Hvorfor Nord-Korea hater USA som bør be landet om tilgivelse


Mer om USAs og medias langvarige løgnpropaganda om Nord-Korea. Nå får landet støtte fra Sør-Korea som har skjønt at de bare er kanonføde selv:

North Korea unlikely to have ICBM technology, South intel says as Kim celebrates launch


Why Do North Koreans Hate Us?

By Ian Greenhalgh on May 8, 2017

Korean women weep as they identify bodies on Oct. 28, 1953. The army said the victims were among political prisoners killed by suffocation by the Communists outside Hambung, Korea. The Army said the victims were forced into caves which were then sealed off. (AP Photo)

[Editor's note: The great secret of the Korean War is that the North invaded the South in order to liberate them from the brutal, murderous totalitarian Rhee regime that had been installed by the US. They almost succeeded in pushing the foreigners out of the country but in the end, they got embroiled in three long years of war that saw the US and their UN allies burn virtually every village and town in the North and bombing raids to rival those inflict on Japan in WW2 in their murderous slaughter of civilians. By the time of the ceasefire the North was a wasteland and it's people were starving, homeless refugees; they had been 'bombed back to the stone age' to use a US military phrase. Small wonder the North has not forgiven or forgotten and maintains a burning hatred. Ian]


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The Unknown Truth About Korea

By Ian Greenhalgh on May 5, 2017

This photograph by the U.S. Army, provided by the U.S. National Archives in College Park, Md., on Monday, May 5, 2008, is one of a series of declassified images depicting the summary execution of South Korean political prisoners by the South Korean military and police at Daejeon, South Korea, over several days in July 1950. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea is investigating this and similar mass killings in South Korea in 1950-51. A chief investigator estimates up to 7,000 were killed at Daejeon, and tens of thousands elsewhere. (AP Photo/National Archives, U.S. Army)

[Editor's note: As Trump continues to ratchet up the tensions with North Korea, it is worth reminding ourselves of why the North Koreans are so scared of the US and why they have such a burning hatred for the Americans and their South Korean collaborators. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans were slaughtered by the brutal and cruel Nationalist regime that the US installed in Seoul after the Japanese occupation ended post WW2, millions more were killed, wounded or made homeless in the four years of war from 1950 to 54 that pitted the North against South, backed by the Soviet Union and United Nations respectively. That war has never officially ended, there is no peace treaty, just an uneasy ceasefire standoff.

According to estimates by South Korea's Truth Commission, up to 100,000 unarmed South Korean civilians became victims of massacres committed during the Korean War (1950-1953) by the South Korean armed forces and police. Most of the estimated 1,222 massacres took place during the first few months of the war.


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North Korea crisis: US should apologize THEN negotiate

By Kevin Barrett on May 6, 2017

The administration of US President Donald Trump's various policies with regard to North Korea are rooted in Washington?s long-time desire to monopolize nuclear weapons, says an American analyst.



Barrett said the animosity between the North and the US goes back to the Korean War, when the US killed scores of Koreans, specially in the North.

"This horrific, genocidal assault on Korea by the United States and the occupation of South Korea ever since naturally has led all Koreans who have any shred of dignity and desire for self-determination to want to fight to keep their independence," Barrett said. "And that is the real reason for the tensions between the US and North Korea."

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Russia: The US lied about North Korean mid-range missile


Mer om USAs grusomme internasjonale overgrep: 

Hvorfor Pakistan må tas rotta på - Det siste kostbare djeveltrekk


What does the opposition need comprehensive truce for?

Israel Watches Anxiously as Iran Expands Military Influence in Syria, Lebanon


CIA "finner opp" kjemisk våpenbevis for å rettferdiggjøre USAs Assad-må-gå-politikk

CIA 'Makes Up' Chemical Weapons Evidence to Justify US Assad-Must-Go Policy

French President Emmanuel Macron: Assad is here to stay


Carry on arming the Saudis (and never mind the slaughter in Yemen)

By Stuart Littlewood on July 13, 2017

Message from the High Court:

by Stuart Littlewood

Campaigners are furious with a High Court decision in London allowing the UK Government to carry on exporting arms to Saudi Arabia for use against Yemenis.

The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) brought the legal action against the Secretary of State for International Trade for continuing to grant export licences for arms to Saudi Arabia, arguing that this was against UK policy, which states that the government must refuse such licences if there´s a clear risk that the arms might be used to commit serious violations of International Humanitarian Law.

It is undeniable that Saudi forces have used UK-supplied weaponry to violate International Humanitarian Law in their war on Yemen. According to the United Nations, well over 10,000 people have been killed, the majority by the Saudi-led bombing campaign which has also destroyed vital infrastructure such as schools and hospitals and contributed to the cholera crisis. 3 million Yemenis have been displaced from their homes and 7 million are on the brink of dying from famine. UNICEF reports that a child is dying in Yemen every ten minutes from preventable causes including starvation and malnourishment.

A crippling naval blockade of the country by the US has been key to the cruel onslaught. The European Parliament and numerous humanitarian NGOs have condemned the Saudi air strikes as unlawful. And 18 months ago a UN Panel of Experts accused Saudi forces of "widespread and systematic" targeting of civilians.


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Why Netanyahu Hates George Soros So Much


On the Impeachment of Poroshenko

By Ian Greenhalgh on July 13, 2017

[Editor´s note: Ukraine is a vassal state and Poroshenko will remain in power as long as he continues to be a faithful servant of his foreign masters in Washington and Tel-Aviv.  Of course, within Ukraine there are several cliques composed of oligarchs and politicians, each of these cliques wants power for themselves, but all of them know full well that to obtain power in Ukraine requires the support of Washington and Tel-Aviv. At the moment Poroshenko continues to enjoy the support of the puppetmasters but he will be well aware that should it suit them, they would not hesitate to replace him with someone who would be even more eager and willingly to prostitute themselves and Ukraine. Ian]


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False flag fails! ISIS defeated, "chemical weapons" hoax exposed

Former Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters: Vladimir Putin "is as bad as Hitler"

Syrian War Report- July 13, 2017: Govt Forces Put Pressure On US-backed Militants In Southern Desert

Scott Bennett, Patriot Truth Warrior (Part II)

The Neoconservative Ideology and Capitalist System Intellectually Cripple Thomas Sowell

Why can´t we make a Paradise of the Earth?


VT had it right all along - ISIS weapons supplied by the West

By Ian Greenhalgh on July 12, 2017

[Editor´s note: This report, albeit over a year late in doing so, has provided confirmation of what VT reported  about the supply of weapons to the terrorist mercenaries in Syria. 

We reported how the weapons were shipped from Ukraine across the black sea to the port of Batumi in Georgia then trucked south through Turkey. We also disclosed the German origins of much of this weaponry which had been legitimately supplied to Ukraine to re-equip it´s tattered armed forces, but instead of going to the Ukrainian forces had been sold on by the utterly corrupt and criminal Poroshenko mafia regime in Kiev.

Former president of Georgia and mafia kingpin Mikhail Saakashvilli was placed in charge of this smuggling when he was installed as mayor of the port of Odessa.

Bulgaria was the source of much of the ammunition as that country still produces large quantities of munitions in the calibres used by the former Soviet Union such as 122mm and 152mm artillery shells and 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R small arms ammunition. 

The other route for arms into Syria was over the Golan Heights from Israel or across the Jordanian border, in both cases, this was an Israeli-run operation.

Behind it all is Saudi finance, and until recently, Qatari money was used too.

VT had it all long before anyone else, and while we find this confirmation of our information gratifying, we cannot help but feel it is too little, too late. Ian]


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Russia to Supply New Combat Boats to Syrian Coast Guards

What does the opposition need comprehensive truce for?

Afghanistan: Losing the chances of peace day to day

Fighting Syria terror groups tops UN agenda

The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Destroyed Libya

Amelia Earhart - The Truth (Part II)


The Zionist Media will never talk about sex slave as a "booming market" in ISIS

By Jonas E. Alexis on July 15, 2017

Sex slave "is a booming market in IS. Young girls also became a mere commodity once they are in hands of jihadists... [Khadija] added, recounting that the militants planned to sell a 10-year-old girl for some $10,000."


Sex slavery in ISIS is real.

...by Jonas E. Alexis


CNN and other fake news outlets will never talk about how ISIS is cremating and decapitating civilians in Syria, but those same outlets want to tell us all that the Assad government is out to kill virtually every civilian in the region.

Last February, CNN risibly reported that Russia and the Syrian government "deliberately targeted civilian areas of Aleppo."[1] But when independent reporters and even UN Peace Council actually went to Syria and talked to the civilian population, they found that the population universally rejected the claim that there is a civil war in Syria. As the UN Peace Council declared last year:

"This is not a civil war in Syria. That´s probably the first thing we heard, and we heard it over and over again [among the civilian population]. It is not President Assad against his own people. It is President Assad and the Syrian people, all together, in unity, against outside mercenary forces [and] terror organizations. The names change every day or every other day to try to protect their identity and maybe keep the connection between the country that funded it and that group...There are mercenary forces, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, and underneath it, Israel."


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Poll: US president´s approval sinks to 36%

Devil´s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency

Cheney, Bremer and the Destruction of Iraq - an analysis

Will the era of USA´s impunity end?

MH17 was really MH370

Syrian War Report - July 17, 2017: Israel Opposes To Ceasefire Brokered By US And Russia

Trump, Blackwater and the Butcher of Kabul

"Woman shot dead" - Venezuela NWO color revolution false flag?


Dumb and Dumber: CNN commentator Paul Begala says America should bomb Russia now

By Jonas E. Alexis on July 17, 2017

One must wonder how much CNN pays political prostitutes to say crazy things on the air. It seems like you can sign a check for thousands of dollars and people like Paul Begala will say just about anything, even though they don?t really believe that they are saying.

"Mr. Stone, can you tell me why some Neocons are just plain crazy and have no common sense at all?"


CNN will never learn, despite the fact that they have been single-handedly discredited last month. The Zionist network keeps inviting numerous guests who hopelessly want America to literally bomb Russia right now. Commentator Paul Begala has recently come on the platform and declared unequivocally that:


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Frankrike og Skottland er uenige i "grunnleggende prinsipper"...


Opposing Zionism not racism - says Court in Scotland - The New Magna Carta

By GPD on July 15, 2017

A NEW MAGNA CARTA as stated by Glasgow Sheriff's Court


Scotland The Brave (Lyrics)



Macron: Anti-Zionism Is a Reinvented Form of anti-Semitism

By Ian Greenhalgh on July 16, 2017

Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the victims of the mass roundup of Jews in Paris in WWII, the French president assailed Le Pen and said France must take responsibility for the Vichy regime and Nazi collaboration

Bibi embraces his new puppet. Macron could not have made his supplicancy more obvious if he had fellated Bibi in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

[Editor´s note: Macron is showing his true colours as a thoroughly compliant stooge for the Judeo-Zionist organised crime cabal. The term `anti-semitism´ has long been weaponised and used to defame anyone who dares to criticise the Zionist criminal enclave known as Israel; by stating that criticism of Zionism and Israel is a new form of anti-semitism, Macron is doubling down on the weaponisation of language on behalf of his criminal Zionist masters.

By kissing up to Israel, and the Zionist criminals so blatantly, Macron is staining France´s dignity just as much as Petain´s Vichy did in WW2. Clearly, France is now completely under the thumb of the Zionist crime cabal and will follow whatever agenda has been laid out for them, so do not be surprised if Macron involves France in the Syrian debacle in the near future and expect France to staunchly support Israel at every opportunity. Ian]

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Støres store tabbe

Pål Nisja-Wilhelmsen har rett angående "venstre" og Macrons likhet.


The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel | Veterans Today

Uri Avnery - Making Adelson-brand Political ... - Veterans Today

11. apr. 2015 - Uri Avnery - Making Adelson-brand Political Sausage in Israel ... fur ball that has developed, with the Likuds forming a coalition government. .... And Uri knows that the hard coremilitant Zionists were primarily communists and ...


Nearly 6 Months into Office, Trump´s Approval Rating Drops to 36 Percent

`The De Facto Coup D´état´: When Moshe Dayan Tried to Steal Israel´s First Nuclear Device


What Role has Israel played in the Refugee Crisis?

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on July 16, 2017

Refugees flood Europe. Terror spreads to the rest of the world. And bankers line up in anticipation of more military spending.

by Phil Butler, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor´s note: Phil Butler reminds us of the vast oil and gas riches at stake in the Golan Heights, and how the West and the Rothschild groupies simply will not be denied claiming Golan as their territory. He also brings to our attention the Golan Knights, operating in the Golan Heights - a wordplay that might be too good for Hollywood producers to miss... ]

Les redaktør Jim Deans artikkel her:


Uri Avnery - Abraham, Izzy and Bibi

Corporate Colonialism US, America in Free Fall


Fighting Syria terror groups tops UN agenda

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on July 16, 2017

The UN´s de Mistura wants to eliminate the terrorist as symptoms, but not destroy the cause

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   ... with  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editor´s Note: The UN Dance with terrorism continues. While Special Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura appears to take the high road by pushing the anti-terrorism battle in Syria as the number once issue, that concern comes to a screeching halt for the terrorist proxy supporters.

He went close to the line, stating that to end the conflict, the continual supplies flowing into the terrorists would have to be stopped, but he would not name names. Via this abject failure, he becomes an enabler to the terror supporters, but I am not picking on de Mistura. He has a lot of company in not being able to see the terror supporter elephants in the living room.

I thank Press TV for the many interview opportunities to say what few will say. If you ever hear of my demise via a heart attack, you can assume it was triggered by an invitation to be on 60 minutes or CNN to discuss these verboten topics.


Intervju her


The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Destroyed Libya

Amelia Earhart - The Truth (Part II)

Just One Thing to do this week: Carry Someone To Shore

Debating U.S. War Law - 2017-2018 (Updated)

US has Too Many Spies in Moscow, Russian Diplomat Says

The Debate: Saudi vs. Qatar (Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson)

Saudi Arabia boosting extremism in Europe, says former ambassador

Sources Report US Vast Military Buildup in Raqqa City

Opposing Zionism not racism - says Court in Scotland - The New Magna Carta



NEO - Was Trump Out-trumped at The G20?

CIA and Pentagon behind "over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles"

When will CIA Stop Misleading Trump and Disclose `Solid Evidence´ of CW Usage by Assad?

Militants in Southern Syria Reject US-Russia Brokered Ceasefire Deal

Russian Terminators Arrive In Syria

"Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7" FAKE NEWS

Trump´s son-in-law tried to get $500mn loan from Qatar


Tidligere nyheter:


Viral: Journalist Rips Trump at G20

Kampen mot USA-skapt Daesh vunnet i Mosul:

Iraqi Army Declares Mosul Fully Free

This is What US-Made TOW Missile Fragments Found Near Damascus Could Prove

Beijing, Damascus Discuss Launching Direct Flights to Top Chinese Cities

Tehran hosts cartoon exhibition mocking Donald Trump

Pakistan: Dangerous Turn in Panama Leaks Case

Russia outsmarts the Neocon establishment and warmongers at the G20 meeting

The Rise against globalism and capitalism in Hamburg

Amelia Earhart - The Truth

Are Zionists holocausting Palestinian heritage?

Trump og Israel har gitt Erdogan nytt pågangsmot så han fortsetter sin kamp mot Syria, Gordon Duff:

Emboldened by Trump and Israel, Erdogan Moves Against Syria (Duff on Press TV)

The Real Reason Behind the Ultimatum to Qatar to Shut Down Turkish Military Base

Utah´s `ag-gag´law unconstitutional & violates free speech - Federal judge rules

US House will Debate War commitments

European Union blamed for soaring migrant death toll

UK Inquiry into Saudi Funding Terrorism Should Lead to Further Action at UN

Will Trump tweet unleash World War 3?

The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Hijacked the World

Battle For Mosul - July 7, 2017: Iraqi Forces Purging Remaining ISIS Terrorists In Old Mosul

Moscow welcomes US readiness to cooperate on Syria, but awaits `no-fly zones´ clarification - Lavrov

The Industry Killed Heath Ledger

Will the real Paul Joseph Watson please stand up?

Not a single war in recent years has started without `Powerful Press Artillery´

Judicial Watch Sues VA Police, Other Top VA Officials

Libyan War, Syrian War And Qatar Crisis

Middle East Bankers Behind Jacob Zuma´s White Hate Speech And Land Grabs

BREAKING: How the U.S. and the Terrorists Were Trying to Affect the Outcome of the Talks in Astana?

Syrian War Report - July 6, 2017: Tu-95MS Bombers Purge ISIS

The Unspeakable Crime of Viktor Orbán


Tybring-Gjedde: Bare i Norge er det ikke lov til å tenke nytt


"Sort" massakre av hvite i Sør-Afrika:

Jeff Rense & Karel Vorster - Millions Of S. Africa Whites Face Death 




Resten her:

IS, Mafiaen og Trump, mer historie enn vi visste om - Massemorder Google


Forsvaret: - Totalberedskap nå - mens det ennå er tid - Dagbladet

Tidligere forsvarstopp ber regjeringen revurdere avgjørelsen om F-35 ...

Forbudt å kurere Hepatitt C (og kreft)




Hvor mye har De fått vite av dette, statsminister Erna Solberg? NATO er en trussel som De ønsker å gi mer penger, og gjøre verden enda mer usikker, som NATO allerede har gjort. De staute forsvarskarer- og kvinner ser bare det de vil se.

- Nå er vi nødt til å øke forsvarsbudsjettene i NATO, ikke minst fordi Russland har betydelig større militær kapasitet og kampkraft enn før.

Verden er blitt mindre trygg


Steindyrt brød


Drømmen natt til i dag hadde allerede vart en stund, men det eneste jeg husker starter her:

Min nest eldste søster og jeg stod ved et stort vindu og så opp mot himmelen. Der var det en lang relativt bred sky som var formet som en vei. Det var en "skyvei". Fire skikkelser uten vinger, med menneskekropper som atleter, eller kanskje som de tredukkene med bevegelige kroppsdeler uten noen detaljer på som kunstnere bruker å se på når de skal lære seg å tegne menneskekroppen, sprang fremover på skyveien. Vi så ryggene deres. Det sprang to fremst, og to bak, fire til sammen. "Det er engler", sa jeg, men da jeg så nærmere etter var én av skikkelsene en eldre dame med briller, og det finnes jo ikke dameengler i Bibelen, og har de ikke vinger?

Deretter stod jeg alene på lysegul murstein, kanskje på toppen av et (mur-) steinbygg. Det så ut som om det var hentet ut rett fra Jerusalem eller fra taket på et slott, som selvsagt kunne ha vært hvor som helst i verden, men jeg så Jesus. Jeg bare visste at det må ha vært han, for han hadde kjortel og "Jesus-hår" (frisyre), sånn som han i Gaither, som fikk høre fra en kvinnelig norsk beundrer da de besøkte Norge for ikke så lenge siden, med henført stemme, gjentatte ganger: "You are so anointed... Oh, you are so anointed...!" Jesus - look alike -fyren så veldig brydd ut (man ser han her i "Blow the trumpet"). 

I drømmen hadde Jesus en enkel kjortel, som var lys, akkurat som mursteinen, muligens med noen svake farger som mønster, men jeg bet meg ikke merke i noe spesielt. (I Bibelen står det at den er skinnende, i Daniel 10:   Jeg løftet øynene. Jeg så, og se! - en mann kledd i lin, med et belte av Ufas-gull om livet.  6 Kroppen hans var som krysolitt, ansiktet som glimtet av et lyn, øynene som luer av ild, og armene og føttene var som skinnende bronse. Når han talte, lød stemmen som bruset av en folkemengde.)

Han kom gående mot meg, ca 10 meter foran meg, selv om jeg ikke så noe slikt som Daniel, kun en mann i kjortel med langt Jesus-hår. Ved siden av han på steingulvet, noen få meter unna ham, hang eller stod det en kappe i løse luften. Kanskje var den så skitten at den kunne stå av seg selv? Jeg vet ikke hva det var. Det var ingen kropp i den, bare muligens et slags håndtak på toppen, uten noe hode der hvor man skulle ha forventet at det var et, og så hang det noen slags filler eller tøystykker ned, akkurat som det flettede skjegget til en løve med merkelig skummelt ansikt og perler med mulig okkult mønster på hengende i "skjeggpelsen" sin under løvekjeften, som jeg så på et tredimensjonalt veggbilde i går, hadde hatt. Det var ikke løven av Juda, men kanskje "Satan, som går rundt omkring som en brølende løve, på jakt etter noen som han kan sluke?" Det var "Daniel" som hadde brukt denne tingen til å leke med hundene med, fikk jeg høre i drømmen. (Hvis det var Bibelens Daniel så spiste ikke løvene ham opp, siden en engler passet på ham i løvens hule. Englene visste tydeligvis hvordan man behandler bitende tenner, enten det er hunder eller løvers.)

Jeg tok "kappen" eller "hundeleken", som nå så ut som om den var tvunnet som hår eller tøyremser sammen til en merkelig ting som var mye smalere, slik man kan vri mykt metall (f.eks aluminium eller våte plastelinaremser; våt leire), med meg inn på et tog som kom forbi. På min høyre side satt min mann og på min venstre side hadde jeg plassert "den rare tingen", som en veske. Det satt ca fem damer foran oss, på togsetene foran oss. Den ene snudde seg: "Hva er det som lukter så rart?", sa hun. "Det er ikke jeg, for jeg har badet", sa jeg. De snuste og var enige i det. Så fant de ut at det var den rare tingen jeg hadde ved siden av meg på venstre side som luktet rart.

Det kom en mann inn på toget som så ut som om han kom fra et sted lenger sør i Europa, og han ville vite hva min mann het. Han var selger eller "intervjuer". Det satt en litt "rund" mann (kraftig "plugg") bak meg med armene i kors og tipset oss om å være forsiktige, og sa: "Han der karen går alltid rundt her på disse trakter og fisker på alle bauger og kanter." Han brukte å ta toget i alle retninger og "fiske".

Jeg gikk av toget, ganske tomhendt, alene og blakk. Den stinkende "våte, tvunnete plastelinavesken" eller løverastafariskjeggvesken hadde jeg ikke med meg. Siklende løvers rastafariskjegg lukter kanskje spesielt? Jeg bruker forresten aldri håndvesker, derfor husker jeg ikke å ta de med meg fra sted til sted de få gangene jeg har de med meg. Hva skal man med vesker når man har lommer?

Mens jeg stod der og så på togskinnene og perrongen på andre siden tenkte jeg: "Å, nei, hvor er min mann? Forhåpentligvis kommer han tilbake hit snart, så jeg får holde meg her og vente til han får tatt et annet tog tilbake hit og finne meg. Jeg hadde bare noen tiere og tyvekroninger i lomma, maks hundre kroner.

På siden av paviljongen var det en slags bule av en restaurant eller bar. Det var så mørkt der inne at jeg kunne egentlig ikke se om det overhodet satt noen gjester der. Kanskje likte de å ha det veldig privat, og derfor var det best å skru av alle lys, for å få en slik "Lady og Landstrykeren" -stemning med kun et stearinlys i en vinflaske? Det så ikke koselig ut, kun "bulete" (løvens hule?).

Det stod en dame bak skranken, og jeg var sulten. Det lå omtrent syv brød i forskjellig størrelse bak glassluken hennes. Hun var redd for at jeg skulle være skitten på hendene, men jeg fortalte henne at jeg nettopp hadde vasket dem med såpe, som sant var. "Det vil jeg ha. Hva koster det? Jeg har bare ca 70 kroner." - "Det koster 300 kroner", svarte hun. Brødet var skåret opp i mange syltynne skiver, på størrelse med de tynneste knekkebrødene som finnes. Hun ville gi meg 7 "skiver" for 70 kroner, og det utgjorde ca 1/5 av brødet eller mindre, og var ikke noe særlig å bli mett av. Det var et lite brød og det var bare en loff.

Det kom en mann bak skranken, og han spurte meg om hva jeg tenkte og om hva jeg hadde å si. "Du er veldig snill, takk, Gud velsigne deg!", men jeg syntes egentlig av de var gjerrige (grådige), men prøvde å være hyggelig og takknemlig, selv om det var inflasjonspriser på brødene deres. "Du må jo ha pålegg!", sa han, og tok meg med til en annen skranke. Der var det bare små grønnsaksplanter. Skulle jeg ha blader som pålegg på "skivene", og det var alt? Da våknet jeg, kanskje fordi jeg var rystet over "serveringen".

Når man våkner lurer man på om det var Herodes eller Pontius Pilatus sin kappe som man så? Han hadde jo vasket sine hender, for han fant ingen feil med Jesus, allikevel ble han dømt. Hvorfor hadde jeg som ikke har hund, men katt, en hundeleke med meg på toget? Og hvor ble det av den? Det er som hentet ut av en episode av Gaus, Brumund og Roms Dal: Brødene Dal. Kanskje var det "hasjpålegg", siden de jo serverer "hasjkake" i Danmark. Godt å ikke vite. Hva man ikke vet har man ikke vondt av.

Siden jeg har hatt "110 in the shade" på hjernen i hele dag, vil jeg nå høre på den, så jeg får fred i sjela, selv om jeg ikke har noen annen "dame" å snakke med enn meg selv.


John Fogerty and The Fairfield Four "A 110 in the shade"

Ikke spør meg hva jeg drømmer om.


IS-demokrati - Den amerikanske drøm



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