Jødiske organisasjoner kjemper mot anerkjennelsen av folkemordet på Armenias kristne

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Representanter for mektige jødiske organisasjoner i USA har lenge kjempet mot anerkjennelsen av folkemordet på kristne i Armenia.


An Armenian American Group Caves in to the Anti-Defamation League

By GPD on June 21, 2016

By David Boyajian



For several decades the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other leading Jewish American organizations (AIPAC, AJC, B'nai B'rith, and JINSA) have deliberately colluded with Turkey and Israel to defeat U.S. Congressional resolutions on the Christian Armenian Genocide and to diminish the factuality of that genocide.

Yola Habif Johnston, a director at JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), once admitted that "the Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing."

The hypocrisy is breathtaking given these organizations' loud, endless demands for recognition of, and legislation on, the Jewish Holocaust.

Starting in 2007, Armenian Americans in Massachusetts and elsewhere made international news by exposing the national ADL's hypocrisy. In disgust, 13 Massachusetts cities and the umbrella Massachusetts Municipal Association kicked out the ADL's alleged anti-bias program, "No Place for Hate." Human rights advocates and many honest Jews supported those efforts. The Turkish government raged that its collaboration with Israel, the ADL, and other Holocaust hypocrites had been blown wide-open.

But in mid-May, a small group of Armenian Americans in Massachusetts - including the politically ambitious Sheriff of Middlesex County Peter Koutoujian and a few members of the Armenian Assembly of America (AAA) and the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) - struck a horrible "deal" with the two-faced ADL.

For his part of the "deal," ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt casually "blogged" that his organization now "unequivocally" acknowledges the Armenian Genocide and "would support" (not "do support") American recognition of that genocide.

Even Andrew Tarsy, former Director of the New England ADL, termed the pact "inadequate."  The ADL "ought to lead the conversation about reparations for these [Armenian] families - assets, land - everything that Holocaust reparations - has represented should be on the table."

Of the many things wrong with this "deal," let's list a few.

The Horrible "Deal"

  • The "deal" was concocted behind the backs of the Armenian American community and the hundreds of activists - Armenian and non-Armenian - who started the campaign in 2007 and have battled the ADL since. Why haven't the verbal or written details of the negotiations and "deal" been made public? Why the lack of transparency?
  • Greenblatt (former Starbucks VP and Special Assistant to Pres. Obama) isn't the ADL's highest official and may not have the authority to set policy. Have the ADL's National Commission and National Executive Committee (its "highest policymaking bodies") formally approved of Greenblatt's "blog" post? We don't know.
  • The ADL has long played word games with the Armenian Genocide. In 2007, for example, it disingenuously dubbed it "tantamount to genocide" but not genocide. Greenblatt's conditional claim that "we would sup­port U.S. recog­ni­tion of the Armen­ian Geno­cide" is similarly suspect. Why not just "we support?"
  • The Armenian American activist website "NoPlaceForDenial.com" demands that the ADL "support U.S. affirmation of the Armenian Genocide, as it does with the Holocaust." I authored those last six words years ago. They mean that as partial atonement the ADL must work as hard for acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide as it has for the Holocaust. Nothing in Greenblatt's statement remotely suggests that the ADL would do that.
  • For three decades or more, the ADL has attacked Armenian Americans and worked with Turkey and Israel to defeat U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Yet the ADL has never apologized for its atrocious conduct. Ironically, the only ADL apology came in 2007 when National Director Abe Foxman apologized to Turkey because publicity surrounding the Armenian issue had embarrassed that country. The failure to obtain an apology from the ADL is scandalous.
  • Americans deserve to know the details of the ADL's longtime Genocide-denial pact with Turkey and Israel. Where are the documents, and why was their release not part of the "deal?"


The Berman Affair


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Flere linker til artikler som beviser dette, her:

Tysk parlament anerkjenner armensk folkemord - på tross av tyrkisk press - noe jødiske organisasjoner lenge har kjempet imot



Dette er grunnen:

Jøder og sionister stod bak det armenske folkemord-holocaust

Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust - Rense.com

The plans of the 1915-23 Armenian Genocide, where a million and half ...


Turkey's "Donmeh" are the Illuminati Prototype - henrymakow.com

1. nov. 2011 - Kemal Attaturk and fellow Donmeh Jews who took over Turkey by pretending ... in Turkey,

Wayne Madsen identifies the satanic cult that has hijacked the world. ...

Thereafter, the Ottoman military uprooted Armenians from their ...


Holocaust Archive | Veterans Today


Texe Marrs:

Armenia Ravaged by Communist Jews


Eldre dame fengslet for å si at "det har ikke blitt funnet noen historiske beviser" på at Auschwitz var en dødsleir. "Det var en arbeidsleir."

Holocaust-denying "Nazi grandma" sentenced to 10 months in jail

An 87-year-old German woman has been sentenced to 10 months in jail for denying the Holocaust. Ursula Haverbeck insists that Auschwitz was "not historically proven" to be a death camp.


What sort of nation throws 87 year old women into jail for speaking the truth? Certainly not one that can consider itself to be a functioning free and fair democracy.

I present a few pictures of the Auschwitz "death camp" to support Ms. Haverbeck's position - it was not a death camp, it was a labour camp.


Les resten:



The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham | Veterans Today

8. nov. 2015 - The crown was presenting its criminal case against Arthur Topham, for the ... qualified Len Rudner as an expert in Judaism and anti-Semitism.


Den jødiske overtagelsen av Canada: Arthur Tophams rettssak

The Jewish Takeover of Canada: The Case of Arthur Topham - Veterans Today

10. okt. 2014 - It is amazing to think that even a man with a Jewish wife such as
Arthur Topham should be regarded as a dangerous anti-Semite by B'nai ''B'rith ...


Arthur Topham and Denis Rancourt on Trial | Veterans Today



- Kritiser Israel - Bli fengslet.

Criticize Israel - Go to Jail! | Veterans Today 


Man skal ikke tåle så inderlig vel, den urett som ikke rammer en selv... sier vi så stolt i Norge

Du må ikke tåle så inderlig vel den urett som ikke rammer deg selv

Men det gjør vi.


Det er spunnet mange løgner rundt Holocaust. Her forteller en av mange jøder som har innrømmet dette, hva det går ut på, Gerard Menuhin, prominent britisk jøde: "Holocaust = Ond svindel", "Jødedommen = Den sanne fienden":

Click Here    


På tross av alt dette dyrker aviser som Dagen, Vårt Land, Korsets Seier og Norge I dag alt som har med jødedom, Holocaust og Israel. Er det ikke rart? Jødedommen (Kabala, Talmud) dyrker en avgud, kalt "Slangeguden", men det vender de sine døve ører til, og kommer med "antisemittisme"-anklager mot alle som prøver å fortelle dem noe annet enn det de har blitt hjernevasket med. Men hvorfor skal jeg prøve å forhindre dem fra å grave våre graver? Alle får sin lønn "ovan där" en dag, når de døde skal vekkes fra gravene vi spyttet på under våre "korstog".


Jews Must Die If They Have To

By Katherine Frisk on October 10, 2016

And Occupy the West Bank and Samaria

Hard-line Israeli politician Naftali Bennett

Hard-line Israeli politician Naftali Bennett

by Katherine Frisk

"We have to mark the dream, and the dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part" of Israel.

So said hard-line politician Naftali Bennett on the 8th of October 2016.

Jews must "give their lives" to insure the annexation of the occupied West Bank.

This is not a new story. This story has been on going for almost 3,000 years and still Judea does not get the message. The ten tribes of Israel from the Northern Kingdom of Israel do not want to be ruled by or dictated to by the kingdom of Judea, or subject to their ongoing hegemonic ambitions not for a hundred years, but thousands of years. Surely by now, they should have got the message?

Google, like the rest of the Zionist genocide machine, is making Palestine disappear

Google, like the rest of the Zionist genocide machine, is making Palestine disappear

The Palestinians on the West bank and what Nafftali Bennett correctly calls Samaria, are the descendants of the Hebrews.

The so-called lost ten tribes that have never been lost. In the 1st century A.D. many of them converted to Christianity and followed the teachings of "Yeshua, the son of Joseph," rejecting the Levite priesthood in Jerusalem, the Herod Kings and the Roman Legions. By 600 A.D. many of them converted to Islam. Now in the 21st century they find themselves in the same position that they were in 2,700 years ago and again 2,000 years ago.

What once was Israel became torn apart when the twelve tribes broke the Covenant and demanded a king.


Les resten av historiker Katherine Frisks artikkel her:

Jews Must Die If They Have To


Beelzebub Wins a Prize: A Novelette by Texe Marrs

Rabbis Agree With Jesus: Their "God" is Satan, the Holy Serpent

Holy Serpent of the Jews

Kabbalist Entertainers Use the Serpent for Evil

The Most Colossal Devil Religion Ever


Som vi sei i Nord-Norge: "Det e en skit som gjer sæ..." - eller om krigene som settes i gang: "The same procedure as every year, James", og verden er med på notene til "det hellige land" og Tyrkia:


Gordon Duff beskriver Israel og Tyrkias rolle i Azeri-Armenia-krisen

Press TV: Duff Outlines Roles of Israel and Turkey in Azeri-Armenian Crisis


Amerikas avhengighet til leiesoldater

America's Addiction to Mercenaries

Washington's reliance on private contractors to fight its wars has mutated into a strategic vulnerability.

A decade ago, I found myself in a precarious position. I was in Burundi, sipping a Coke with Domitien Ndayizeye, the country's then-president, U.S. Ambassador Jim Yellin, and several others. We had an emerging catastrophe on our hands.

Ten years earlier, the Rwandan genocide left a trail of ash and tears in its wake, claiming 800,000 lives in 90 days...nearly a soul a minute. Since then, Rwanda had recovered, but neighboring Burundi remained at war with itself, ravaged by infighting with Hutus massacring Tutsis and vice versa. In 2004, the United States had intelligence that Hutu extremists wanted to trigger a new genocide that would end Tutsis once and for all. My job, in collaboration with everyone sipping Cokes in the president's living room, was to prevent this, without anyone outside the room knowing it was a U.S.-led effort. And succeed we did. The Hutu rebels attacked the capital in November 2004, in an attempt to assassinate the president and spark mass killing. A fierce night battle erupted in the streets of Bujumbura, and the extremists were killed or beaten back into the jungles of the Congo.

What made my presence in that room notable: I was not a member of the CIA. Nor was I covert U.S. military operative or government employee. I came, instead, from the private sector -a contractor to many, a mercenary to some.


Les resten:


Billy & The Joels: The American Rock Star and His German Family History by Steffen Radlmaier with foreword by Billy Joel German translation

Oct 20, 2016

Female Clinton Voters - When A Muslim Or Other
Illegal Alien Rapes Your Daughter Or Your LIttle Boy?

The Most Dangerous Thing Trump Said During Second Debate

Take These Animals Out And Shoot Them

Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

9/11 - Never Forget the Lies Fed to the American People

Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown

#Nazisme #Nynazisme #Holocaust #ArmenskFolkemord #Jødedom


Take the high road, if you want to see the "Promised Land"

Blind Boys of Alabama release Jamey Johnson produced album Take the High Road

Blind Boys of Alabama - Amazing Grace (Live on KEXP)


Historien gjentok seg:




USA forsyner IS med våpen via Tyrkia, tidligere Jugoslavia og Georgia, og har biologiske våpenfabrikker i Europa, m.m.


Flere artikler under disse kategoriene:


Israels etterretningstjenste ønsker ikke at IS skal mislykkes i Syria 

 Obama ga tidenes største militære gave til nettopp Israel.

Hvor mange millioner kristne, muslimer og yazidiers liv har ikke dette kostet? Og ingen sier et kvekk, for det er jo bare "fake news" at IS er oss? IS-soldatene må jo få lov til å gjøre seg ferdig med drapstoktene etter å ha blitt opplært av USAs militære, noe Obama selv innrømmet, for så å ta livet av USAs kristne, som nå er på deres dødsliste.


Her er bevisene for hvem IS egentlig er:





Israeli Intelligence chief : We do not want isis defeat in Syria

By GPD on June 17, 2016

herzi halevi

The Zionist intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, said that the last three months have been the most difficult for ISIS since its inception.

Israeli Intelligence chief : We do not want isis defeat in Syria | Veterans ...

17. jun. 2016 - Major General Halevy doesn't want ISIS defeated in Syria. I do. Not much faith in your multi-national cabal of military instructors who trained ...


Så vi sitter med en Nobels Fredspriskomite som deler ut fredspriser til folk som Obama som har vært med på å ta livet av alt som kan krype og gå av ikke-jøder i Midtøsten, og så forventer dere at vi skal klappe?

Israel to Receive Largest Military Aid Package in US History

By Ian Greenhalgh on June 15, 2016

Clearly the Zionist influence over the USA is still strong

Israeli F-15 Eagle fighters

Israeli F-15 Eagle fighters

Quite why the US continues to give tens of billions to Israel annually is quite mystifying; however if you know about the infiltration of the US by treasonous US-Israeli joint citizens and the collaboration of US Neocons then it makes sense. This increase in the aid to the Zionist state may be a sop to mollify their anger at the signing of the Iran nuclear deal.

Les resten:



Obama gjeninnsetter IS-hæren fra Mosul i Irak i Syria med lønn fra Washington DC, og gir dem fri gjennomreise:

Obama Cuts Deal With ISIS, He Gets Mosul, they Get Free Passage into Syria




Hva annet kan jeg si enn at vi er omgitt av mordere på alle kanter?




CIAs våpen er å skape kaos (først å selv sørge for å sende militante, ekstreme muslimer til land etter land, godt blandet med egne folk, for så å komme som "redningen". Veterans Today har forklart dette i artikkel linket til på denne siden):



Men dere kan være helt sikre på at alle de spenstige Forsvarsgutter i sykkelshorts, hjelm, hårete legger, blondt hår, blå øyne, smilende, med medaljer og ellers kledd i sine prangende "intelligensmilitærjakker" kommer til å sørge for at USA / NATO får en egen internasjonal europeisk base i Trøndelag. Vi er til for å tas livet av. De er ikke så smarte som de ser ut til. Hva de er får dere selv tenke over i deres stille sinn, mens dere fortsatt har tid.



Jeff Rense & Leonard Coldwell - Muslim Horrors On The German People...And Forced Microchipping, Too!


Utdrag fra professor Presten James artikkel:

USAs narkoproduksjon i Afghanistan:


US Soldiers protect the Afghan poppy crop and use USAF planes to transport it. This provides "off the books" black ops funding for the Khazarian Mafia in vast quantities. It was rebel TV Journalist Geraldo Rivera that first disclosed this and did so on mainstream news. In order to do this he had to very craftily present the story in a way it could be slipped through the editor´s restrictive, protective net.

They began to traffick in illegal drugs and narcotics and do everything possible to create urban blight, crime, and massive drug and alcohol dependency and to destroy the moral fabric, sex roles and the family system.

They manipulated America and nations into illegal wars to industrialize the world, to "thin the human herd" (their words), and to make huge profits for their Banks and associated contractors and corporations.

And they forced this system on as many nations as they could through engineered wars, crafty lethal covert operations including staged terror, incredibly evil death squads, use of mind-kontrolled soulless zombie mercenaries, and by use of economic sanctions and manipulations.

Les resten:



Svaret er:

Hvis Det norske forsvar, vår regjering, Storting og media ikke vil ha mer blod på hendene enn de allerede har, så bør de snarest mulig slutte å fly på Bilderbergermøter og samarbeide med verdensmafiaen og NATO, for vi har gitt fra oss vår selvstendighet til blodtørstige, grådige, pengekjære mordere.


IS, Mafiaen og Trump, mer historie enn vi visste om - Massemorder Google

Disse to bloggene (artiklene i de) er de to viktigste for de som vil forstå hvor lurt vi har blitt av de menneskene som bevisst har planlagt kriger basert på ren og skjær løgn og grådighet:

Nummer 1

Nummer 2

Løgnene avslørt her:

Norge & Innvandring: Tullebukker og mordere i bakvendtland

Storbritannia og USA stod bak kuppet i Iran, og har nå innrømmet hvordan de ødela landet og selv innsatte et muslimsk, ekstremistisk lederskap der:

Ikke mere pudding - 000000000000000,00000000000000000

Her er grunnen til at Pentagon nekter å samarbeide med Russland om å ta rotta på IS. De ønsker å styrke og hjelpe IS, og det er det eneste de har drevet med i noen år nå i Syria:

Gordon Duff forteller sannheten om USA, Danmark og Storbritannias rolle i Syria (20.09.2016):

Press TV: Interview with Gordon Duff

Press TV: Duff on the Syrian "Accident" that Killed so many


Pakistan må ødelegges for å fullføre drømmen om overtakelsen av landet Iran

Hvorfor Pakistan må tas rotta på - Det siste kostbare djeveltrekk

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