Hvite hjelmer, terroristers "hvite hatt" for å dekke over "mørke gjerninger" - Gordon Duff


White Helmets, terrorists "white hat" to cover "black deeds"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 3, 2016

...another mouthpiece for rebranded al Nusra, anything to save the terrorist occupation of Aleppo...

The face under the mask of the ISIS executioner, who would have thought them so gentle?

The face under the mask of the ISIS executioner, who would have thought them so gentle?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

www.whitehelmets.org wants your money.  They will use it to build chlorine gas weapons like those that killed 5 yesterday.  They don't care about who they kill, this is just business for them.  They are committing atrocities, blaming them on Russia and Syria, in a last ditch attempt to hold Aleppo and to secure their heavy mortar sites, where their bombardment has terrorized Syria´s largest city and held the Assad government hostage.

There people and those who support them in the West are a "piece of work."

The terrorists that, for years now, have randomly mortared Aleppo neighborhoods killing hundreds now have a mantra.  They hate barrel bombs they say.  What they are complaining about is helicopter borne aerial bombardment, the most accurate imaginable, which has wiped out dozens of terrorist mortar positions and saved hundreds of lives in the process.  The video below shows the same group loading a massive 300mm mortar used against civilians in Aleppo:


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"Det finnes ikke noen migrantkrise"


Nyheter hentet fra www.rense.com den 28. august, 2016:


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