Det nye romerske imperium


The New Imperial Roman Empire

By Preston James, Ph.D on June 22, 2017

Always hidden in plain sight, the New Imperial Roman Empire is a reconstituted form of the old Cesarean system.

by  Preston James


Contrary to what is taught in the history books, the Roman Empire was never completely destroyed.

Actually it was transformed into a covert spiritual system run by the same occult-linked families that ran it.

It was the same process that occurred when the British Colonial Empire appeared to have collapsed, but was transformed into a neo-colonial empire.

This new empire was based on a covert system of Rothschild private central FIAT banking run out of the City of Londona one square mile private financial district and separate nation state.

Thus, the new system became based on covert banking and finance and specialized in war profiteering and narcotics trafficking. It was of course aided by the private spy agency, the East India Company, and the covert British privateer ships flying pirate flags of the "skull and bones".

The British pirates were the equivalent of today´s ISIS et al., which are derivatives of the Mujaheddin and are actually private mercenary armies comprised of drugged and mind-kontrolled disposables who work for the CIA, the Israelis and Saudis.

This same secret financial/banking system of the City of London that was covertly imposed on the world as a replacement for the shrinking British Empire has remained in place even today and is still operating covertly. It is hidden in plain sight, but nonetheless run by the same occult-linked families through a large coterie of privatized Intel fronts called proprietaries.

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Blues Brothers 2000 - Ghost rider in the sky

Tybring-Gjedde raser: - Jeg er lei av at han får så mye spalteplass

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Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 25, 2017

[Editor´s note: I don´t think there is any chance of the US cutting aid to Israel as long as Israel exists. The last POTUS who tried to stand up to Israel and the Israeli lobby was JFK, who tried to stop Israel acquiring nukes and force AIPAC to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. We all know the price he paid for this and it explains, in large part why no POTUS since has opposed Israel and AIPAC. Of course, the other reason why the likes of Bush Sr and Clinton failed to stand up to Israel & AIPAC is that the Israelis managed to obtain blackmail materials on them. Ian]

The New Observer
Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel

A Washington D.C. Federal court has denied a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) application to squash a lawsuit instituted by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) to reveal how Israel´s clandestine nuclear weapons program makes US aid to the Jewish ethnostate unlawful.

The ruling, made August 23 by Judge Tanya Chutkan denied the CIA´s courtroom maneuver to throw out IRmep´s lawsuit seeking the exact dollar value of US intelligence support to Israel.

According to a statement put out by IRmep, "acknowledging the lawsuit as one component of a broader IRmep legal effort to reveal how Israel´s clandestine nuclear weapons program makes US aid unlawful, Chutkan was unpersuaded that "unprecedented" levels of such aid - president Obama´s word - "could flow as intelligence support to Israel without the CIA knowing about it."

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Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel

Russia Investigation: Demand Full Disclosure

Netanyahu is hopelessly trying to lecture Putin on Iran and Syria

Syrian War Report - August 25, 2017: Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Southern Raqqah

World reacts to Trump´s new Afghanistan policy

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

By GPD on August 25, 2017

Playing with terrorism entails terrible and irreversible consequences. Watching what's happening in the world, it is hard to argue with this statement.

Undated file photo from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or Islamic State group or Daesh (Daech), taken in Ninive area, Iraq, in 2015 and published by the group on their web pages. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks across Paris that has left at least 132 dead, in what the French president described as "an act of war". In an online statement, the group said it had carried out the shootings and suicide bombings at restaurants, a concert hall and a football stadium that led to a state of national emergency and boosted border controls. 

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

by Anna Jaunger

Europe became mired in cruel terror attacks which led to hundreds people died and wounded. The European Union is perplexed, the U.S. administration makes every effort to hide the truth - in this game with terrorist West is the loser.

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ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

The Trump Doctrine

No Words

By Richard Edmondson on August 25, 2017

Israelis Demolish Kindergarten

First published 21 August 2017

Israelis destroy Bedouin kindergarten

[ Ed. note - No words. ]

Times of Israel

Israeli Civil Administration officials and security forces on Monday demolished a temporary structure built without a permit that was to house a kindergarten in a Jerusalem-area Bedouin village.

The room, built of wood and metal paneling in the Bedouin village of Jabal al-Baba adjacent to al-Azariya, in the West Bank and just east of Jerusalem, was slated to open next month as a schoolroom for 25 four- to six-year-olds.

According to a statement from Israeli rights group B?Tselem, the kindergarten was to be the primary childcare facility for some two dozen Palestinian families from the Bedouin encampment at the site who otherwise have no access to either the Israeli or Palestinian education systems.

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No Words


Israel is still grabbing Palestinian lands and building a beautiful, powerful wall

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 25, 2017

Haaretz: "There are 3,455 residential and public buildings built on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank, according to Civil Administration data. These illegal structures could be legalized under the expropriation law, whose validity is now being determined by the High Court of Justice in response to Palestinian petitions against the law." Jonas E. Alexis


Yes, Trump is a Zionist shill. He speaks on both sides of his mouth; he lives in a swamp of contradictions; he is also surrounded by people who live in a swamp of contradictions - and I´m talking about people like Jared Kushner.

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Israel is still grabbing Palestinian lands and building a beautiful, powerful wall


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