan: Another "Major Strategic Partner" Now Fighting For Its Life

Syrian War Report - August 31, 2017: ISIS Goes All-In In Southern Raqqah

Kurdistan independence may fall victim to weak governance, inequality: researcher

Russia's Top 5 Little-Known Assault Rifles

Texas Muslims turning mosques into 24/7 shelters to help Harvey victims

US rebuilding terrorists along Syria border areas

NEO - America's Final Fatal Destiny: Dishonoring Robert E. Lee

O'Neill: US to Resile from N. Deal with Iran

Raqqa: The Worst Place on Earth

US B61-12 nukes may lower threshold of using nuclear weapons, diplomat says

In Latest Tweetstorm, Trump Again Threatens to Kill NAFTA and Demands Mexico Pay for Wall

US leaders have no legal grounds for military assault on DPRK, says RISS expert


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Google Has Surpassed Orwell's 1984 - Vid

Google...The Master Spy Of The Intel Community

How Did Google Become World´s Biggest Censor
And Master Manipulator?

Google Moving To Take Control Of The World´s Knowledge

Will Google Take Control Of The World?

In 12 Years, Google Will Run The World

"Whoever Leads In AI Will Rule The World" - Vladimir Putin

"Yes, Google Uses Its Power To Crush Ideas It 
Doesn´t Like...I Know Because It Happened To Me"

Google Is Out To Destroy Moral, Civilized, America

How Google Can Control Opinion & Flip Elections

Google Slammed Over Pressuring Foundation, Reporters

Facebook AI Digital Map Showing Where EVERY 
Human On The Planet Lives


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