Hvorfor Google i Norge er en krigserklæring mot vårt land


Date: 2017-04-04 14:20 GMT+02:00
Subject: Hvorfor Google i Norge er en krigserklæring mot vårt land
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At vi har Google-ballonger over hodene våre er én sak, men en annen er at jeg har faktisk aldri klart å finne en ordentlig norsk epostkonto, uten å måtte ha en "amerikansk/britisk" en på forhånd, for de norske bruker de eneste jeg fant som "godkjenning" på at jeg skal få meg en "norsk" en. Slik som Google er med på å føre krig (grusomme brudd på menneskerettighetene) er det et mirakel hvis denne eposten overhodet kommer fram, og da skjønner dere hvordan "dissidenter" som jeg er i fare. Men "who cares".

Dette er er ikke en aprilsspøk, den ble skrevet i fullt alvor av redaktør Gordon Duff den 2. april:


Intel Drop, April Fools Day Plus One and We´re all the fools


...by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We´re going to cover a few things today, some not so related, thus this is an Intel Drop. Buckle in, here it comes.

Ask yourself why you never see some things on video, why some things are never reported.  In Afghanistan, it is a death sentence to show the real war to Americans, not the fighting part, the heroin processing part, the dams built by USAID for poppy field irrigation or the shiploads of special fertilizer brought in through Karachi to grow the drug crop.

Why isn´t there a single uploaded video on YouTube from the Greenzone in Baghdad or the American village near the Turkish border in Northern Iraq?  The US has built facilities all over Afghanistan, including luxury homes and there isn´t a photo anywhere.  It sure as hell isn´t to keep this from the Taliban who provided the workers that actually built the projects.

Then we ask about how TOW missiles get to ISIS and al Qaeda, yet how they get there is a mystery.  If Saudi Arabia and Qatar are arming terrorists, and they are on a massive scale, lets invade them, take down their governments and drag their royal asses out of holes and hang them from lamp posts.  Want to find terrorist criminals in Afghanistan?  Try the US backed government, thieves and drug dealers, terrorists and gangsters and everyone in Afghanistan and the region knows it but there is a total blackout in reporting it except on VT.

Were you aware Google is a major CIA contractor through their mercenary company Google Idea Groups run by Jared Cohen, who represented the Mossad with the Bush administration?  Wonder why VT is crushed by Google or their search engine, and they now run all search engines, have choked off every dissenting opinion except for "approved" fake news sites like InfoWars and Breitbart?

What is the real "dark web?" Its news and information censored by Google and the NSA, not crime.  

Heart of Darkness

Let´s name one of the most dangerous and sinister groups on earth.  Whenever anyone gets close to the real dark side, the fake news starts with their "Soros" chant. We´re going to take a look at a few of the media groups that can and on occasion do start wars, groups that could well parallel similar organizations whose leaders were brought before the tribunals at Nuremberg.

Let´s take a look at something really rotten, a Google/CIA front called "Movements."  You can find them at the website, Movement.org.  This is where the Syrian War came from, this is the gang that recruits and moves jihadists around the globe and coordinates NGO´s for moving illegal arms and producing propaganda on a massive scale.

And, since it is "Google," it controls the internet, controls all search engines and simply erases every attempt to "out" their games.  This is the gang that moved poison gas into Syria, ran assassination teams in Iran, killed hundreds in bombings in Damascus, Baghdad and Istanbul, oh and Paris too.  From, of all things, Wikipedia:

Les resten / se video:


Syrian Gas Attack: The Kosher Nostra Moves on Putin

Exclusive/Graphic Video: The Truth Behind Syrian Gas Attacks, will Russia Back Down?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 5, 2017

If you wondered why Turkey paid so much cash to General Flynn who is now "ratting out" Russia, the game will be exposed here:

Redaktørene Jim Dean og Gordon Duff avslører hvorfor USA plutselig er så snille mot Syria. De samler krefter til å ta Iran. Flere nyheter nedenfor.


Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in America

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 31, 2017 

House immunity deal or pardon for Flynn´s silence over secret assassination program

Operating in Ukraine and Crimea against Russia, running terror ops in Syria and Iraq and now coming to the US with Trump approval

Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in America 

Idlib "Gas Attack" is same old BS as before

NEO - A Tale of Two Cities: Aleppo and Mosul





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