Erdogan må stoppes, for han har stort ansvar for opprettelsen av IS og mill. av menneskers blod på hendene


NATOs kjære og nyttige... Artur


Erdogan must be stopped, but do European leaders have the guts?

By Ian Greenhalgh on March 20, 2017



[ Editor's note: President Erdogan is the worst villain on the world stage today, eclipsing even his friend Bibi Netanyahu in the bad guy stakes. He is largely responsible for the creation of ISIS and has the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands. Erdogan likes to rant and rave and insult, his current target being the nations of Europe, particularly Holland and Germany. 


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Erdogan must be stopped, but do European leaders have the guts?


Israel Tries to Kill Assad in Damascus Air Raid (Updated)


Another London false flag? (updated)

Gladio B strikes London on Satanic holiday - one year after Brussels


Another "radical Islamic attack" on a satanic holiday - one year to the day after the big Brussels false flag

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Another London false flag? (updated)


Update: Acosta Confirmation Hearing with Questioning By Senator Kaine on Epstein Case

Intel Drop: Israel Unleashes WikiLeaks on Russia, Trump Removal Plotted

Breaking, Exclusive: Israel Claims Russia Gave US Syria's Air Defense Codes, Helped US Bomb SAA

Battle For Mosul Enters Its Final Stage

Why Europe is Being Targeted by the Islamic State?


Haaretz: Putin says Israel's freedom to attack Assad is over

Putin wants to preserve sovereign nations in the Middle East, but Netanyahu wants total destruction. Putin wants peace with nations like Iran, but Netanyahu wants the entire world to revolt against Iran.


Dear Putin, why can't you let me take Assad out of the political game? Jonas E. Alexis


The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has recently released an interesting article entitled, "Syrian UN Envoy: Putin Sent Message to Israel That Its Freedom to Act in Syria Is Over." The newspaper reported:


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Haaretz: Putin says Israel's freedom to attack Assad is over

Syrian War Report - March 22, 2017: "Moderate Opposition" Unites With Al-Qaeda, Launches Large Attack In Hama

Breaking: Manfort, Trump Campaign Chairman, was Russian Agent

US will honor Iran nuclear deal

Trump will do to Muslims 'what Hitler did to Jews,' letter warns

Panetta: Trump Should Apologize to Obama

Saudi-Arabia:  "Trump er vår hore!"

Saudi Arabia: "Trump is our Bitch!"

Netanyahu Claims Putin Ok'd Attacks on Syrian Army

EU foreign policy chief defends Iran nuclear deal

Saudi's Paying PershMerga, Iranian Kurds, to Start New Terror Wars

NEO - Faren ved å undervrudere CIAs kontrollnettverk

NEO - The danger of underestimating the CIA's web of control

Exclusive:US Kills 143 Syrian Refugees in Major Escalation

Countering resurrection of terrorism

Syrian War Report - March 20, 2017: Govt Forces Fight ISIS In Homs And Aleppo, Al-Qaeda Attacks In Damascus

Exclusive: Investigation, Trump, Acosta - Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal

U.S. Cries Foul As Russia Tests 9M729 Cruise Missile, But Who Violated The INF Treaty first?

Will Amal Clooney attack the Israeli elephant in the room?

Syria klare til å konfrontere Israel, Gordon Duff intervjues på Press TV (video)

Syria Ready to Confront Israel, Duff on Press TV (video)

Fox drops analyst who said UK might have helped spy on Trump

Ivanka Trump scores West Wing office, government security clearances

Trump And Bannon's Dystopia - Deconstruction Of The Establishment And Fade To Black

British troops in Estonia to counter Russia


Israel preparing to utterly destroy Lebanon?

Did an Israeli minister recently suggest that Israel send Lebanon 'back to the Middle Ages' to exonerate future war crimes?

Despair at the sight of the large-scale destruction of Beirut's suburbs, 2006.

[Editor's note: As I wrote last week, Israel is preparing to launch its third invasion of Lebanon:

As we see from the thoroughly disgusting threats and rhetoric from an Israeli minister, the attack on Lebanon will make no distinction between civilian and military targets, everything will be destroyed as the Israelis attempt to utterly destroy the Lebanese nation, which is nothing new of course, the Zionists have had plenty of practice at committing genocide and war crimes as they systematically destroy the Palestinians. Ian]


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Israel preparing to utterly destroy Lebanon?


Embarrassing: Horrid Russian Propaganda for Trump

Changing Dynamics of Syrian Conflict under Trump Administration

Has Russia changed its stance on defending Syria?

Syrian War Report - March 21, 2017: Russia Set Military Base In YPG-Held Area Of Afrin?

David Rockefeller dør - forbindelse til drapet på John F. Kennedy avslørt!

David Rockefeller dies - link to JFK assassination exposed!

Charge Him, Fine Him, Lock Him Up, the Liar and Thief

Trump Caught a Good One Here: The Strange Tale of Hassan Aden

UN ETE 44- Summer of 1944

Petro-Islam: The Genesis of Islamic Radicalism


NATO elsker Syria-knekk

Norge elsker NATO

akkurat like mye som sukkerkaramell-"knekk" med melk, fløte og smør i.


Fotografier ©

Og der farer de av sted til nye farer

(bare en av "farene" mine, som gutten sa)

Norge har mange "farer"

men vet ikke om noen av de

for de setter sin lit til feil far

og hadde de bare visst hvem han egentlig var

så hadde de nok for å en NATO-folkeavstemming

med sannhets-folkeopplysning på forhånd vær var

men det kan man bare glemme

for for dem kan alt dette "helt enkelt bare ikke stemme".

NRK har alltid rett, og Vg, Dagbladet, Aftenposten,

TV2 og alle andre vet jo hva de snakker om, alltid.

Ja, og Nettavisen og..............................................................


NATO uttales "Nei-to"

Ambrosia - Biggest Part Of Me Live

Ambrosia playing Biggest Part Of Me Live From June 1980.

Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross (Best that you can do)

Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross (Best that you can do) Once in your lifeyou find her Someone that turns your heart around ...

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