Boris Johnson støtter saudisk henrettelse av tenåringer for "forbrytelsen" fredelig protest...BBC & Saudi-Arabia -mediasamarbeid


Boris Johnson Supports Saudis Upcoming Execution of Teens for Peaceful Protest "Crime"

By GPD on August 1, 2016

UK Urged to Correct Saudi 'Propaganda' Amid Juvenile Execution Fears

The UK is being urged to act to prevent the execution of Saudi Arabian men convicted of crimes while they were juveniles.


UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is being urged to publicly reject Saudi Arabian "propaganda" claims concerning three young men on death row, amid fears the protestors are set to be executed in the country - despite being convicted as juveniles.




Hvorfor USA og Russland burde frykte Boris Johnson

Why the US and Russia should fear Boris Johnson ... - Veterans Today


BBC og Saudia-Arabia Co-op

BBC & Saudi Arabia media cooperation

By GPD on July 13, 2016


Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, Adel Al Toraifi, accept to have official visit with A delegation of BBC managers and network administrators chaired by Ms. Rozita Lotfi in Riyadh on Saturday. Both sides in joint meeting checked ways of media cooperation and the latest regional news.


Dr. Al Toraifi said in this meeting: BBC network earns special importance in the region, especially in Iran and among ethnic groups, Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis and Turkmen enjoys special popularity. He added that Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information has planned a project until its satellite station be able to broadcast in three languages, English, Persian and Urdu and also this ministry has provided plans to develop Saudi news network that can be broadcast in 20 languages by the end of 2017.


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Tidligere israelsk utenriksminister stevnet av britisk politi på grunn av angivelige krigsforbrytelser


Breaking: Israeli Ex-Foreign Minister Summoned by UK Police Over Alleged War Crimes

By GPD on July 3, 2016

ScreenHunter_236 Jul. 03 11.35


According to Israeli media reports, UK police summoned Tzipi Livni for questioning over links to alleged war crimes committed by Israeli military during operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009.

Israeli flag


Australia: Lovgivning som gir bort ytringsfrihet på vegne av islam


Australia. Legislating away freedom of speech for Islam

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1, UN Resolution 16/18 made manifest in Australia:

link til [australsk] youtubevideo

2. Andrew Bolt weighs in on these and similar events:

link til australsk youtubevideo

3. Video blogger, Regressive News, takes a swing at all this.

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French National Front VP Wants Mosques Closed

Sweden Dying Under Muslim, Black African Sex Attacks

Grown Men Fake Being 'Child' Refugees In UK

The United States Of Refugees

Islamic Invasion Of America MUST BE STOPPED

EU Nation-Destroying Invasion

German Ski Resort Hit By Black, Muslim Crime Wave

Germans Leaving Germany - (They Must Stay & Fight)

Look What European Children Are Being Forced To Do

German Mayor Begs For Help With Muslim Crime Deluge

EU Told To Take 1.3 Million MORE 'Muslims' Yearly

Paris Covered In Filth, Excrement By African Blacks

Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France


Hillary's Muslims Vow To Make
Raping White Women Legal

Hillarys muslimer lover å gjøre voldtekt av hvite kvinner lovlig

By Patricia Doyle

READ! Germany's Muslim Rape Crisis
Is Out Of Control

LES! Tyskland muslimske voldtektskrise er ute av kontroll

From Patricia Doyle

Who are they kidding? War is hell but it doesn't turn anyone into

Benjamin Button

There are days when I wonder if our country is utterly mad.

I wonder if our government, so utterly devoid of a backbone, thinks it can take taxpayers for a joke, mock every hour of every long shift they put in to fund this country.

The so-called 'child' migrants from Calais are a perfect example.

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WikiLeaks Bombshell: Hillary's Brain Injury Caused By 'Near Fatal Plane Crash'
Insider emails appear to confirm the reports...

Breaking: Obama Just Vetoed Bill That Would've Allowed 9/11 Victims to Sue Saudi Arabia
We all knew this was coming, didn't we?

Watch the Video: Did Cops in Charlotte Plant the Gun Next to Keith Scott's Body?
Something fishy is going on here.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear: An Attack Is Coming To America

Woah: Former Wall St. Banker Suggests Global Debt May Not be Owned by Humans

Living in a Van Down by the River - Time to Face the True State of the Middle Class in America

US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird! FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media!


Nyheter fra Veterans Today:


RT meets Aleppo cancer kids denied aid, food due to EU & US sanctions against Assad (EXCLUSIVE)


The O'Jays - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015

   Miks - The O'Jays - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

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