The Drug Enforcement Agency og henrettelsen av sunn fornuft. Elektromagnetisme og dens effekter




The DEA has long been working to restrict plant medicines, herbal products, and anything effective that the pharmaceutical companies are unable to profit from. In a month, kratom will be a Schedule-1 substance - deemed as dangerous; a public health menace with no medical use. It is made from the leaf of a tree similar to the coffee tree, and like most plant medicines it has been used for a long time. In its unadulterated powder form it is an excellent pain reliever. Since I began using kratom nearly a year ago, I've been able to stop taking the synthetic opiate Tramadol.

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Elekstromagnetiske felt og effektene av de

Electromagnetic Fields and Their Effects

Posted on September 1, 2016



By Catherine J Frompovich

Can you see and feel its effects in the air?  Of course you can, but you don't know how to identify it correctly!  It's all around us like an ocean of electromagnetic frequencies that we are swimming in, which are pulsed out from many more sources than we can begin to imagine and, more confoundedly, not accept that they are causing damage to all living elements, especially young children who are most vulnerable.

I'm talking about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or radiofrequencies (RFs), which have become so ubiquitous that we haven't stopped to realize what's been happening to us - especially children exposed to Wi-Fi in Schools - and how trees [4] and other plant life are being damaged.

Where do these EMFs come from?

Microwaves that are emitted by cell phone and mast towers, cell phones, AMI smart meters for electric, natural gas and water utilities, microwave ovens, and all "smart" appliances that contain ZigBee chips, which are two-way radio transmitters operating using microwave technologies.


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DARPA utvikler tankestyrings- og dyrets merke -teknologier

DARPA Developing Mind Control and Mark of the Beast Technologies

September 27, 2016 | Waking Times


by Nathaniel Makau


Technology consultants to DARPA may claim the secretive Department of Defense only has innovation for the betterment of humanity in mind, but some of their most outlandish projects tell a different story.

How do DARPA's projects interact with each other and what does this truly mean for us as a civilization?

DARPA has hacked into a squid's nervous system in order to force the animal to change its colors. What does this mean for you and me? DARPA is essentially seeing just how far they can take their mind control techniques so that even those of us who have not been overtaken with nano-bots would still be physically submissive. This same experiment is being carried out on human spies, wherein DARPA's scientists hack into the peripheral nervous system to override autonomic functioning. Using its Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program, DARPA is attempting to take over the brain's synaptic plasticity, so that it can tap into nerves reaching out to our extremities. While this may sound "cool" at first blush, imagine the implications if someone were remotely controlling how your limbs function against your will. Ray Kurzweil has already predicted that humans will by hybrid robots by the year 2030. If DARPA has their way, he is probably late in his estimation.


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Researchers are trying to build a biobot - a robot made from living tissue and cells


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