Narkoproduksjon skyter i været når NATO regisserer showet 'Krigen for narko' - med narko hjemsendt i døde soldaters mager


Pentagons mest skitne hemmelighet

Penger ingensteds fra - fra løse luften....



Jeg visste ikke om jeg skulle lagre dette under "NATO" eller "Narko-mafia". Kanskje må jeg lage en ny kategori: "NATO-narkomafia". Uansett så spiller det ingen rolle, for dette var "ikke-nyheter"; totalt uinteressant for disse. Nå går jo pølsesalget til værs, og det er jo kjempebra (amerikanske kule NATO-soldater elsker våre pølser).

Grønt lys for amerikanske soldater til Værnes - Aftenposten

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Subject: Viktige nyheter, del 84 - CIA-operated drones protect drug lords in Pakistan: Gordon Duff + Tariq al-Hashimi and Rafi al-Issawi have financially supported the Zionist Takfiri ISIS group.


The Real War On Drugs

By Katherine Frisk on August 9, 2016

And the Winds of Change

by Katherine Frisk

A number of years ago a good friend asked me why there is so much rampant drug abuse in the world today. She was distressed by the decimation of the young people that she was seeing happening around her on a daily basis. I did not have the answer then, however I do have some semblance of the answer now.

Drug production skyrockets with NATO running the show - And this is called a war on drugs

Drug production skyrockets with NATO running the show - And this is called a war on drugs

People who believe in Democracy, freedom of speech and equal rights do not, as some would think, believe that this includes the illegal narcotics industry that is destroying lives and families all over the world.

My first introduction to the mix between politics and drugs came when I learned about the CIA involvement in running cocaine from South America. As one example of many, consider Panama. This from William Blum:

"For more than a decade, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega was a highly paid CIA asset and collaborator, despite knowledge by U.S. drug authorities as early as 1971 that the general was heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Noriega facilitated 'guns-for-drugs' flights for the contras, providing protection and pilots, as well as safe havens for drug cartel officials, and discrete banking facilities. U.S. officials, including then-CIA Director William Webster and several DEA officers, sent Noriega letters of praise for efforts to thwart drug trafficking (albeit only against competitors of his Medellin Cartel patrons).

The U.S. government only turned against Noriega, invading Panama in December 1989 and kidnapping the general once they discovered he was providing intelligence and services to the Cubans and Sandinistas. Ironically drug trafficking through Panama increased after the US invasion. (John Dinges, Our Man in Panama, Random House, 1991; National Security Archive Documentation Packet The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations.)"

It came as a shock to discover that the very country that had declared a "war on drugs," was the same country where top bankers, politicians and so-called "Security" ABC soup types were heavily invested in the very thing that they were supposedly fighting against in the first place. As it turned out, it was not a "war on drugs," but a "war for drugs."

My second introduction came from Gordon Duff who has given a number of interviews on Press TV exposing the US military and the CIA in the production of heroin from Afghanistan. It was more shocking that the opium is not only guarded by the US military, but is shipped out of NATO bases in the Middle East, Turkey and through the Balkans into Europe.

CIA-operated drones protect drug lords in Pakistan: Gordon Duff


For VT readers this is not a shock or anything new. Neither is CIA involvement in Cocaine from South America, or their involvement in the drug cartels. Or the politicians and banks that are involved.


But it appears that the winds of change are blowing all over the world. Their days are numbered. And the "war for drugs" is finally turning into a "war against drugs."

This process began when banks like HSBC and many others were investigated and exposed for drug money laundering and subjected to fines. The Vatican bank included. At one stage the Vatican was forced to close all their ATMs along with the crack down on other international banking institutions.

As they say in the classics, "follow the money." And the money in illegal and destructive trades like the narcotics industry usually leads to the Mafia. Both in Europe and in the Americas. Whether that Mafia be Italian, Russian, Israeli, African, Arab or American. They are all in bed together and no doubt attend their local Synagogue, Church or Mosque at the same time. And even more shocking, politicians, political parties and governments are on their bank roll.

The very people who taxpayers pay to maintain law and order are the same people who are making it possible for the "war for drugs" to function and profiting from it.

Rousseff has been eliminated through ?car wash? and yet another ?color revolution.? Attempts are being made to impeach Jacob Zuma. The remaining BRICS leaders can expect attacks from all quarters

Rousseff has been eliminated through "car wash" and yet another "color revolution." Attempts are being made to impeach Jacob Zuma. The remaining BRICS leaders can expect attacks from all quarters


The second time I heard a clarion call was at the BRICS meeting in Durban South Africa in 2013 when Dilma Rousseff called out for a joint international effort against organized crime and drug trafficking.

It comes as no surprise that Brazil in 2016 has been subjected to a "colour revolution" regime change in order to get rid of her through that ridiculous "car wash" scenario, and to install more compliant and corrupt politicians who will toe the line and secure the destructive narcotics industry... and trap them into the TPP agreements.

And then there is the 2016 Olympics. Over and above the repetitive Main Stream Media's constant barrage to discredit any and every country that hosts any international sporting event - (other than the US of A of course because they are "exceptional"), as we saw in Sochi (the Russia para-Olympic team is banned from Brazil-how childish is that?) and so many other countries before them - this is yet another excuse to bring Brazil down in any way that they can.

saudi arabia

But I digress... back to the drugs.

In 2015, the world was shocked to read of the Saudi Royal family being involved in the narcotics industry. These are the same people who have been funding Daesh/ISIS in Syria, and chop off women's heads because they are not dressed in tents and also crucify political activists. No doubt the sale of these narcotics have gone a long way to supporting the terrorists in Syria.

"Lebanese authorities have charged a Saudi prince and nine other people with drug trafficking, a week after they were arrested in the largest-ever drug seizure at Beirut's airport.

Saudi Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four other Saudis were arrested at the airport on October 27, after nearly two tonnes of Captagon capsules and cocaine were found waiting to be loaded onto their private jet.

"[A public prosecutor] has charged 10 people, including five arrested individuals - a Saudi prince and Saudi nationals with smuggling and selling the drug Captagon," a judicial source said on Monday."


Then we get to the attempted coup in Turkey in July. This is my guess. Time will bear me out as to whether this is accurate or not.

Russia has been bombing since September 2015. On Turkey's border. Russia has also been sending missiles from the Black Sea across Turkey to strike Daesh in Syria - a nerve-wracking experience for them I am sure. Putin has all the details of all the bank accounts of everyone who has been buying illegal oil from Daesh and funding them, which he presented to the G20 in November 2015.

Then somebody in Turkey shot down a Russian jet that was flying in Syrian airspace. This is a declaration of war... by Turkey.

Then earlier this year, Aleppo was about to fall, but Russia pulled back. Why? I still think that there was some kind of surrender going on here by Turkey and buying time for them get their own forces out of Syria on conditions.

For the purposes of this article, it is the possible "conditions" that interest me more than anything else.

*Obviously to stop supporting Daesh/ISIS/Al Qaeda or whatever brand name they have come up with at the Hollywood costume department next. *Not buying their stolen oil and closing the border to prevent further shipment of weapons and terrorists.

But here is the clanger. Turkey is a major transit point between east and west; and that includes opium from Afghanistan going through to Chechnya and the Balkans via Turkey.

How many thousands of people has Erdogan arrested? CIA/ Gulen aside, how many of them are involved directly or indirectly in the narcotics trade, while Washington screams freedom and democracy?

As for Incirlik that Erdogan shut down for a week and now has surrounded (nukes aside), has this air force base been used for narcotics shipments by the usual CIA suspects? And are Clinton and Trump acting really weird these days because nether of them have got their fix, because it has been cut off? This would explain a lot of panic going on right now... just saying. Because both of them appear to be losing it, to me.

Was the coup engineered by the US. and CIA agent Graham E. Fuller in particular. via the Gulan movement, as F. William Engdahl has laid out very clearly in his recent article, Graham E. Fuller Where Were You on the Night of July 15? in order to circumvent the "surrender agreements" between Erdogan and Putin, which includes a real war on drugs? ...Drugs that have been sold and the funds used to bankroll terrorist activity by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and the US.

Big Russian Bust

Big Russian Bust


In the last week I have read two headlines. I do believe that they will become the general trend in the coming months and years.

Colombia destroys 104 cocaine labs in five days as part of crackdown on drug production. 3rd August 2016

"Colombian law enforcement has destroyed 104 cocaine laboratories capable of producing some 100 tonnes of the drug annually, the head of the anti-narcotics police said on Tuesday.

The operation, conducted over five days in the country's southeastern jungle region, is part of new government strategy focused on combating drug production, as well as the cultivation of coca, the base ingredient of cocaine.

"This is a structural blow to the finances of drug trafficking," anti-narcotics police director General Jose Angel Mendoza said in the jungles of Guaviare province. "The laboratories were burned down by police commandos."

And then this:

Meanwhile, In The Philippines...

"The killing of over 400 drug dealers in the Philippine government's "war on narco-politics" has reportedly led to an additional 500,000 turning themselves in... "I'll really have you killed... My order is shoot to kill you. I don't care about human rights, you better believe me." Those are the words of recently elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, adding during a televised national address "my mouth has no due process."

There is a fine line between Democracy, and law and order. In recent years, the criminals in society have used Democracy to their benefit. Those who were not guilty have found themselves tortured in CIA black sites around the world, murdered, living in embassies, or fleeing to other countries for safety because they exposed and opposed criminal behaviour.

Those who are guilty sit in boardrooms and are in top positions in corporations and banks, or they get themselves elected as the President or the Prime minster of a country.

It is time we got our priorities straight. And it seems that in some countries these days, they are.



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The Pentagon´s Biggest dirty secret

By Preston James, Ph.D on October 17, 2015

Is the RKM World Control Grid run by a secret inter-generational "bloodline" group of Opium Traffickers that has infiltrated the Pentagon and uses the Israeli-American Terror machine as its enforcer ?


Over the years some who have retired from working inside the upper levels of Intel and Defense have claimed that the core controllers of the Pentagon are themselves under the control of a secret occult-linked drug trafficking group.

This group is also believed to run the Israeli-American Terror machine and the private central Banking Systems run out of the City of London.

This group controls most of the World´s political systems through private Fiat central banking while waging wars to extend power and generate massive profits not otherwise possible.

But there have also been claims that this powerful group of "World Money-changers" originally gained much of its foreign power from creating and maintaining a large international opium trafficking network or cartel hidden behind a City of London Proprietary Intel operation.

Some historians believe that this large Opium trafficking group operated through a proprietary Intel front known as the British East India Company.

Anyone who wants more information about the World´s largest opium Trafficking Cartel should get a hold of the well respected classic, Dope Inc. and read it. Many secrets are contained in this book which some claimed sent Henry Kissinger into a tizzy fit.

It is now generally recognized that the *RKM is an inter-generational family-based private international central Fiat banking group insiders refer to as the "World Money-changers", or "the Baby" because it is at the nexus of the revived mystery Babylonian Talmudic Banking system, also known as the "money from nothing" Babylonian Money-magick system.


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Med dop i magen, hjem til USA på i de "sovendes" vogn.



Fremmede droner overvåket norsk militærøvelse

En rekke fremmede droner fløy over området i Troms der Hæren, Garden og Heimevernet deltok i forsvarsøvelsen Rein 2 sammen med amerikanske soldater 


"Califoregoton" - Yeah ... Go for it!

Syrian War Report - November 25, 2016: Syrian Army & YPG Launch Joint Advance East of Aleppo

Baghdadi Hiding in Tunnels with Suicide Belt; Ordered Killing of Confidants

Trump's "Betsy" Will Stun You, Maybe to Death (updated)


Jeg skal være så glad når jeg er ferdig med dette. Så får dette landet gå akkurat dit dere vil ha det, siden dere tier om alt dette.

Vi til og med hjelper dem med å drive narkohandel og mafia.


Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

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