Hvordan USA spionerer på medisinske frivillige organisasjoner og helsens forsvarere på verdensbasis, misbruk av kjemiske våpen


Private hærer, Daesh (IS), CIA og TTP-avtalen


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Hvordan USA spionerer på medisinske frivillige organisasjoner og helsens forsvarere på verdensbasis
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As part of an ongoing effort to "exploit medical intelligence," the National Security Agency teamed up with the military-focused Defense Intelligence Agency to extract "medical SIGINT" from the intercepted communications of nonprofit groups starting in the early 2000s, a top-secret document shows.

Medical intelligence can include information about disease outbreaks; the ability of a foreign regime to respond to chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks; the capabilities of overseas drugs companies; advances in medical technology; medical research, and the medical response capabilities of various governments, according to the document and others like it, provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The documents show that such intelligence is used in efforts to protect U.S. forces, assess the readiness of foreign armies, create opportunities for U.S. diplomats to build goodwill, uncover chemical weapons programs, identify specific bio-weapons facilities, and study how diseases spread.

The existence and broad contours of U.S. medical intelligence collection have been previously disclosed (as has one of its more nefarious uses, in which the flow of medical supplies would be used to hunt down a targeted individual).

HONG KONG, CHINA: A tram driver is silhouetted at a tram stop in front of a billboard showing medical workers doctor wearing masks to prevent the SARS disease in the Central district of Hong Kong, 07 May 2004. Although China's first 2004 SARS patient, a lab worker in Beijing, will be discharged from hospital 10 May 2004 and only one person on the mainland has died so far, authorities in Hong Kong have continued to push public service advertisements warning local citizens to be diligent in the fight against the disease which caused almost 800 deaths in 2003, nearly 300 in the former British colony. AFP PHOTO/Samantha SIN (Photo credit should read SAMANTHA SIN/AFP/Getty Images)

A billboard shows medical workers wearing masks to prevent the spread of the SARS virus at a tram stop in Hong Kong in 2004.

Photo: Samantha Sin/AFP/Getty Images




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Kur og kurering er svært dårlig business, det er derfor så mange forskere som har funnet kur for kreft og funnet svineri i vaksiner har blitt funnet myrdet i løpet av kort tid (men det har pågått lenge).
Her er oppklaring av hvem som er hvem:
Russiske bombefly ødelegger USA-støtted kjemisk våpenfabrikk nær Raqqa

Russian bombers destroy US backed chemical weapons plant near Raqqa... - Veterans Today

11. aug. 2016 - Russian bombers destroy US backed chemical weapons plant near Raqqa, Syria. By GPD on August 11, 2016.
USA planlegger å dynke jordkloden med våpen til den er gjennomvåt

U.S. Plans to Saturate Globe With Weapons | Veterans Today

11. jul. 2016 - International demand for U.S. weapons systems is expected to continue ...
Russian bombers destroy US backed chemical weapons plant near ...
USAs biologiske våpenfabrikk var det farlig for VT-journalist Jeffrey Silverman
som fikk skikkelig juling og blåøye

Vanishing Bio-Weapons Lab in Georgia Republic ... - Veterans Today

13. jan. 2016 - Unfortunately, for the Richard Lugar Lab in Georgia, they had an in-country ...
Jeffrey Silverman, who had been a chemical weapons officer for the US Army. ... Certain parties
within the US were the growing threat, and still are. .... A counterpart laboratory, dealing with plant
diseases, operates in Kobuleti, on ...
Rapport: IS bruker kjemiske våpen mot kurderne

Report: ISIL Uses Chemical Weapons against Kurds ... - Veterans Today

30. apr. 2016 - None of the Kurdish fighters hit by the chemical attack died, but only ...
USAs biologiske terrorfabrikker og Syria

US Bio-Chem Terror Factories and Syria | Veterans Today

4. sep. 2013 - Attack on Syria exposes US biochem terror factories ... Bechtel National Project,
'bio storage facility in Georgia, from US Defense contractors, ...
Irakiske plantasjer produserer kjemiske våpen for rebeller

Iraqi Plants Producing Chemical Arms for Rebels | Veterans Today

17. mai 2016 - Russia is also aware that a plant which produces chemical ... Putin questioned the
credibility of allegations by the US, UK and France that ...
Bagdad krever hevn: USA-støttede soldater brukte kjemiske våpen i angrepet i Irak, Syria og kurdiske Tyrkia

Baghdad Demands Revenge: US Backed Fighters Using Chemical Attacks in Iraq, Syria, Kurdish-Turkey

By GPD on March 12, 2016

A three-year-old girl has been killed and 600 more people injured after Islamic State militants reportedly carried out two chemical attacks in northern Iraq, local authorities say. The Iraqi government vows that the attackers will pay for the atrocity.

The attacks, which forced hundreds to flee for safety, took place in the city of Kirkuk and the village Taza, according to an AP report citing Iraqi officials.

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Baghdad Demands Revenge: US Backed Fighters ... - Veterans Today

12. mar. 2016 - Baghdad Demands Revenge: US Backed Fighters Using Chemical ....
Russian bombers destroy US backed chemical weapons plant near ...

House Republicans passed legislation on Thursday that would deny federal funds to sanctuary cities.


July 23, 2015, 04:21 pm

House votes to punish sanctuary cities



The bill, passed 241-179, would withhold certain federal law enforcement grants to cities that have policies designed to shelter illegal immigrants from deportation.

Sanctuary cities have come under heavy scrutiny in the wake of Kathryn Steinle's death on July 1 in San Francisco. Authorities charged Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez with her killing. Lopez-Sanchez, who is in the U.S. illegally, has a history of felony convictions and has been deported five times.

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Hillary Clinton Picks TPP and Fracking Advocate To Set Up Her White House


Aug. 16 2016, 10:56 p.m.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Two big issues dogged Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary: the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP) and fracking. She had a long history of supporting both.

Under fire from Bernie Sanders, she came out against the TPP and took a more critical position on fracking. But critics wondered if this was a sincere conversion or simply campaign rhetoric.

Now, in two of the most significant personnel moves she will ever make, she has signaled a lack of sincerity.

She chose as her vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine, who voted to authorize fast-track powers for the TPP and praised the agreement just two days before he was chosen.


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Oppklaring av "fantastisk avtale"... for hvem? Det er fascisme i praksis. Land og enkeltmennesker (småbedrifter etc) mister retten til å holde overgripere ansvarlige (når det er gift i maten f.eks):

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

By Katherine Frisk on November 22, 2015

My fellow Americans, have you completely, utterly and totally lost your frigging minds?

...by Katherine Frisk

The scam of training "moderate rebels" continues

The scam of training "moderate rebels" continues

Daesh/ISL is a private army, with private funding and with no oversight from any government. Daesh has been making huge profits through oil stolen from Syria and transported to Turkey where it has been bought by Erodogan's son. Who he is selling it to is still under debate.

On Monday 16th of November, President Putin presented the G20 with satellite and banking details of those countries and individuals who have been both supporting Daesh and buying illegal oil through Turkey. His disclosures at this meeting were not covered in any Main Stream Media Outlet.

Speculation has run rife as to who exactly is involved. In The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking Zero Hedge suggests the following.

But what we have been wondering for months and what we hope some enterprising journalist will soon answer, is just who are the commodity trading firms that have been so generously buying millions of smuggled oil barrels procured by the Islamic State at massive discounts to market, and then reselling them to other interested parties.

In other words, who are the middlemen. What we do know is who they may be: they are the same names that were quite prominent in the market in September when Glencore had its first, and certainly not last, near death experience:the Glencores, the Vitols, the Trafiguras, the Nobels, the Mercurias of the world.

This is still speculation on their part. And not confirmed. However, keep the names of these companies in mind, or any corporations similar to them.

As we have seen in the last week, a plethora of articles have appeared in the Independent media about the association between the Saudi Muhajadeen, Qatar, Turkey, Mossad on the Golan Heights and the CIA and their affiliation with Daesh/ISIL

For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the CIA, though the same applies to all covert groups who have been involved with training, funding and working alongside Daesh/ISIL. To get some background on the CIA please read:

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities 


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Hillary's Economic Plan -
Continued New Millennium Disaster


By Stephen Lendman

  America is mired in protracted Main Street Depression because of a generation of bipartisan governance serving privileged interests at the expense of most others - Republicans and Democrats sharing guilt.

Neoliberal harshness became official US policy in the 1990s - during the Bill and Hillary co-presidency. Giving them a third term assures more of the same - the horror of deepening poverty, mass unemployment and underemployment, homelessness and hunger at record levels, the world's richest country thirdworldized while monied interests never have things better.

Believe nothing Hillary says. She's an exposed serial liar. She lied about wars of aggression she orchestrated against Libya and Syria.

She lied about helping to topple Honduran and Paraguayan leaders. She lied about rigging Haiti's election to install a US-controlled puppet.

She lied about using her home server and personal BlackBerry for official State Department business, including easily hacked classified email exchanges. She lied about opposing TPP after assertively supporting it.

She lied about helping America's most needy despite contemptuously ignoring them for throughout her political career. She lied about being a jobs creator as US senator. She lied about wanting peace while supporting and encouraging all US wars since the 1990s.

She's no progressive. She's no democrat (small "d"). She's no supporter of rule of law principles.  She's Wall Street's favorite. War-profiteers love her. So do Big Pharma, Monsanto and other corporate predators.

She makes painful listening - making empty promises to be broken straightaway if anointed America's next president - guaranteed!

Hillary: "We have the most dynamic, productive workforce in the world, bar none."

Fact: Then why are half of US households impoverished or bordering it? Why does America resemble a third world economy? Why is nearly one-fourth of its working age population unemployed? Why is most of the rest of it underemployed?


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Det er "verdens" måte

"That's the Way of the World" Earth Wind & Fire encore w guest vocalist Deniece Williams


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