Rørledningkrigene (Syria) - Afrika flyter på et hav av olje Vesten vil ha tak i; IS = Det globale organiserte kriminelle forbund


Utdrag: Går USA til krig mot Syria på grunn av en naturgass-rørledning?


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ISIS as only an "arm" of a global organized crime syndicate.

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Hvis dere ser på artikkelen øverst på min ene blogg: http://nyheteridag.blogg.no/ som jeg avsluttet 9. juni fordi jeg ikke orket å snakke til døve ører mer (min andre blogg var www.spillerdetnoenrolle.blogg.no), så leder den dere til en artikkel hos Veterans Today som avslører årsaken til at Vesten (USA, Frankrike, Storbritannia, m.fl.) støtter terrorister som driver og slakter kristne og andre innbyggere på kontinentet, for å få tak i oljen. Det som er holdt hemmelig er at Afrika flyter på et hav av olje:  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/09/neo-brzezinskis-neocolonial-strategic-vision/
På akkurat samme måte har Vesten drevet på i Midtøsten; kverket kristne og andre "minoriteter", muslimer og alt som kan krype og gå, bare de ikke er jøder (israelere) eller amerikanere, for å si det enkelt. Terroristgrupper som kapper hodet av 12-åringer, voldtar og dreper barn og kvinner og får kristne mødre til å spise sine egne barn (uten å vite det) er "helt OK", så lenge de fjerner Assad slik at de får tak i gassen som ligger under bakken, populært kalt "The pipeline wars":


Is the United States going to War with Syria over a Natural Gas Pipeline?


by Michael Snyder


Why has the little nation of Qatar spent 3 billion dollars to support the rebels in Syria?  Could it be because Qatar is the largest exporter of liquid natural gas in the world and Assad won't let them build a natural gas pipeline through Syria?  Of course. Qatar wants to install a puppet regime in Syria that will allow them to build a pipeline which will enable them to sell lots and lots of natural gas to Europe.

Why is Saudi Arabia spending huge amounts of money to help the rebels and why has Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan been "jetting from covert command centers near the Syrian front lines to the Élysée Palace in Paris and the Kremlin in Moscow, seeking to undermine the Assad regime?"  Well, it turns out that Saudi Arabia intends to install their own puppet government in Syria which will allow the Saudis to control the flow of energy through the region.

On the other side, Russia very much prefers the Assad regime for a whole bunch of reasons.  One of those reasons is that Assad is helping to block the flow of natural gas out of the Persian Gulf into Europe, thus ensuring higher profits for Gazprom.  Now the United States is getting directly involved in the conflict.

If the U.S. is successful in getting rid of the Assad regime, it will be good for either the Saudis or Qatar (and possibly for both), and it will be really bad for Russia.  This is a strategic geopolitical conflict about natural resources, religion and money, and it really has nothing to do with chemical weapons at all.

Common Knowledge

It has been common knowledge that Qatar has desperately wanted to construct a natural gas pipeline that will enable it to get natural gas to Europe for a very long time.  The following is an excerpt from an article from 2009.

Qatar has proposed a gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey in a sign the emirate is considering a further expansion of exports from the world's biggest gasfield after it finishes an ambitious program to more than double its capacity to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He's a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook."

  • Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


NEO - Is ISIS a Scam?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 22, 2016

moscow banner

First there is the oil, and then moving it to market

First there is the oil, and then moving it to market


[ Editor's note: The wars can be long running moving targets, where even years into them, new pieces of the puzzle are being found, or discovered when they had been missed. Today we delve into the deep end of the pool in Iraq with a completely new look at who really is ISIL in Iraq.

Gordon is especially well-suited to weigh in here, as he was stationed in Erbil post-Iraqi war in a UN position working with the Kurds, and knew Barazani well. A key part of his work was being a middle man in working out the economic values on the oil-producing region of northern Iraq.

He has been to every oil well in northern Iraq, seen the test results of its quality (like sulfur content), the transportation cost to the nearest pipeline connection to determine the sale price per barrel. He was not a fast learner for this Erbil gig, but had a long history in the oil contracting business, with transactions covering 30 to 40 countries.

VT has a long history where, after we get new information, we update our readers, as that is the process followed in formal Intel analysis contracting work. The readers see other readers critique our work in the comment section, but not the professional interchanges that take place at a different level, where even more adjustments might take place as we work to get closer and closer to the real deal... Jim W. Dean ]



Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don't exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told.

The real "ISIS," more recently identified as a Turkish, Israeli, Saudi construct is, at least in Iraq, run out of Erbil, not Mosul or Raqqah, cannot be identified, or explained. It is a ghost. Let our story begin.

In January 2014, I met with Sunni governors to discuss their views on the ISIS threat as it applied to their regional security issues. At that time ISIS was in Ramadi only, seen by a cynical but powerful few as a useful tool to leverage political reforms from the Shiite led government.

The subsequent almost magical rise of ISIS across Iraq was believed by all though it made no sense. The ISIS of January 2014 and the ISIS of September 2014 were unrelated, certainly not the same entity.

The new "ISIS" made militarily impossible simultaneous moves across Anbar, Nineveh, Salahaddin, Tamim, Dyala, Karbala, Babil, Najaf, Qadisiyyah and even Sulaymania provinces - and this is in Iraq alone.

Russian and US delegations chiefs with Barakat of Syria reading findings

Russian delegation chief, and Gordon, with Dr. Barakat of Syria, the formal reading of the conference findings, Dec. 03, 2014, Damascus


This evidenced early on that the tribal, interrelated Sunni political groups, all of which had long since formed militia organizations with which I am very familiar, had suddenly become "ISIS" in Iraq but that there were other powers as well acting under the theatrical guise of ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State.

Thus, we knew from the first, and by "we," I mean the Iraqi government, Iran, Russia and maybe even the United States, that the ISIS threat was misrepresented.

This has long been an unspoken fact that the insurgency we suspected was nothing more than an Iraqi civil war, not the rise of a mystical cult of "head choppers" with mad internet skills and lots of Hollywood backing.

If the thought has crossed your mind that ISIS isn't what it seems to be, your suspicions may well have been justified. If you had heard of conspiracy theories about ISIS, that intelligence agencies were helping it or that it isn't quite what it seems, there is reason to believe, reason rooted in facts that you are shooting well short of the mark.

We now have reason to believe that there really is no "ISIS", not as represented by anyone, not even by conspiracy theorists. In fact, the closest anyone has come to what we are now learning about who and what they really are came out in December 2014 during the Damascus Security Conference when the American delegation headed by Colonel James Hanke and I named ISIS as only an "arm of a global organized crime syndicate.


Deconstructing ISIS

Last week, the regional government in Erbil covering the Kurdish areas of Iraq, received a very strange and inexplicable payment of $200m from Turkey for "oil revenue shortfalls."

However, records indicate that in accordance with Iraq's constitution, Erbil had received its requisite 17% of Iraq's oil revenue with consistency.

Also note that the constitution of Iraq expressly prevents the Kurdish Regional Government from directly negotiating oil sales with any nation or corporate entity.

You've heard of Bandar Bush? Well there's also Barzani McCain

You've heard of Bandar Bush? Well there's also Barzani McCain


Moreover, Iraq's massive Kirkuk oil reserves are well outside the borders of the Kurdish Regional Government's limited control. Then, however, KRG Prime Minister Barzani announced that he was planning to annex Iraq's major oil fields as part of a ploy to withdraw from Iraq.

Adding to this, all in one week mind you, including another $300m payment to Erbil from an oil company in the West to secure oil rights within the territory Barzani said he plays to seize.

The problem is, Barzani already seized that territory and has, since 2014, been selling the oil to Turkey.

Moreover, according to a June 10, 2014 story from the Iraqi News, the government of Iraq has cited Barzani personally as having sold $119b in Kirkuk oil through Turkey and Israel and for personally pocketing the entire amount, sales from 2010 onward, an amount now believed to exceed $160 billion American dollars.

That entire amount, according to the Baghdad government, cannot be found in any account. All the while, the people of the KRG are told they are bankrupt and local services are being curtailed.


We Said Erbil Had Seized the Oil Fields, What Did We Mean?


Kurdistan's Barzani


Back in November 2015, Russian Aerospace forces attacked oil truck convoys, at places moving four abreast, near the Turkish border crossing of Zahko. Though this was announced by no one, that border crossing is not between Syria and Turkey but rather Iraq and Turkey.

The oil transported along this ground route, parallel with the Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil pipeline, brought high grade light sweet Iraqi crude oil from fields north and east of Baghdad that were very remote from any known ISIS military capability.

We were told that ISIS had conquered the oil fields and refinery facilities that the Erbil government, since 2003, had coveted and had made more than two dozen military grabs to seize, each blocked by the Baghdad government with overwhelming force, something known well in Iraq but never reported in the West.

Until the "ISIS" moves across Iraq, the ones cited as Sunni militias pretending to be ISIS and limited real ISIS activities in and around their only base of operations in Ramadi, the Baghdad government had kept strong military forces between these oil facilities and production regions and the incursions from Erbil.

Where we had assumed that ISIS had taken these areas, though militarily impossible, and had somehow been allowed to transit oil directly through Erbil controlled territory into Turkey, perhaps explaining the $200m payment, thus representing a partnership between Turkey, ISIS and the KRG, we find we had this wrong. We had underestimated the situation.

The galactic criminal cabal uses pods of three plus one to nudge forward the chaos that would come out of global war on Earth -- otherwise known as The Apocalypse. With the fourth player (the bringer of death) always changing, this maximizes the power and scope of one pod. Just as everyone on the planet is connected by six degrees of separation, that too is five minus one. The "one" that is universal is the unseen spirit of chaos.

The global crime cabal uses memes for the purpose of confusion. The cabal uses pods of three plus one

to nudge forward the chaos that would come out of an all-encompassing Earthly war, otherwise known as

The Apocalypse. If you set up the fourth player (the bringer of death) to always be changing, this pivotability

leverages the power and scope of one pod. Likewise, the bringers of death can pivot to their other pods of

three (victory, war, famine) in their other circles. Research showed in the 1960s that all humans are only

separated by six degrees.


Illuminati signs

Illuminati signs


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